Tottenham v Arsenal – NLD Match preview

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy
You put your Wenger In

Seventy-four points eh? Seventy-four! Blimey. And there are still five games to go. Eighty-nine points anyone? Unlikely but you never know… (I think we do).

You put your Wenger out

Next up attempting to stop our eight game 100 per cent run, as if everyone didn’t know, are the overrated and yet still underperforming Europa League place contenders, the knobbers from South of the river.

In out In out

Fresh from their spawny win over Leicester on Wednesday night, complete with own goal and season best Rivaldo impersonation from the ridiculous Sanchez, Baron Trump’s favourite team come to WHL for probably the final time on Sunday afternoon and we can’t wait to have them and their comedy fan base round for a spot of local hospitality.

Shake it all about

Our victory at Selhurst was a great example of how we impose our will on sides who get a bit uppity. Townsend and Zaha et al may have started the game like trains but ended it puffing. We completely dominated after half time. They barely made it into our half; their main source of goals, Benteke, was replaced by Fraizer Campbell for Gawd’s sake.

You do the Stan Kroenke

We caught a break with Moss looking kindly on Wanyama’s second late challenge but the way Pochettino turned the absence of him and Dembélé to our advantage by moving Eriksen into the middle, from where he and Dier ran the game was spectacular and ultimately won the game for us.

And you turn around 

Palace beat Arsenal by utilising the space behind the full backs to put pressure on the centre halves and tried the same against us but they could not counter our ability to change formation without losing effectiveness, nor, dare I say it, cope with our superior fitness.

That’s what it’s all about 

Wenger has switched, rather bizarrely, to a back three since that game at Selhurst Park and whilst reports of its efficacy aren’t positive they have conceded just two goals in the three games they’ve played. Thus, the chances are that we won’t face the open door defence policy that has been their hallmark throughout much of the last few months.

Oh do the Arsene Wenger!

It’s unlikely that Pochettino will spend much time pondering their shape however when he selects our eleven. Moussa Dembele is presumably a doubt after being subbed at h/t on Wednesday and I guess it’s too soon for Rose. That’s all I’m going to say though as second guessing team selection is for losers – c.f. last Saturday’s formation.

Oh do the Arsene Wenger! 

The bookies and all the commentators are predicting a home win (I even saw one journalist advising to bet on us with a handicap) and yet another comedy Fan TV meltdown, the game though, will be far closer than that. They have speed and a bit of pride (unlikely though that may seem) to defend and whilst they are largely seen as gutless that’s a bit harsh. They won’t be afraid to put their foot in to try and make a point on this score.

Oh do the Arsene Wenger!

We have form, talent, drive, fitness and a goal way higher than just finishing above them, especially if Lukaku finds his range against Chelski. It’ll be a surprise if we don’t win.

Michael Oliver is the man in charge.

Kane Goal, Dele Goal, Come On You Spurs!



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  1. Great little piece and completely agree – I think we’ll nudge it at 3;2 with ten men either side and a penalty apiece. However I have a strange feeling Sonny will be the goal hero. its just the right back side is weak and if sonny stay on the left he will create chances.


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