Thorns In Roses

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. Some things in life are just a case of catch 22. For all of Danny Roses immense offensive talents, his defensive frailties once again were brutally exposed. In some games, Rose could have you believing he is our permanent long-term answer to our left back woes. When he plays poorly, he leaves everybody scratching their heads.

Mistakes are bound to happen at some point though. It’s just some mistakes are so easily avoidable that when they do happen it leaves a lot to be desired. Rose doesn’t need to be told, what he did was silly to say the least but he is a young guy and will hopefully come back from it stronger. As fans we can deal with it and thus give him our unparalleled support. What is hard to deal with is when opposing players deliberately taunt fans. Walcott is a smart young man and is someone I rate as a man and player. But he didn’t do himself any favours with the gestures he made towards the Yid Army. No doubt he probably had our fans down his neck abusing him. It’s just a shame he must have forgotten that Arsenal are still to play us in the league at White Hart Lane. There won’t be no hiding place there and we the fans won’t forget that gesture.

Considering the spate of injuries on our list, I think the effort the team made was commendable even if it wasn’t conclusive with a final end product. The bad news is we are out the tournament to the scum and it is the second time this season they have rolled us over without conceding. Yet on a positive note, this is one less competition to worry our shoestring numbers on. Despite the loss, it is encouraging to see the team playing more expansive football and actually ‘giving it a go’. Let’s focus on the league and push hard in Europa and see where it takes us.

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