Substantial FA fine likely for Tottenham over flare incident


The Guardian are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur could face a substantial fine over the flare incident at Villa Park yesterday.

Linesman David Bryan was struck on the back of his neck by the flare which was thrown from the travelling Tottenham support after Andros Townsend had put us 1-0 ahead in the first half.

The Football Association will now launch an investigation into an incident it called “unacceptable” and has somewhat overshadowed our win in the Midlands.

Two men, aged 25 and 47, were arrested by West Mildands police over the incident and have since been released on bail.

An FA spokesman said: “The FA will investigate this matter, which is unacceptable. We will await the match official’s report and will be speaking to the clubs. Such incidents highlight the dangers of pyrotechnics being used in a football stadium.”

When asked about the incident, AVB told the press: “It’s not great to see and it should be avoided completely,”

“It touched the linesman and situations like this do not have a place in football. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t happen again.”


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  1. What.. unacceptable like their decision regarding Torres? Realistically as we only saw part of the incident, no further action can be taken.

  2. Why are would they fine THFC? They have the culprits and it was Villas responsibility to ensure that things like this did not get into the ground in the first place.

  3. The two culprits should be fined extensively and banned from the Lane for the rest of the season.
    If you're going to fine Tottenham as a club, however, then perhaps Aston Villa should be fined too for not screening fans properly, or what they're carrying, when they come into the ground. If the linesman wanted to take things further, he could, but legally who would he sue? Spurs, the two fans, or Villa ..or all three?
    You cannot account for idiots of adult age, and the club is not responsible for them (apart from dishing out their own punishment) the only people who should pay the price are the idiots themselves.
    If there are riots in football grounds, or mass racist chanting, then the club has to look to itself, as well as the fans concerned, but note that even though there's been a threat to arrest Spurs fans who chant 'yid', there has been no threat at all to fine the club. So no, a fine for this one-off incident by two fools should focus punishment on them and them only.

  4. make the use of flares/firecrackers at football matches illegal and any one found attempting to bring into a ground should be refused admission, if they do get through any one caught using them should be prosecuted by the police giving them a criminal record and they should also suffer a lifetime ban from ever attending another game, they are dangerous and have no place in football

    • Desmond, I am not sure what type of flare it was, but I would suggest that it could be classed as an offensive weapon. How could anyone justify legally carrying that flare to a football match, when flares are not used!

  5. As was said on 5Live yesterday, if you tried to get a bottle of water into the ground, you would be searched, it would be found and confiscated, and yet, these morons managed to smuggle a flare/firework in. I suppose it's all down to the fact that Villa SELL drinks, and are thus protecting their income. They don't however sell fireworks, so they don't really care about those.
    Ban these two muppets from every ground in the WORLD for life. Also a jail sentence for attempted wounding and a massive fine should send the message that football doesn't need imbeciles like this. It won't happen though because the FA didn't see the entire incident so no further action can be taken.

  6. As a spurs fan this is embarrassing,(if they are spurs fans)
    A lifetime ban from all premiership match for the idiots, spurs just have to suck it up, a club fine.


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