Yet another underwhelming win

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Sunday’s performance and result was the story of our season, I’m usually upbeat after a win, but the victory over Cardiff City felt so underwhelming, teams are usually praised when winning ugly, however with our current set up I don’t think we can win any other way !, if only we could see some purpose to our play, to have some kind of footballing philosophy, or at least have some intent with our passing and ability to attack spaces, then we would have cause for optimism for the rest of the season.

This March we will be playing the likes of Chelsea, Benfica, Arsenal and Liverpool in our quest to gain Champions League qualification and progress in the UEFA cup, usually I love the excitement and anticipation of these big games, however this time I am honestly dreading them, I hate being pessimistic but the way we are playing I would be in denial to think we can get fourth place and win the UEFA cup, if we don’t improve drastically, then my main hope is that we simply avoid getting thrashed and humiliated, like we did twice against City and Liverpool already.

Poor Tim is trying his best, but he is inexperienced and out of his depth at the moment,, I just don’t understand Levy’s thinking in appointing Tim in the first place, if you’re going to select an interim manager, then at least get someone who has experience (like Chelsea did with Benitez), even Glenn Hoddle was willing to take on the job until the end of the season, and that would have been a popular and sensible choice, however it appears that Levy is setting up Tim to be the sacrificial lamb, much like David Pleat was in the horrifying  2003/04 season, and I fear we are in limbo until a full time successor is appointed.

Despite everything I have said, I do hope Tim and the boys prove me wrong !, I believe that our squad is a diamond in the rough, and with the right manager we can unlock the potential we have, the old cliché says that one man’s nightmare is another man’s dream, we do have hope, even if it’s a fools hope!

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  1. no comments…….. says it all!! maybe you should start supporting one off the other teams you mention Chelsea might need another paper hat in their ranks?

  2. Unfortunately, I completely agree with your comments. I hate the slow pace of play that we have adopted. I remember when 'Arry was in charge we would start so many attacking fast breaks with the keeper quickly passing the ball out to the fall backs. Lloris seems incapable of releasing the ball until the opposition is settled and ready for our slow attacking formation. Finally, I think I am going to start counting every time one of our players receives the ball in an attacking move only to pass the ball backwards.

    I desperately want Tim to succeed but if we cannot dispatch Cardiff in a more convincing fashion then I fear for the upcoming matches.

  3. I know I'm in the minority, but I think one of the biggest problems with the team is trying to accommodate Dembele into the side. VDV used to have the same charge leveled at him (before he left and became a latter day god to spurs fans) that he didn't fit in very well to the side's style of play. What after all does Dembele do? Yes, he can get around a player, or two, but then what? Has the ball stripped from him by the third player he tries to get around. Or passes backwards or sideways. I can see why he played as a striker before coming to Fulham/Spurs because as a front man you only have one player to slip past before taking a shot; glide past, take shot, done. He's an okay tackler, but not a DM.

    If it was up to me, I think I'd play five across the middle, with Townsend on the left (he plays on the left!) Sandro, Erikson, Paulinho, and Lennon on the right, with Capoue switching for Paulinho when the situation calls. Ade up front. Unfortunately, the back four is what it is until Vlad, Rose and Walker all get fit again. Keep Dembele on the sub bench to come on for whoever needs a rest or gets injured.

    And as for the coach, if anything, Tim has shown that you don't need all those fancy badges to manage a football club. It's not American football, where you need to know every minute detail of the game to be a coach and get the plays right. Granted, I've only been a Spurs supporter since 2007 so maybe I lack the decades of disappointment needed to become such a cynic and hater. But I was also a Red Sox fan before they won their first World Series in 86 years so I know what it feels like to be so close and yet so far for so long. I know the stats are against Spurs, but keep watching and maybe their luck will turn. If anything, records are meant to be broken, nothing lasts forever etc etc. so maybe it will turn out for the best. And if you can't handle it, go and support another team!


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