Tottenham 2 Huddersfield Town 0 – Match report

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Son 2. Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately the game wasn’t good enough to pass by in a blur, in fact like most of modern life, boys and girls, it was rubbish. 

It wasn’t that bad, it was quite dull though. Huddersfield allowed us all sorts of space in the first ten minutes but then, as though clarity had suddenly struck, stuck six across the back and abandoned all ambition, even at one and two nil down. We played with little intensity, we didn’t need to. 

Quite what the point in giving up the ghost and not even trying to make a game of it when we’d subbed off three of our best players with only ten minutes left I’ve got no idea. If the score had got to 2-1 who knows what would’ve happened? Aurier and Sanchez aren’t renowned for their composure. Clearly Huddersfield weren’t interested in finding out. (They did have a couple of goes at goal, I was there, they were efforts on the break though, not as a result of pressure or forcing an error etc). 

Our goals were beautifully constructed and made the most of man of the match Son’s pace. After twenty odd minutes Dele’s beautiful behind the defender pass allowed Son the opportunity to round Lossi and bury into an empty net whilst after an hour or so Harry’s cross bounced up nicely for Son to head past an already committed keeper. 

More goals could have come from Son, Kane and Eriksen whilst Vertonghen had a header disallowed for offside. 

In midfield Dembélé and Eriksen were awesome while at the rear, Dier, Vertonghen and Sanchez coped easily with all Huddersfield had to offer. 

The away end wasn’t full, for the first time this season I think the visitors failed to sell out. Those fans that did turn up were noisy but were moaning like crazy about the referee, perhaps those plastic clackers they use in home games dull the senses enough to obscure the sight of proper tackling. Any report from a Huddersfield perspective will almost certainly include a comment on referees favouring big clubs and no criticism of Wagner for not trying to get an equaliser. 

Juventus have won again this evening and kept yet another clean sheet, a reminder if we needed one of how tough Wednesday’s game is going to be. We’ll have to start at a much higher pace than we played at today, fingers crossed that Sonny’s finishing is as clinical. 



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