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This is my first article for a while so I was trying to think of a suitable idea to come back with. The name “Tottenham Hotspur” is synonymous with transfer gossip so multiple stories about players we are linked with is nothing new. However, for the past few weeks, there has been increasing vehemence from rumour mills and gossip columns that Spurs are going to go full steam ahead to sign Andrea Pirlo from Juventus in January. This is certainly a piece of news that will divide Spurs fans as there are many merits and pitfalls to signing a player like Pirlo for our squad. Sadly, I must fall on the side of the pitfalls as I truly believe that Pirlo is an unnecessary addition to our current squad.

However, I will start with the benefits of signing a man such as Pirlo. Quite simply, the man is truly gifted; being given the nickname of l’architetto (The Architect) is a clear sign of just how good the Italian veteran really is. Personally, I admire him greatly as I (among many others) thought his career was over when he was released by AC Milan but he certainly proved otherwise by signing for Juventus in 2011 and becoming a lynchpin in midfield alongside Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio to guide the Old Lady to back to back league titles. He lit up Euro 2012, arguably the finest player at the tournament and being named in the team of the tournament as well. What makes Pirlo special is his ability to pick out a beautiful pass and his vision is second to none. He is also a set piece expert, something that Tottenham now require after losing GB over the summer. He inspires confidence and is a born leader so I can see why AVB and co would love him to don the lilywhite jersey next year.

The drawbacks though are keeping me from being convinced that signing Pirlo would be a good bit of business from Spurs. Firstly, he will be 35 next year, making it very unlikely he will be able to sustain his performances for a number of seasons for Spurs; possibly he will be good for one more season after so I believe it will be a short-sighted move. His wages will be another drawback, is it really worth paying 100K a week or more to a player who will only be a short term player and will certainly retire after playing, meaning that there is no resale value at all? The main reason why I believe this deal is strange is because it doesn’t really fit into Daniel Levy’s mentality now. Over the summer (with Soldado excluded), we signed young promising players like Chiriches, Eriksen, Chadli and Capoue with the idea of building a younger, fitter side to compete. Bringing in Pirlo would be mean another midfielder added to the already clogged Spurs ranks and I cannot really see Pirlo bringing the stamina of Paulinho, the physicality of Dembele or the youthful exuberance of Eriksen/Holtby so it seems like more of a PR boost than actually balancing the squad (although not the first time this has happened, remember Edgar Davids?)

In my opinion, Pirlo would be a wonderful addition to Spurs….as a coach, not a player. If AVB would bring him in as a coach or a trainer, I could see his experience being an invaluable asset to Spurs players and I know the likes of Eriksen, Holtby and Tommy Carroll when he returns would all certainly benefit and grow as players learning from a creative legend such as Pirlo. However, if AVB is going to bring Pirlo in as a player, I would strongly advise against it as I believe our midfield is currently our strongest point and anymore additions would have a negative effect on morale and certainly catalyse departures of younger players would have better prospects in the future than a 35 year old does at this point in time. Spurs should focus on strengthening areas where we currently look weak, mainly full back positions. Walker and Rose are fine players but they need better competition than Kyle Naughton and Zeki Fryers at this moment in time if they are to get better and become Champions League quality.

In conclusion, if Andrea Pirlo was 5 or 10 years younger, I would snap your hand off at this deal as I truly believe he is an inspirational player and would be a world class addition to any squad in the world. However, bringing him in now on ridiculous wages, coupled with his lack of sustainability means that it would be a blessing in disguise if Spurs were to miss out on “l’architetto” this coming January.

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  1. …because the midfield quartet of Paulinho, Sandro, Capoue, Dembele, are effectively the same player with barely 5 assists in all of them combined for the whole season.

  2. One of the best players in the world. If the club want to be successful then we have to be ruthless. We are Tottenham and unfortunately our best players leave us time and time again, so I'll not be too sad if someone is pushed out of our best 11. All the bullshit about Spurs winning the league… well, we'd need 2 or 3 players the quality of Pirlo to do that.

  3. All of our defensive midfielders are lacking in one aspect it seems like, and its that ability to pick out a perfect pass. They're tenacity is second to none when trying to hunt the ball down, they drive foward upfield, but they can't pick that defensive splitting pass. Well, Pirlo can.

    Sure he is not as fast or as energetic as our other midfielders, but he has that special quality about him, and aura if you will. Not only will he bring his ability to the team, but also his experience. Our team could do with a veteran presence who has "been there and done that". He can pick out that long ball for you to relieve pressure or one to rip open the defense and still effectively put in a defensive shift.

    Have to agree with the worry of signing him for too long of a contract. I would sign him to a two year contract at most. He doesn't have many more years left in him, but you know he is going to go out a top class player. I wouldn't mind having that class on Tottenham.

  4. If we sign him our midfield would be crazy. Pirlo with Paulino and Sandro would be like a Jack Nickleson in the 80,s on a out , drunk with two bouncers on either side of him.

  5. Sam, maybe only 5 assists but we've only scored 6 goals… Paulinho, [with a scoring record to shame Ade], is a box-to-box midfielder. Whilst Dembele is one as well, I'd also say he's more a ball-carrier. But Sandro is an anchor-man, used to playing in front of a back 4. Whilst similar, Capoue is a tough-tackling midfield general who's used to playing as part of a midfield two. Slight intricacies, I know. The similarities are that they are all big powerful athletes who can tackle. And they can play. Their skill sets overlap and they could cover each other but they are not the same player.
    Intricacies are important and the intricate criteria regarding Pirlo is important here. Some players have the drive to carry on and the facilities, knowledge and technology these days to maintain appropriate fitness levels if they so wish. Players can also be described as 'looking for a last big pay-day'. Where's Pirlo? What's his injury record? Body condition? Deterioration of skill-sets? Did he rely on pace? Hopefully, those in the know will be finding out and acting accordingly. I think Pirlo could compete in the 1st team for 18 months and to be able to bring him in for League Cup/European games for a further 18 months would be no bad think. Add his knowledge to the table and a possibility of liking London enough to possibly stay as a coach. He'll be 38 by then. Is he a Giggs, Scholes? Be a coup if so.

  6. nobody is seeing this as spurs bringing in an old master to teach these kids we have in midfield how to play( his experience will be priceless)

  7. Pirlo, get him over here! Seriously pay him and play him. No one can tell me he wouldnt be an exceptional signing. Pure quality, pure genius and just what the doctor orders in second half of season. A bit more than saha and dempsey if I no what I mean.


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