Why Spurs have to win against Sheriff


On Thursday Spurs have the opportunity to guarantee their place in the knockout stages and, depending on the other group game result in Norway, could even become group champions with two games remaining. As group champions, AVB’s squad would put themselves in theoretically the best position possible for the knockout draw.

This has not come without cost to the squad. The curse of the Spurs’ left back struck twice in Europa. After starting the season so strongly Danny Rose has picked up an injury from which he is still recovering. Fryers also couldn’t last the game against Sheriff but at least that does not appear to be too serious.

This game against Sheriff needs to regarded as an absolute ‘must win’ game. Confirming qualification has to be done so that attention can be focused on the Premier League. The final two Europa League group games are followed three days later by tough home games against Man Utd and Liverpool respectively.

If AVB is able to rest his strongest XI for those two Europa games then logically he will stand an improved chance to gain 6 very important points from both Premier League games.

Having qualified AVB will also be able to rotate the squad in his remaining games and that should hopefully help with bringing players like, amongst others, Capoue, Adebayor and Rose back to match fitness giving him more options in the squad.

Thursday night’s game is a must win – COYS!!


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  1. There is a problem with rotating certain players. I would imagine AVB would be fielding Lamela as well as Eriksen. So everybody would be saying: ah, he's giving them a go. But, most probably, he would give them the whole 90 minutes. Then, no mattere whether they give a good account of themselves against Sheriff or not, the manager would not select them for Sunday's match – on the assumption that now they must have tired legs. And, especially Lamela, keeps being left out in the cold. This actually must have happened to him after having such a good game against Hull; then not to be selected against Everton?!?!
    Vicious circle – especially for Lamela.

  2. Must win game for another reason.
    The next game in the Europa is at Tromso – north of the Artic Circle.
    It will be cold and the pitch possibly frozen. We simply cannot afford to have any of our highly expensive players on that pitch risking any type of injury.
    Once we have qualified as group leaders we can send the teenagers into action in Norway at the end of November.

  3. I feel giving Lamela more time is fair and by playing him in the league at the minute can only make things worse . The guy needs time and a chance to learn the lingo . I know people say play him but if he does play and it does not go right then that will only make things worse for him . When Lamela joined Roma they saw little in the first year compared to his second years performance . I do not expect much from him this year and am happy to see him get games even if it is in europe or the cup games . What we do need is someone to step into the Modric role who can see a pass to put Soldado in an at the minute the closest we have is either Holtby or Erikson and i am not sure if as yet either are as good as we need to get the best from Soldado .

  4. I've watched Sheriff three times this season (2 qualifiers against Dinamo Zagreb) and if we cannot put a handful past them whilst taking it easy we should be ashamed of ourselves. 2 strikers with Kane to get at least 30 minutes after Soldado has had his fun.


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