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Let me start off by saying Sheriff played amazing last night. They gave us a tough fight and it’ll only help us to not underestimate the competition at the Europa League.

It’s been eight game weeks played now at the Barclay’s Premier League and the competition is ever so tight. You can never know what to expect each week since all the teams are performing at their best. The points reflect that too with only a 10 points different between Arsenal and Fulham who are 1st and 14th in the table. Alot of teams are beginning to find their form and for us, we are almost there.

22 games and just two defeats. That is a really, really good overlook. The fact that we were getting players in from Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Romania was just frightening for me at first because this season is like a new beginning for us. We stepped a step behind what he had established last season and with new players coming in it could take a wrong step. Luck has played a vital factor for the first few weeks and now we are getting in there.

I think from the new signings, Capoue took the earliest to adjust and played so comfortably. He bossed around the defensive midfield as if he had been with us for ages. I hope he stays the same once he recovers from his injury because he is Sandro v2.0.

Eriksen showed that quality too in the first two games but then it slowly faded away. He has some lovely skills and passes but he reminds me of Holtby when he just joined in for us. Still trying to fit in to his perfect form and trying ever so hard to get it. I would love to see him play a game along with Holtby. It’ll be great creativity produced within the central midfield!

Chadli is a good cup player for us. I wouldn’t select him for League games because of inconsistency. His confidence is fly high during all the cup games and sometimes, he produces his best football in those games. He is good, not great.

Soldado is almost set for banging in goals now. You can sense his movement has improved since the first game at Palace and now he gets more involved in the play than rather just waiting for the perfect ball which he barely used to get. But, I can see more crosses coming in and this will be perfect of him.

Paulinho is our Frank Lampard. His movement is exquisite, he gets in the box around the right time and you can see him back around our half for his defensive duty. He has been a top signing for us and probably the only new player who has fitted in to his perfect form.

Chiriches, boy has he improved since his first game. The confidence he showed yesterday was magnificent. I feel he did a really good job against Villa too although, he lacked pace. It’ll take time for him to adjust to the pace of the game, but as of his confidence level, right now its sky high!

I still can’t comment on Lamela. Although he had a really good game yesterday as well, I WANT TO SEE HIM PLAY MORE! We are not making full use of him. He is technically gifted, he has a good sense of the game and has quality. The fact that we have so many talented wingers has increased competition for him. But, without seeing him play a complete game, we can not judge whether to bench him or not.

If you noticed the West Ham game, we only played Eriksen and Paulinho. All the other players were NOT new signings. This only shows how influential these players are to us. Once they get their best form, they will take us to the next level.

I am hoping to see this happen immediately because its time for us to start challenging for the title before it’s too late. I know that I am being a little bit optimistic about it, but this is our chance. We are contenders and we’re almost there in terms of form and that’s what can make us champions! With players of this quality, we can make it! If not this year, then next. We’ve got the quality now, let’s just hope they provide us with the best football this club has ever seen.


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  1. For the longest time I couln't understand AVB selection process. It seemed that he was trying to keep everybody happy at the detriment of the squad. With talent all over the place, he has favored starting players from a fifth place squad minus the genius of one Bale. Then it dawned on me. AVB was fired for trying to make too many changes quickly at Chelsea and the veteran players and the fans (who are often blinded by personal favorites) turned on him. Reading his comments after last night game who does he praise, Defoe and Lennon of course. But having watched the same game, I'm not so sure what game AVB was talking about.

    Defoe missed a couple of good chances during the game before getting a goal that deflected perfectly into the corner. A very luck break for a player out to lunch most of the night. Lennon struggled and blew an easy goal from a nice flick by Eriksen before hitting a slow roller that hit the post because the goalie slipped and fell down. For me, he was brutal most of the night, but he is a fan favorite with Defoe.

    With the new signing, Chadli looked good when he came on and was much better then Lennon. If he had not been injured and been out for so long then most fans would think more higher of him. Lamela struggled last night and part of the problem is being in and out of the lineup and plaing with someone like Naughton instead of Walker on your side. Eriksen was Spurs best player and provided almost every goal scoring chance last night. Just because Defoe and Lennon can't convert them is not Eriksens fault. Capone looked like an upgrade to Sandro who got torched on the counter attack last night. I know Sandro is a fan favorite, so I don't see him getting back in lineup when he returns. Vlad is an upgrade to Dawson, but fans would scream or veterans would complain, so he will stay in Europa games. Soldado would have converted a couple last night and has much more class then Defoe, but Defoe want World Cup and fans have already been fighting for Defoe to start ahead of him. Eriksen has the same problem with fans falling in love with Holtby (who is not a natural #10 but a CM) , so AVB keeps one of the top young #10 on the bench. Paulinho seems to be the only one he has consistently started, but I have read a lot of articles where fans want Dembele to start over him. Dembele who has scored a total of two goals for Spurs in over a years time, but the fans know best.

    My point is that we were not good enough last year with Bale, so why without him would we be better? Siggy, Defoe, Lennon, Dawson, Dembele, didn't get us into the top four last year, so why are so many fans fighting for them to be on the first team? AVB needs to field his best IX and not worry about Defoe or Lennon crying or the fans bitching. The new players need to gel and they can only do that if they play and play together. AVB seemed always looking behind him more worried about the veterans and what the fans think because of what happened at Chelsea.

    • Totally agree! Its the same thing I mentioned about the West Ham game where we only played two of our new players. I think fans are not attached to the new players as much and thats why perfect likes of Defoe and Lennon over others.

      Chadli has been playing in LW for a while now so he is more comfortable on that plank as compared to Lennon.
      hope we get the best starting XI soon enough though

  2. I like your positivity, but to say Lamela had a really good game is questionable to say the least. I have no doubt he'll come good, but he's struggling hard at the moment and I'd imagine we won't see anywhere near the best of him until next season.

  3. Lamela has not sparkled since his transfer and yesterday was no exception. Lamela was easily our most ineffective attacker, to include the subs that were made. I believe that he will come good though with a decent run of games. The question is who do we sacrifice to give him that run and can we afford to sacrifice someone for a player adjusting to life in England and the Premier league

    • Given the game time he is being getting lately, I felt it was a good performance. His movement was good although he couldnt influnence the game much. If you think about it that way then defoe had a terrible first half too


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