Opposition View: Aston Villa v Tottenham


We recently caught up with an Aston Villa fan ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash at Villa Park.  We’ve already tasted victory at their ground this season, but will Sunday be as kind to us?  Here’s a Villa view…

Who are you and why are you a Villa fan?

My name is Stuart and I am the owner of Villa fansite Avillafan.com. I am 27 years old and have been a season ticket holder now for over 15 years. Aswell as Villa I am a keen Formula 1 fan.

Despite my dad’s side of the family following the other side of the city, my Mom’s side of the family are all Villa, so was my school mates and more importantly it was my local football club so it was only ever going to be Villa I think.

How important is this season for Villa following your relegation battle last season?

We are still in transition and it is vitally important to remember this but progress is needed. A mid-table position would be seen by myself and many others as a successful season. It will be nice to go through the season without having to worry about relegation.

What do you think will be Paul Lambert’s objectives for this season?

Lambert has always made it clear he wont set targets except improvement which is fair enough and all we can ask for from a manager.

Where do you think Tottenham and Villa will both finish at the end of the campaign?

10-12th for Villa.

Has to be top 4 for Spurs given what has been spent surely? I am still not convinced by your strike-force though. I don’t think Soldado was the answer for you and if I was AVB and Levy I would of paid what Villa wanted for Benteke – but then again I will say that wouldn’t I? (You watch Soldado score against us now)

A lot of supporters of other clubs view Villa as a “one-man” team in the form of Christian Benteke, would you agree?

Given the fact we beat both Norwich and Man City without him I will let you decide that for yourself. Saying that everyside has a player who scores a lot more than everyone else – does that make them one-man teams?

Paul Lambert has suggested that Benteke could return on Sunday. How important is his return for you?

Without doubt his goals are important but I wouldn’t expect him to start. We arent expecting to get anything on Sunday so anything is a bonus. I will probably get 15-30minutesgame time.

I think Fabien Delph is going to have a big season at Villa this season. How do you expect him to do against Spurs?

I am glad someone outside of Villa has noticed him. Delph is currently the best English midfielder in the league based on all the stats so far this season yet all the talk has been about Morrison at West Ham and Barkley at Everton. Delph is still young despite being around for so long and its important that we remember he is still learning his trade but he has improved a hell of a lot this past year. We just hope he can continue and live up to that early potential.

Which Tottenham player has caught your eye so far this season?

I wont lie – apart from in Europe I havent seen much of Spurs this season apart from the highlights you get on Match of the Day and we all know what they are like unless your name begins with Manchester. Without doubt Andros Townsend looks a good player – I love that he plays like an old fashioned winger but we see this with so many young players and they fade away usually because managers tell them to calm down etc – I just hope AVB doesn’t do this for Englands sake more than anything.

Otherwise I love Lloris – possibly the best keeper in the league right now?

Andros Townsend has been attracting praise from all corners following his international displays. Could we have another star on our hands?

I was listening to Talksport on the way home from work tonight and someone said ‘who needs Bale when we have Townsend’ and potentially he could have a point. Not just yet though – he still has a lot to learn. What I said in the previous question helps answer this.

And finally, your prediction for the match?

I dont like to predict so I will just say it will be a bonus if we take anything from the game.

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