Two out of two


I’d say, great stuff lads! We are back in this! Four points in two games is not bad. Especially, with the fact that we had to fight for the points in both the games. I am just pleased with all the positives we can get out from the two!

First the United game. Yes, I do believe we could’ve won it but the two mistakes made are only going to improve us. Both the mistakes took place in the penalty area, which means that defensively, we were quite excellent, bossed around with the help of our strong midfielders and tactically, everything was right. I guess AVB is starting to realize that. The likes of his famous 4-3-3 isn’t best suited for us and forcing it isn’t helping either. We would have to get either more defensive or more offensive and its safe to say that as of now, we are just in the middle which is a good thing to dominate the game.

The second game showed that. When we attacked we looked so dangerous. When they attacked, Lloris was brilliant. Although our defense was a bit slow, our wingers helped stretch the play wide creating some amazing chances which could’ve been at the back of the net with some better finishing. And, that beautiful counter by Defoe, Paulinho and Lennon. If only it found the back of the net…

I guess the point I am trying to get to is that in both the games, we haven’t recovered our mistakes. Three mistakes, three goals conceded. It’s something to considered defensively.

Attacking while we are back on track! Four goals, four brilliant goals! The most satisfying thing is that almost all the goals (excluding the penalties) have been magnificent, not just simple tap ins. Mostly due to individual skills, but otherwise good team play. It’s exciting to have them but the tap ins would help too.

As an overall, we have evolved as a team this season. We started off trying a more holding game and hence were defensively strong but poorer at finishing. Now, we are getting the goals, fighting back and it’ll be soon be enough to find our form.

I’d like to see a change in the formation and give it a go with more attacking play against Sunderland. We need to recover and this would be the ideal match to do so.

Lets hope for the best! COYS!

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