Spurs have only lost 3 games but in some circles there some Supporters calling for AVB’s head. Spurs are currently 7th in the league (on the same points as 5th place), 5 points behind the leaders Arsenal , 3 points behind second placed Liverpool, 2 points behind third placed Southampton and one point behind Chelsea.

This season we are doing better than this time last season under AVB’s first year in managing Spurs, and better than the previous manager (Harry) in his last year as manager (at this time of the year).

When Bill Nicholson took over as manager in 1958 he needed 3 years to build his championship winning side. Arthur Rowe also needed a couple of seasons to win the league. Both in different eras, but not with the same pressures as managers face today. Players are paid a lot more and to achieve such heights clubs need to pay over the odds for top players. Not since Bill Nicholson that we’ve finally got a manager that could give us a realistic chance in winning the title. But it won’t happen overnight. It took England’s greatest club manager Alex Ferguson years to build that dream and to win the title. Before that there were fans shouting for his head.

Spurs have a good defence (second only to Southampton). In Newcastle’s victory over Spurs their goalkeeper made record saves (14) to hold Spurs at bay. The goal that they got wouldn’t have happened if we had Lloris in goal, nevertheless our overall prospects are good. So what do those fans want?

We’ve got the best defence in decades. We’ve got a new team of players in which AVB is trying to mould into a working machine. Our midfield is excellent. All we need now is for that midfield to get the ball quicker and faster to the lone striker up front. We are 11 games in and all I see is positiveness.

We are still in all competitions; Europa and Capital One Cup. The games we have lost showed us battling for a goal to the end. It is not that long ago that if we were down we would have given in.

Last year we went to Goodison Park and lost. This year we showed good defensive qualities and should have won. A Goodison Park where their new manager hasn’t seen defeat and only previously been held to a draw by the excellent inform of WBA. A team that went to that fortress called Old Trafford and beat United resoundingly.  And also held Chelsea to a draw at Stamford Bridge.

We are only 3 months in for god sake. I could understand the uproar if we were struggling and near the bottom and knocked out of all competitions. In Harry’s last year at Spurs we were 9 points adrift at this time. In AVB’s first season we were 11 points behind. In Harry’s last season we finished 4th. So what is the problem? Or am I missing something?

We’ve now got a weekend of rest (because of international duty), which is then followed by us travelling to Manchester to take on City, this is then followed by a home game against the other Manchester club United.  The time to judge how we are progressing is when we’ve had our Christmas matches.

Before AVB came to our club we had some donkeys in charge. Now we’ve got a good manager, prospects of a new and grand stadium and being part of an elite group of world powerful clubs. Levy is pointing us in the right direction. That started with AVB in my mind (some will argue that started with Harry), but whomever name it started with we are going forwards.

I’ve just been reading a book (just out) called “Premier League; a history in 10 matches” by Jim White. It celebrates 21 years of the Premier League. In that time Man United, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Arsenal and now Manchester city are the only clubs to have won that prestige’s title.  That is 5 clubs. Blackburn Rovers have fallen by the wayside. This left Arsenal and United winning the title in the earlier days between them. Later joined by Chelsea and now City. But there is now a new force fighting for the spoils of war. That club is Tottenham Hotspur, with Liverpool and probably Everton coming up on the rails. Opening up the Premier league like it has never been opened up before.  That is good for football, and good for us to be part of that elite group. Now is not the time to start booing and criticising our team but to get behind them and shout Spurs name from the rooftops. Pushing Spurs onwards and to challenge for the main honours. If we want to examine and analyse Spurs then the time isn’t now but at the end of the season, or if we are struggling at the foot of this 21 year old Premier league.


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