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For many Spurs fans the less said about the ‘Hammering’ a week Sunday Sunday the better. Once the international games are out the way, attention is focused to the game at Villa Park. The last time Spurs met Villa in September during the Capital One Cup, Spurs proved to be completely in control with a 4-0 win.

However, the team we face this Sunday is going to be very different from the team met on that Tuesday evening. Firstly, we can be sure Villa will have Guzan endeavouring to keep a clean sheet in goal.

Additionally, the sharp end of the Villa attack will be strengthened not only with Agbonlahor, but possibly with a return for Benteke. If Spurs’ defence fails again for fifteen minutes, they can do considerable damage. In spite of his time off with injury, Benteke has scored 4 of Villa’s 9 Premier League goals this season.

Finally, Villa’s confidence will be running moderately high. Although they have not had the strongest of starts to this season they have managed, on opening day, to comprehensively defeat Arsenal. When facing Man City Villa got lucky, and held on to take an unexpected victory. They have proven that they can prevail against strong opposition. That being said both Chelsea and Liverpool put their defence to the sword without too much difficulty.

Spurs meanwhile have several players likely to return from injury and be available for selection. Danny Rose hopefully shall be back to his dangerous and dynamic self on the left. Capoue showed some real promise before his injury and, it seems likely, will be reintroduced in some form of other. Lennon probably will be available but will have done very well to get into the team over Lamela and Townsend.

Spurs have great quality in their team and should really be beating Villa, but then again West Ham should have been a doddle…

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  1. Return of Lennon and Capoeu, gives Spurs additional options and rotation to AVB, to get his strategies right.
    With Lennon, who had proven, with his blistering pace, Soldado will have chances of feeding from Lennon.
    With Capoeu, Spurs have additional more bite and passing, and scoring from this aggressive player.
    On Lamela, Townsend, all can be rotated. Eg Townsend to the left.

  2. You obviously didn't watch either the Chelsea or Liverpool games. We were after the first 10 minutes the better team against Chelsea and had a stonewall penalty denied in the last minute. Liverpool had 1 shot on goal to our 5. We have played 4 of the top 6 from last season in our opening 7 games. Shocking description of our start.

  3. "Put to the sword without much difficulty" by Chelsea and Liverpool? Clearly you didn't watch those games. We should have had a point against Liverpool and if the ref hadn't had an absolute horror show we might have won at the bridge.

    We've had 3 poor performances. Against Newcastle, you lot in the cup, and another one where we somehow beat City playing very badly. I guess we didn't show much ambition against Hull. Apart from that we've done well. We are 10th and we've had the hardest fixtures in the league by a distance. We've got you and Everton next. That makes 6 of the top 7 in our opening 9 games! After that it gets a lot easier.

    Not many of the side that got hammered in the cup will start on Sunday. Guzan Delph Agbonlahor and Benteke make the difference for us and all should play this time. I'm expecting a Spurs win. Not least because we've been awful against you lot for about 5 years. We will concede goals. But if you don't defend well we have the attack to punish you.

  4. "That being said both Chelsea and Liverpool put their defence to the sword without too much difficulty."

    Wrong. Villa should have had a draw in both games. Lazy, lazy

  5. I hope bent eke is playing, because unless we play against the best the oppo have to offer we still have that relaxed mentality and think we will stroll to victory, c,mon AVB , get into the players psyche and instill some mental strength, don't care who we play, great squad, but I do think we look strong with Sandro in the middle


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