VIDEO: Martinez – Everton should have had a penalty


Everton manager Roberto Martinez gave his reaction after his side drew 0-0 with Tottenham Hotspur at Goodison Park on Sunday.

Martinez felt that referee Kevin Friend should have awarded Everton a penalty when Jan Vertonghen tangled with full-back Seamus Coleman in the Tottenham box during the second half.

He made no mention of the fact that we should have had a first-half penalty when Vertonghen was fouled in the box, funny that.

Martinez: “Seamus gets impeded, the only thing is that he doesn’t over-react, he doesn’t look for the penalty, just gets back on his feet and that probably allowed the referee not to have to make a decision. But he was clearly impeded and it should have been a penalty. That doesn’t mean we would have scored it, but that’s a different matter.”

“As a goalkeeper you’re going down to ground, obviously the head is always in a position where you are a little bit exposed. Romelu (Lukaku) did nothing wrong, he was just trying to challenge for the ball and he picked up a really, really strong knock on his thigh and he had to come off as a consequence of that. So I was very disappointed to see Romelu being punished with a yellow card, when what is was, just a brave, open, honest challenge where both players wanted to get the ball.”

“Yes obviously you are looking at our run at Goodison Park. For a long, long time we expected to get wins, to get positive results and that’s what I want. I want to encourage that, we need to have those expectations. The fans are terrific, they always make us the side that we are, in the same manner they help us to keep that important clean sheet and those expectations are good for us.”


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  1. Your point is what? He is obviously going to talk up his sides situation whilst ignoring the opposition. Standard practice, nothing to see here move along….

  2. Its more about the journo, who was too scared to ask the question: "And should Spurs have been award a penalty in the first half when the same two players clashed?"

    • I think if you all take the time to read what Martinez actually said was that he viewed the first half incident between Vert and Coleman and there was minimal contact which Vert tried to make the most of (again if you dig out the video footage you will see he was trying to cheat to get a penalty). The incident between the two in the second half shows that Vert purposely tripped Coleman and as soon as he did it he looks up to the ref and holds his arms out because he knew he had f*cked up. Additionally Spurs should have been down to ten men when Solgardo purposely elbowed Jags which Graham Poll has come out and said that Kevin Friend got this wrong and should have given him a straight red and been banned for 3 games. Funny how Spurs fans view what actually happended through rose tinted glasses !!!


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