Tottenham fans take to Twitter over Torres escapes FA action


Tottenham fans have reacted angrily to the Football Association’s decision not to take any further action against Fernando Torres.

It was plain to see that the Chelsea striker raised his hands to Jan Vertonghen and scratched his face during a bust-up between the pair just yards away from the assistant referee.

A statement from the FA read: “The FA will take no action against Chelsea’s Fernando Torres in relation to an incident involving Tottenham Hotspur’s Jan Vertonghen which occurred in the 50th minute of their match on Saturday 28 September 2013.

One of the match officials saw the coming together of the two players, albeit not in its entirety.”

Here are some of the views of Tottenham fans:

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  1. Torrres not deserved FA action as it was purely a dual action between 2 players, instead Vertonghen was more aggressive while Torres was defensive.

  2. The FA continue their arrogant ways….referee does not see a player bite someone but he gets suspended,now
    you got someone who tries to scratch a players eyes out and again the referee does not see it and upon review option not to make him pay the penality….Halloway is right….their are two sets of rules the FA abides by depending on what team is involved…the incident is all over the internet for our kids to see…how about the FA explaining to them why he should not be punished….must be they could not fine him to fill their pockets again


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