The toffs are to blame

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Dom Le Roy

All too often the Manager takes the rap for the inept stewardship and tomfoolery of the upper hierarchy of a club. Daniel Levy is a fine example of this as is Malcolm Glazier. What about the saga unfolding at Southampton or even more strange at Leeds United?

Glazier has single handedly failed to invest in the Manchester United Squad so now poor David Moyes is left holding the crying baby. Okay they did pay out big money for Robin Van Persie and Juan Mata but they really need a proper overhaul. The midfield is uninspired and the defense old and knackered. Rooney has been great this season but he can’t do it alone. Don’t be surprised if Rooney doesn’t stay after this season. Ferguson knew time was running out and he produced a rabbit out of the hat winning the Premier title last year, bizarrely with Scholes as his aging assistant ! Levy has made faulted appointment after faulted appointment at the Lane. The stability down the road at Arseland has seen them show a consistency and fluidity on the pitch that Spurs simply don’t have.

Levy has made some truly momentous gaffes – Jacques Santini and Juande Ramos are the most obvious and bizarrely sacking Martin Jol and Harry Redknapp following what most would describe as successful tenures. The AVB saga was a farce ! Surely Levy would have strategised with his manager over the summer when making £110 million of purchases. Surely they had a plan. A plan cannot come to fruition in 3 months, not in football. ! So what happened ? Where did Levy and AVB agree in the Summer that then in December they now disagreed. Or is it that Franco Baldini put a spanner in the works buying on a different agenda to the Manager. Now we have Mr Sherwood and in fairness he has done okay but, and it is a big but, can he change games with tactical substitutions ? Brenden Rogers springs to mind – he does. AVB could not and paid the price. After watching Spurs abysmal showing at Hull yesterday where Tim Sherwood decided not to make any tactical substitutions whatsoever, I think the answer is no! Talk is of Michael Ladrup or Luis Van Gaal taking over in the summer… it wouldn’t surprise me at all – I just hope it is Michael Laudrup !

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  1. I agree — Sherwood's gaffe that Spurs didn't grab the game by the scruff of the neck, set the pace… Most of the play was so scappy it could have passed for a boys' kickabout on the common. Still no Kaboul — says something about tactical limitations when Dawson is the outstanding back — and Sherwood is showing absolute blindspots just like AVB. To say that Capoue has to prove himself superior to Bentaleb? Is the young guy a Sherwood nephew? Prospective son-in-law? What?

  2. If a new manager is coming in, we need to think long term. Way too many changes, way too often. Van Gaal will only stay in management a couple of years at the most as he is thinking about retirement. Not sure what the answer is though

  3. Michael Laudrap? Are you kidding? Swansea seem to have given up. Have you seen Swansea's position in the league? Hansen was right last night on MotD. They pass and pass, but go nowhere. No penetration. No plan B. Since they won the League Cup they have been awful. Swansea are already looking to replace him according to media reports.

  4. On many occasions AVB made substitutions and tactical a changes that changed a. Game in our favour. Funny that you don't remember that!

    • Not this season at home he didn't. He often delayed making changes, or was reluctant to, until it was too late in games; and he was too often out-thought by managers of lesser teams. Even two or three of those limited victories at home this season hinged on lucky breaks. His tactics were too rigid and he became arrogant about things (thinking, now that his feet were under the table, and all these players were HIS to do with what he chose, he'd pursue his vision at all costs). A good or wily manager would play properly to the players' strengths, and AVB should have had more adaptability plus faith in his players to change tactics mid-game, and counter the set-up of the opposing team.

  5. Spurs can't compete with Man City, Chelsea or Man Utd financially (albeit Man U have to outlay the cash but they do have the wherewithal). In the absence of a crock of gold you need to have some decent players (Spurs most certainly do), an astute manager (Hate to say it but Wenger) but most of all, once you've chosen your manager, you MUST give him time, that time may be 3 lean years but there isn't the budget @ WHL to do it any other way. Nice article btw.

    • Remy I have and always have respected your opinion….. but Spurs have got lots of dosh – we have made money in the transfer market for the last 3 years and the big guy, numero uno, the big cheese, Joe Lewis is well capable of putting in more cash and has offered to do so. The problem for me is the hierarchy that allows this manager and transfer merry go round to continue without the requisite advances.


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