Some random thoughts on last night


Some random thoughts –

We scored on the break, they scored on the hoof.

We took off our best players, they brought on theirs.

If ever there was a game in which Badebayor was going to play well it was this one, and he did. Whether he’ll play as well again is anyone’s guess but he provided a mobility and presence that neither Soldado or JD have thus far.

None of Capoue, Chiriches or Fryers are good enough to be playing for the first team in defence. Especially Fryers. Naughton had a stinker on Sunday but I thought Zeke was worse.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as many police vans as I’ve seen this evening, and the Spurs shop had its shutters down too. Charmless chaps these West Ham fans. Olympic legacy anyone?

Sherwood’s selection was fair enough given the resources at his disposal, his substitutions were naive though. He doesn’t appear a natural at this management lark.

It’s an easy thing to say with hindsight but given the state of our resources two games less in January might be a blessing. It’s the reverse for the Hamsters, I’m sure Cardiff and Palace et al won’t be disappointed at the result.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this far into his career before noticing how many letters there are in common between the words Defoe and offside. He was at his straying worse tonight but not as bad Carlton Cole whose inability to spot the last defender suggests that he should’ve been allowed to bring his dog onto the pitch with him.

Well done to the West Ham players, they took their chances and so deserved the win. After Adebayor went off we were clueless. Morrison was excellent in his cameo.

Can’t wait for Southampton me. Oh no hang on, yes I can.

Can we have some players back please?

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