The Power of Three

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy
Something weird and eerie is going on. Something evil and lurking, something putrid.
You noticed it too…didn’t you ?
The police are looking for 3 people tossing coins at Walcott
The police have arrested 3 men for using the dreaded Y word
The Y word has 3 letters, a Y and an I and a D
Tottenham has 3 t’s and 3 vowels
Danny Rose has a giant 3 on his back
We lost to West Ham by 3 goals
We have 3 defensive midfielders (the Beast, Bentaleb and Capoue)
We have 3 strikers and Soldado
We have 3 wingers (Lennon, Andros and Eric Lamella)
We will have 3 managers this season (probably)
Our x-manager had 3 names AVB
The sign of the devil is 3 sixes
It is troubling, very troubling. The signs are there for all to see. So here are my predictions :
Soldado will score 3 goals from open play in the Premier League
We will finish 4th for the 3rd time in the Premier League
Lloris will get beaten 3 more times whilst rushing aimlessly from his goal
and my favourite – You are once twice 3 times a lady
Coincidence or Fate….you decide!!

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  1. daw has 3 letters, Lloris will concede 3 goals while rushing madly out but will continue to the half way line to stretch out Daw who has just began his run in the general direction of our penalty area


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