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Ever since the appointment of Tim Sherwood, speculation of a new manger to take the reins of Spurs has been rife.

Initially it was understood that Sherwood was stepping up as the interim manager of Tottenham. A decision that majority of spurs fans expected. When the decision was made to give Tim Sherwood the reins to lead the club on an 18 month contract many of us fans were less optimistic of the clubs appointment due to his lack of experience. However Sherwood prevailed during his probation period and is clearly highly regarded by Levy, players and fans..

Within a couple of successful games under our new manager, speculation began as to whom will take over as the new Spurs boss in the summer.

Of late it has been speculated that Italian Manager Cesare Prandelli was taking over the reins from Sherwood in the summer. That rumour seems to have been quashed and laughed off by both Prandelli and the media.

This week Dutch legend Louis Van Gaal has publicly stated that he will be leaving Holland after the world cup and may seek a challenge in the premiership – quoted in the Guardian saying;

“I will definitely not be in charge for the Euro 2016 qualification campaign. I don’t know where I will go next. Normally I go with my pension, and go to live in Portugal [where he owns a property], but maybe there will come a new challenge. I have said before that a challenge should be a club in the Premier League. That’s a challenge. Maybe Tottenham are coming but, first, we have to go to Brazil.”

Who on earth does Van Gaal think he is? And where does that leave Sherwood and the squad. Every time Spurs lose a game, a pandemic occurs within the media and creates hysteria among fans stating that Spurs will hire the next “special one”. Players seem to be conceding and stating that a move is on the cards. Irresponsibly the actions of Louis Van Gaal only adds to the panic of a so called disaster season we’re having.

Statistics show that this time last year we were sitting on 51pts from 27 games, 15 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses. This time last year Gareth Bale was freely roaming the attacking half, dazzling us all with his speed, tricks and wonder goals. This year we are sitting on 50pts from 27 games. 15 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses. This year we have an influx of new players, a few changes in staff and what looks to be a team piecing together.

Norwich was a heavy loss. Even Sherwood found it impossible to charm us with his fight and pride for the game. Sherwood clearly knows what is at stake, with the pressures of the media urging him to polish up his CV ready for the summer.

Sherwood is having a taste of where he naturally belongs as a retired footballer and longs to keep his position, so will use his little time and experience to improve in the areas that need improving. The players seem to like and respect Sherwood enough to give him a chance. And we can’t blame the likes of Vertonghan yearning for champions league football. He’s a world class player and believe it or not we have a couple more of world class players in our squad. Anybody would be frustrated after a game like we played against Norwich.  But we pick ourselves up, keep our heads in the game and focus on the task at hand. Hugo Lloris was quoted on Monday on the Spurs website saying

“We need to learn from this game and on Thursday, we have a big match in the Europa League and then next weekend, Cardiff. It’s important to have a good response.”

It’s clear to me that the players at Tottenham, both old and new want to persevere and actually fight for a champions league spot, regardless of their stature. Just sitting back and allowing a loss or two to deplete the squad is not of character of Spurs or a part of our nature. Let the boy’s swing their heads around now and then, it’s good for them. It reminds them that they are who they are and it can keep up a players confidence. We need those in the lime light to show off to the world and win us games.. or save them.

We robbed ourselves of 3pts on Sunday. Norwich did play well and their players fought very hard for their manager Chris Hughton following the pressures of the last few weeks, they deserved to win.

Dnipro to play at home on Thursday Night and Cardiff on Sunday will hopefully show that ambition we have been thriving on for some years now. The big test lies on the fixtures against Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, of which we tend to really battle on the day. Taking points from the big teams can still cause a world of chaos at the top. But let’s concentrate on Dnipro, Thursday and Cardiff on Sunday. Gain a little confidence and find some goals.

Sherwood has a big task at hand, and has to lead and win as many games as he can until the end of the season. And regardless or not of him being the manager of the Spurs this summer, Tim will still fight right up until the final whistle blows.

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  1. So it's ok for or very own Levy to publicly court Ramos whilst poor BMJ was humiliated? Sorry, but this is football, the chilvary and honesty died in the game along time ago. It's a cutthroat business. And I for one am happy if LVH steps in and tries to clean up our shambles of a club. Write this season off and just hope we don't end up in that Europa spot again. It's like one nail after another in our coffin. I'd take 6th right now if the sea on were to end. BTW, the reason Norwich beat us, because they were organized and followed the manager's tactics. Our lot facing ran around a bit as per our managers instruction. Clueless! It was literally, the blind leading the blind!

    • Correct Dooks, we had no shape,balance, plan, organisation or desire, it was the worst I have seen us play for along time. Tim is in no way a tactician he just picks who he thinks is our best eleven and sends them out a la Redknapp. If it had been been against one of the top four teams we would have seen another annihilation. We have been lucky in a lot of our recent results under him but now I think it is apparent that his luck has finally run out.

  2. Interestingly, its clear to me that the players have no liking or respect for TS and are probably wondering WTF is going on?!! They thought they had signed up to a big club with a big project and a bright, intelligent forward thinking young manager and now hey have tiny tim sending them out there with not strategy or tactics other than, "just go out there and express yourselves lads leave all that finkin' stuff to Sir Les!"

  3. Are you joking?!! · 47 minutes ago

    Couldn't agree more, these players must be so disillusioned with the club, it's beyond reason. The transfer policy has again looked to be a fiasco, (Chadli, Capoue and Chiriches all look unnecessary, no left back and no deep lying play-maker), the management of the club, while financially sound, has been appalling and we are AGAIN back to square one. I like Sherwood and I want him to do well, but I don't see the point in giving him an 18 month deal, it just says "Yeah, we're gonna sack him at the end of the season anyway". We are in limbo at the moment. There are so many problems with this team at the moment, so shape, no passion, no desire, no leadership and no drive in our forward movement, that has to be down to the manager. Maybe someone like Van Gaal who is a serious manager, won titles, managed great clubs, managed the national team, maybe he can bring people like Van Bommel onto the coaching staff, someone who can say to the players "if you bottle this game I'm gonna knock you out". That would install a bit of fight, a manager who walks into the room and immediately commands respect and exudes authority.

    Ship out some of the dead wood (Capoue, Chadli, Siggurdsson, Holtby, Livermore, Townsend for example) and bring in some serious talent with more heart, desire and spirit, who can play with urgency and can galvinise the lazy sods in this team who do not pull their own weight. Get us playing with a bit of zip, pace and power like we used to. It's not that I dislike the players that we have at our club, they all have a lot going for them, but they do not contribute the type of quality that we need to re-emerge from the wreckage of this season as serious contenders. I do believe that once Soldado, Lamela and Eriksen find their form, we have the makings of an excellent team, the spine of Lloris, Vertonghen and Sandro (provided they all stay by the way) is really good, with those three and the above mentioned, its a brilliant spine with good attacking threat, its the issue of moving the ball forward quicker, something which Modric did time and time again. I am sure there is someone out there who can contribute that, for decent money at the age and level that Modric was was when he joined. Add that in there and we are in decent shape.

    On a side note, i would love to see a new winger to take the place of Lennon (who I do like but he has lost all end product), ideally someone with pace and technical ability. I quite like Lallana, bossed the game when we played Southampton earlier in the season.

  4. Various websites on the Tottenham system contain many who consider themselves soccer “experts”.Currently some believe Tim Sherwood Sherwood represents the best way forward for our club. Others ,like me, think he got to his present position by dubious means (back room “politics”) .A decision on the way forward needs to be determined before deciding who should be our “long- term” manager.Does the club continue to sign young “prospects” with a view for possible financial benefit or do we recruit more experienced people with the prospect of success on the pitch ASAP. I know which I would prefer — for too long have I been one of those who have been in a constant state of frustration and despair hoping in vain for success on the field !!!


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