When winning a domestic cup meant something in Europe

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy


1.    To be in the European Cup a team had to win the league.

2.    If a team was in the European Cup and lost that team would be out of the tournament and would drop into the … oh … no … hang on … that was it. The club would be out of the competition! End of story! What a bizarre set up!

3.    If a team won the European Cup Winners Cup it was considered a pretty decent trophy to win.

4.    If a team won the EUEFA Cup it was considered a pretty decent trophy to win.

5.    It seemed reasonable to have three distinct European competitions.

6.    It takes around 100 to 2,000 years to realise that Benfica were a better team than Spurs in the 1962 European Cup semi-final and Benfica deserved to win and they won on merit.

7.    These are ‘Spurs Years’. Spurs Years are kind of like dog years but each spurs supporter has a different conversion rate to human years – hence the big window.

8.    Some of us do not accept it at all and we think wibbble. No, stop arguing with me, I mean it. Why are you saying that – have you gone mad? Wibble.

9.    Some articles refer to days of yore. Which ones?

10.  Long gone are the days of assuming we would win a trophy or beat a really big team at a key time as I assumed we would beat Benfica in that semi-final.

11.  When did we last reasonably assume we would win any trophy?

12.  I understand the needs for 4th place.

13.  Despite those needs wouldn’t you love a to win a cup?

14.  We are told of the drain of resources in today’s Europa League.

15.  Here is the question.

16.  In 2013-14 which would you prefer and why: Winning the Europa League or 4th place in the PL?

To help avoid OT comments etc let’s take as a given that:

1.    the argument as to whether we would even reach 4th place is to be held elsewhere

2.    the argument that we would even have a hope of winning the Europa League is to be held elsewhere.

So: Europa League Champions or 4th in PL and please give your reasons.

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Brian has been a Spurs supporter from around 1960, so was there for the double, the FA Cup in 1962 and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963. He admits to having cried when Spurs lost to Benfica in the 1962 European Cup Semi-final and to times when he could weep when watching Spurs for the past few years (but for very different reasons). Brian has been lucky enough to see greats such as Jimmy Greaves, Pat Jennings, Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne. During the 60s, 70s and 80s Spurs won at least one domestic trophy and one European trophy each decade (with those wonderful all white strip floodlit games). It has taken Brian more than 20 years to realise that may take a while to come back, but hope lives on.


  1. C/L every time, why! because 1. c/l attracts the best players, 2. c/l is worth a hell of a lot more money and 3. everyone wants to see their team competing with the best, ok it would be nice to win a cup (any cup) but c/l is vital to the redevelopment of THFC.

    • I accept the reasoning and sort of agree. On this occasion I would thought I would choose winning the Europa League, and I think we can do that. My basis for this choice is that I worried about the team gelling. We have individual good players, but it has not been very coordinated on the pitch. Recently that has changed. I think if we managed to finish 4th we would, in 2014-15, be stronger than that 4th position would suggest.

      I would like both of course :>)


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