Tottenham’s efforts in Youth football


The FA has recently set up their panel of experts to try and improve the youth football network in the UK. Many footballers and fans will have different views on what needs to be done to rival the leading nations in international football. Do we need to copy Germany or Spain? Make Sunday League non-competitive to try and concentrate on the quality of play? Or is it all down to the academies of clubs that are not offering enough opportunities for young players looking to improve?

Spurs are one of the leading clubs in offering youth players the sought-after chance to improve their play with professional coaches or impress scouts for that once in a lifetime chance at the big time. They regularly offer weekly courses all around the UK at schools and at Spurs Lodge. These courses range from the “Tots Weekly Coaching” for 3-5 year olds to “Advanced Weekly Evening Training” for 5-14 year olds. Do more clubs need to follow suit then to give youngsters like myself, as a 14-year-old Sunday league player, an opportunity; this would certainly benefit player all around the UK and the help that Spurs are giving doesn’t stop there.

Recently, Spurs announced their “Residential Player Development”. This is where Spurs are encouraging youth teams to stay at one of Spurs’ “newly selected state of the art training facilities” for a weeklong course for what they are calling the ultimate football coaching experience, including a WHL stadium tour!

It is these kinds of events that make Spurs excellent in helping youth players, as they are unique. When the courses go live in Summer of 2014 they will be immensely popular. Youth teams should be encouraged to take these fantastic opportunities as they not only benefit the players from the expert coaching, they could also benefit youth coaches to see how the professional work behind the scenes and finally it benefits they clubs, who knows, it might be on one of these courses that the new Spurs great is found!


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