Woolwich v Spurs – Match preview

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I think we’d all agree that a late win against a good side is better preparation for a big game than being on the wrong end of an absolute battering by a very good one – so from that perspective at least we’re in a good position heading into Sunday’s game at Woolwich.

Dembélé’s winner on Thursday was a beauty but more encouragingly Kane’s opener was an example of the sort of clinical finishing we’ve been missing for most of this season. Games against Stoke, Everton, Liverpool, Monaco and Anderlecht in Belgium would all have would all have been won if the chances that went begging had been taken with the conviction that Harry showed both last night and in the last minute on Monday.

We’ll certainly need to keep this form in front of goal going on Sunday as chances are likely to be few and far between as despite their cup stumbles this season they’re a good shout for the title. The Gooners won’t have enjoyed their visit to Munich but this sort of thing – getting thoroughly humped – has happened so often in the past few years, they must surely be used to having to bounce back after an embarrassing display and result. One of these recent comedy outings was at Hillsborough where as well as the cup tie they lost both Oxlade Chamberlain and Walcott to strains. Neither is available to play this weekend I believe, Ramsey also. Bellerin and Koscielny missed Wednesday’public undressing but will probably be back. Going forward they still have Giroud, Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla which is a fair bulk of talent to worry about, our midfield and forward chasers and harriers will have to be at their best to deny them space and ball supply.

Only Walker and Rose ended up being given the complete night off on Thursday as Poch, quite rightly as it turned out, felt that we’d need something near our best eleven on the field to get the result we needed. Even though Son and Mason are back, I suspect it’ll be the same side as Monday that starts the game – depending on Rose’s fitness.

A contempt for Arsenal and all the corporate, franchised smugness they stand for should be a given in my opinion but others have expressed it better than I. This article, Dear Broken Children Of Woolwich, is still a must read for anyone doubting that no matter the result on Sunday, at 6pm it should still gladden the heart and make you feel proud to say ‘I am Tottenham, We are Tottenham’.

Martin Atkinson is the referee.


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  1. That 'Broken Children of Woolwich' is epic!
    And so true. I can tell you two things about the ArseAnal that sum their fans up:
    Firstly, whenever they are indulging in the sound-bite taunting they believe is banter, and eventually reach the 'Always in our shadow' as they always do, I ask them one simple question: What about the European shadow? "What?" they say. "What European shadow?" they ask. "What do you mean?" they demand. Well, y'know, many folk consider that to be a truly big club you must have had European success…so how many European trophies, genuine European trophies, have you won? Watch them splutter! Watch them get angry! Watch them plead ignorance! Watch them disappear! I had one, on one forum, who was relentlessly pursuing me with his "little Spuds" "always in our shadow" boring so-called banter, so I asked him this. Know what he did? He tried to include Mickey Mousse trophies. He railed at the mention of it because we 'were' in their shadow. He cried because I wouldn't just sit still and be a good victim. he disappeared. And for months afterwards he pursued me, inventing new usernames (pathetic ones like 'Laughing at them little Spuds'). But he gave himself away immediately with every new identity by using the same term over and over again, that he intended to be derogatory. And then he cried. "Why?" he blubbed, "why do you have to mention Europe and not just accept the one sided banter I want to inflict upon you!" And the truth is, even after we have self-destructed in the early 90's and put ourselves out of commission for the best part of a couple of decades, while they got on the BPL, CL and TV gravy train, they still can't get near to matching us in Europe. "Ah" he says "but we are in CL every season…unlike you little Spuds." It didn't imprve his mood, though, not when I asked exactly what they have achieved with all those appearances…I mean, we were in in once and clubs and fans all over Britain and Europe will remember it, will remember Inter Milan and Bale and a seemingly impossible run to the 1/4 finals. Oh, how he cried. It's like the John Terry retort to Savage – I'll take this sheeeeite from a United or a Liverpool fan, buit AAAAAArseAnal = Feck off! A nothing club! A club who finally get round to playing some decent football after a hundred years of dull, dirty, win at all costs dross and suddenly believe they invented the beautiful game.

    Secondly, before the game at WHL last season the usual crew were out in force, declaring what 'they' were gonna do to 'the little Spuds' (Wanted what Doctor Freud would make of this obsession?). And any Spurs fan who tried to debate with them, or give some back, or contribute in any way, was shouted down with the claim that 'none of you will be here after we stuff you at your own gaff'. As we all know, that never happened, we took them apart comprehensively. And y'know what, I revisited each of those sites frequently over a couple of weeks, I posted messages intended to incite a response, and not one (NOT ONE!) of them had the decency to pop on and take the medicine they so richly deserved. Pathetic.

    They barely qualify as fans, afaiac. They are leeches, leeches sucking ash from the veins of a facsimile of a club. A hodge-podge of a club chucked together from various mismatched left-overs from the real World, and inhabited, from top to bottom, by golems created for nothing but opportunities to feel smug. It seems to be the only thing that nourishes them.


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