Whether you like him or not, Tim Sherwood will be our manager next season

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

After an exceptionally disappointing run of results, including crashing out of Europe and losing to our two most fierce domestic rivals without scoring a single goal, the mood around White Hart Lane had taken a pertinent dip. The rumors surrounding the potential big name replacements for Tim Sherwood have been doing the rounds since before he even put pen to paper on an 18-month deal. However, they seemed to have slightly more substance after such a torrid run of form. The post-match interviews seemed to suggest that even Tim was unsure of whether he would be leading us next season. The continued silence from the boardroom did nothing to slow the rumors in this particular mill.

For some reason, there seems to a body of opinion in the press and indeed supporters who feel that Tim was only ever hired to keep the seat warm for a more experienced man, to come in the summer. There is no doubt that the CVs of Van Gaal and De Boer would appeal to Levy and ENIC. Indeed, I will be the first to admit, that several of our post-Christmas performances have smacked of a man slightly out of his depth. Would the Van Gaals and co. of this world have lost 1 – 0 to Norwich, or lined up so bizarrely at Stanford Bridge? Probably not.

However, I am not part of this body of opinion. Admittedly, my personal opinion is that Tim is doing a pretty good job. Yet, lets put that to one side for a second. Let’s have an objective look at whether he is here for the long-term. Whether you like him or not, whether you think he is doing a good job or not, Tim Sherwood will be our manger next season. Objectively, there are a number of reasons why it is difficult to envisage anyone but the gilet-donning geezer sitting in the dugout next season.

First, I simply don’t buy into this opinion that Levy brought in Tim to get us until the summer. Why would he? Okay, AVB had had a couple of shockers against Man City and Liverpool. Yet, these had been punctuated by two wins on the road and a gutsy performance against the reigning champions. If Levy were going to change the manager in the summer anyway, why would he go with a completely untested manager in Tim Sherwood, rather than sticking with AVB, to get us through the rest of the season? Levy is many things, but two things he is not are: a water of money or a non-pragmatist. Given the option of a five million pound payout and pushing the most inexperienced member of back-room team into the dugout or, saving the severance money and giving AVB a few more games, which one would you expect him to with? Clearly, the latter. Unless, of course, Levy has been keeping a close eye on Tim Sherwood as a future manager from some time. This is exactly what had been happening.

Tim has been part of the set-up since Arry’s arrival in 2008 and since then we have rejected several approaches for his services. These have ranged from coaching roles at other Premiership clubs, all the way to the hot seat at Blackburn. Obviously, many in the football world see something (admittedly rough around the edges) in this chap. We fought hard to keep Tim after the Blackburn approach. The rumors at the time suggesting he was seen as a future manager of the club. How quickly that came about, eh? Levy knew he had the potential; we just needed to keep hold of him until he was ready.

So, when the wheels came off the AVB wagon in spectacular fashion. When he slagged everyone off from the media to the crowd, when he was losing his cool in just about every press conference or having opposing fans ejected from the stadium, and when he seemed bereft of ideas during damaging defeats, what was Levy to do? Sure, he could give him more time; he might even have raided the coffers of Joe Lewis to go and get a world-class manager mid-season. Yet, he didn’t. He sat down in his dimly lit office and thought, let’s give Tim a whirl, let’s see if he has we thinks he does.

The Sherwood project had been six years in the making, from coach, to reserve manager to technical director. Plenty of investment in his skills, his coaching badges and even a few new contracts along the way to keep him out of the reach of Rovers. Why then, why on earth would we blow all that by putting him on death row? Why would we put him in the firing line with another man’s poorly gelled squad, only to cut him loose at the end of the season? Six years hard work pissed down the drain for another inevitable 5th placed finish and drab continental exit.

No, Levy is clever than that. He might not have wanted Tim to take over the first team this early in his career, but he did want him to at some point. Circumstance forced his hand; AVB’s November breakdown forced his hand. He threw Tim in earlier than he wanted to, but if the season was already one of transition, a bit of a write-off, why not use it to bed in a manager you’ve had your eye on for a while.

So you ask me if Tim Sherwood will be our manager next season? Of course he will. He’s had his time to get to grips with the job. He’s had a chance to get a look at whom he likes and whom he doesn’t (Etienne and Lewis, dig your suitcases out lads), and now it’s time to crack on. Tim will be given a transfer window and pre-season to do things his way. I am not saying it will work out, I may be sat down this time next year writing why Les Ferdinand is going to be our manager next season (God help us is that little prophesy comes true), but it’s almost certain to happen.

Back then, briefly, to my opinion on this series of events with Tim in charge next season. As I said, I think he’s done an all right job. Yes, I would have preferred not to watch the Norwich match with a mate of mine who is fanatical canary (that was a long afternoon). Yes, I almost lost my self-respect swearing at the TV in a family pub as we conspired to fail to punish a dreadful Gunners display. However, as I previously said, he’s got another man’s squad and he’s new to all this.  I love his passion, I love his post-match interviews, I love the injection of academy players and I love the way he has finally got the lads playing for the badge. Give him a pre-season, give him a modest budget, let him get the dead wood out and give it a whirl.

Whether you like it or not, Tim Sherwood will be our manager next season. Get ready for a bumpy ride, as per.

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  1. What a nightmare… rewarding total incompetence with an extended stay at one of the biggest clubs in the land

    Sack Sherwood now!

    • Come on…..spurs may have unearthed a manager who can create players. Bentaleb is a classic example. Managers like that are very valuable. Look at Wenger. If he does go which I hope he doesn't then please put him as director of football. We can't lose Tim he has done too much for spurs.

  2. Levy has always moved managers on when he felt it was right and has paid compensation so why should you feel it was any different with AVB?
    Sherwood was put in charge because Levy felt the best options to replace AVB were not available until the summer. If he was really sure of Sherwood why talk to De Boer and Van Gaal?
    We give him an 18 month deal? well making someone a temporary manager makes it harder for that person to have real control and so it gave an impression that Sherwood was given the temporary role but that if he did well he would get the job, but he knew that that required at least getting CL football
    No Tim won't be the manager next season, he may in time develop into a good manager, he hasn't done a bad job but equally he has shown that he has a lot to learn and will need time at a lower level club to gain that experience where expectations are a lot lower

  3. Either you're joking with us or you just don't know anything about football!!! I like Tim as a person and it hurts me to see him humiliated every weekend – he's clearly out of his depth!

  4. Wow Guillaume Lefevre you are very easily pleased, we showed fight to come back from 2-0 down yes, before today they had not won in 3 before the 2nd leg had lost 3games conceeding a total of 8 goals scoring none, got knocked out of the Europa League, getting dominated by Benfica in 1st leg was completely unacceptable Sherwood's lineups have been ridiculous, TS is a hypocrite he bang on and on about not using holding midfielders and denied there existence when the first name on his team sheet is Bentaleb, who is a holding midfielder who passes, backwards and sideways, and doe's not attack, he is often first choice over Paulinho, or Capoue, and don't get me started on Tim's tantrums, he looks like a kid when he doesn't get what he want first reaction is to crack the shits rather than change the tactics and change what is obviously wrong.

  5. Hope you are right Guillaume. I'm so tired of all that whining about Tim and an "experienced continental manager". Van Gaal is an arrogant looser, de Boer is as inexperienced as Tim. So why better? Just because they have more exotic names?

    And yes, the game against Norwich was abysmal. But such a game happens to every team once in a while.

  6. I completely agree with your assessment and I also love that the guy has passion and speaks from the heart. I don't need to see a flash foreign coach struggling through press conferences, blaming refs, blaming the English game, blaming the players he's inherited etc etc all over again. Give the guy his chance. A pre season under his belt and start the new season with the squad set up the way he wants it and we'll see what he's about. Perhaps the naysayers will be correct and he falls short or maybe, just maybe he's going to be as good as many in the game believe he will be and we'll all be singing his name for years to come. So bored of listening to fans shooting him down in flames win lose or draw.


  7. I really hope your fucking wrong .Why cant he start his career at a championship or lower club like others.
    We can't afford to waste time with experiments like this .How about we sack Baldini and hire a chimpanzee?Or how about Joe Lewis hires a poodle and sacks Levy?
    Shit managerial appointments will come to define Levy's reign as chairman.

  8. Firstly, I am not of the fickle fairweather football breed who changes their opinion with their pants. I have always been of the mind that managers need time and a few transfer windows to shape their squad before they should be properly judged. That said, I'm of a similar view to McArchibald – sack Sherwood now! We've got class players but they always look like a disorganised rabble whose class digs us out of despair. He said it would take time for the players to get used to a different voice and get his ideas across, but his ideas don't look any more sophisticated than "run arahnd a bit" and how similar were the two Southampton games? That's your measure of progress.
    We were on the right track with AVB in building an ethos and towards something in the long term. He did seem a tad too stubborn though and bereft of a plan B, so I'm still in 2 minds whether he would have worked out.
    Where I am certain is that Tim doesn't have the guile or the grace to be a success.

  9. whether you like it or not, Sherwood will get the boot half way through next season after f*cking up spectacularly, and we will be going through another wasted season.

  10. You might be right,the next three years will be rough. Ferdinand will take over at the end of next season and after his two year stint maybe we will get a top coach to take us back to the C.L. Lets face it we have no right or left back,a nineteen year old Bentaleb in midfield and we expect to beat Chelsea,Liverpool,Man.City,Arsenal,etc. You can play one of them but not all three in the same game. Six weeks ago i said we would end 7th in the P.L and that could change to 8th.
    I must admit it was great to see the team fight until the death against Southampton,something i have not seen this season.

  11. TS has got to be given a fair chance. It's no use having 6 months here and then another 6 months there….we need a period of stability. He needs to be given a chance

  12. gotta agree with article 100% even if I like or dislike the words. At the present time there will be many many moaners (like McArchibald above) who cannot wait to see the back of Tim. Others will say for Christ sake lets get a bit of stability into the club and let Tim keep the reins and see what happens next season. I am old enough to remember Bill Nick taking over and a lot of fans were a little sceptical back then, (they could only moan verbally due to no media outlet in those days!!) That team did not look like they would go on to achieve what they eventually did during that first season under Nick, but the rest is now history!! We need stability so let it happen. 10-4 folks COYS

  13. If Levy had intended to keep him on long term then he would have offered him longer than 18 months!! The only way Sherwood is going to get a longer contract is if he gest us into 3rd place. With 12 months left on his contract in the summer, Levy wont have to pay too much compensation which is why its a smart move!! I like Tim but without champions league and a strict wage structure, I dont see how we can attract quality players with an unknown manager!! United themselves struggled in the summer with Moyes getting their 1st choice targets!!

  14. Reports are Levy had no intention of sacking AVB when he went into meeting. Things changed during discussion where AVB refused to any tactical changes and realizing he had lost dressing room, Levy acted swiftly. Most fans would probably say too swiftly but once done someone needed to be found. Hoddle we now know was approached and we've ended up with Sherwood. Truth is he's out of his depth for first job and is tactically inept. Still playing suicidal high line as we continually get torn a new one, picking Bentaleb every game sometimes twice in a week who whilst talented is hardly 1st name on sheet, not playing Eriksen for numerous games when clearly we have no creativity, inverted wingers/ playing Dembele right wing against Norwich, picking Naughton against Southampton when his confidence is shot / Fredrick's could be recalled from Millwall. Along with the self serving approach, skipping along touch line so he grabs limelight and berating players when we lose. List goes on. Understand sentiment of sticking with manager but not when he's so clearly out of depth. Levy is no mug and Sherwood will steer us along to end of season before rightly picking up his P45 and a national manager post Brazil will come in. Thanks Tim but jog on !

  15. Fantastic defeat! I would like to apprentice all at once just like you amend your web site, precisely how could possibly we sign up to for any site web page? This bill served me a correct bargain. I had been tiny bit comfortable with this the over the air provided bright apparent idea

    • whoa there JamesSpur, I strongly suggest you read my comment again and get it right next time before making sarky comments for all to see!! Who am I ? I am an ardent spurs fan who has commented on many articles over the years on various web sites, usually signed off as bazza, that ok for you?? I take criticism no problem but please read my comments properly before reacting ah??

  16. I’m not a Tim basher and was perfectly happy, under the circumstances for him to get his chance, he will, I’m sure make a good manager in time but unfortunately now and spurs is neither the time or place.

    He does look woefully out of his depth as each game passes. He gives every impression that he will not be able to handle the pressure when the honeymoon period is over.

    I admire his courage in introducing Benteleb, who undoubtably has potential, into the team, but I’m not sure he has the tactical awareness to get the best out of him and many other of our players.

    I wholly disagree with those who say that the players who came in last summer are, in the main poor. What we lack is a tactically astute manager who can put them to their best use. Too many political games seem to have been played with some of them.

    They are all in their own way good players. But it has seemed to me imbecilic to buy too many midfielders and neglect, in particular, left back, but also the striking position.

    Soldado is undoubtably a skilled football player but is too physically small to be played as a sole striker. Defoe had the same problem. First and foremost we need someone tall and imposing to hold up, make the best of corners and set plays. Adebeyor is not it in the long term due to his moodiness and inconsistency, we need someone of his physical attributes without the baggage.

    We are within striking distance of great things but, in the true Spurs tradition, we seem destined to keep shooting ourselves in the foot.

    If we end up letting Holtby and Capoue go because of those political games we deserve everything we get

  17. You can't blame TS for not being in the top 4. It's obvious the top clubs just have more talent plain and simple. Blame the scout or scouts who blew a wad on guys that were overvalued. A coach can only work with what he has. I say give him another season and get some more skilled players and develop your young talent.

  18. Forget whether or not you like him as a person, quite simply is he able to do the job, my opinion is you cannot go from youth team to first team at top level and expect a top four finish,
    1) Is he tactically aware
    2) as he the right temperament
    3) is he good with the media
    4) will players want to join spurs because of him and respect him
    I believe the answer to all those questions is NO

  19. Wasent fond of sherwoods appointment in the first place, havent changed my opinion now. We do have som class players in our squad and we need someone who csn use them properly or add what is missing, that is something sherwood cant


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