Our thoughts on Tottenham 0-5 Liverpool

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Without a centre of defence from the off, within an hour we were also minus a midfield. By the end we were drained of confidence too and unsurprisingly Suarez took full advantage; though he did miss two sitters that could’ve nestled alongside his brace of goals and three assists so perhaps we should count ourselves lucky.

Naughton was ripped a new one by Sterling, Dawson has never been able to play on the left side of the centre back pairing and Hugo is playing like he wants to bolster the centre mid rather than provide a calming influence at the back.
Villas-Boas’s tactics were daring in their negativity. Perhaps hoping to keep everything tight in front of a wounded defence, the manager maybe planned to unleash his technicians and artisans late on but he was allowed no such luxury. Chadli, Townsend, Lennon and Holtby chasing a game with ten men? Suit you Sir? No, I didn’t think so.

Amidst the shite it’s only right to look for a little sparkle. Walker played well until he got dragged down by the rest, Chadli wasn’t bad and Holtby provided some much needed leadership. Best news of all though is that Goofy didn’t sign for Woolwich in the summer, the consequences of that don’t bear thinking of.

Too early to say whether the league season’s completely gone, it’s definitely trying to remember where it left its suitcase though.

The Hamsters on Wednesday. My West Ham season ticket holding mate reckons they’re worse than we are. Should be a great game.

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  1. Enough is enough, please Mr Levy end this now, I know you gave him a shed load of money but he hasn't got a clue what to do with the players you gave him. I've been embarrassed by your managerial choices in the past, the current incumbent is a stubborn individual quite clearly fathoms out of his depth. Its a step backwards but can we have Harry back please, at least the players knew what he wanted and how they were supposed to play, plus they were motivated to play for the club. Come on Danny boy, swallow your pride go back and get him before we end up with the dead men in mid table mediocrity, or worse.Haverhill Spur


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