EURO 2020 Play-offs: All you need to Know


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This season brings records and statistics of the EURO 2020 play-offs in the most incredible manner. For more than six days, 16 teams will compete for the four remaining positions of EUFA EURO 2020. During the playoffs, leading bookies will have lots of euro 2020 betting offers, allowing punters to wager on the games.

On March 26th, eight semi-finals will take place to sieve out the teams in preparation for the finals. The four finals will happen five days later, paving the way for the 24 finalists and fixtures for the 2020 EURO group. Every kick-off will commence at 20:45 CET as planned unless the unusual happens.

Where and who Plays Against the Other

The fixtures came up after a series of draws in November 2019. The teams in the first path will host both the semi-finals and the finals. That means the winning team in the path A during the semi-finals will have the privilege to host the finals of the same group.

On Thursday 26th March, the following teams will play against each other in the semi-finals:

In the first group, Bulgaria will play against Hungary while Iceland takes it against Romania. The second group will have Bosnia and Herzegovina taking it on Northern Iceland while Slovakia faces the Republic of Ireland. Path C will have Norway battling Serbia at 18:00 CET and Scotland will game on Israel. On the other hand, path D gets Georgia and Belarus to play against each other at 18:00 CET and North Macedonia playing against Kosovo.

The play-off finals on Tuesday 31st March will have the following teams:

The finals will have the winners from semi-finals groups staging the game. If Bulgaria wins the match against Hungary in the semi-finals, then it will host Iceland or Romania depending on the semi-final’s outcome. The vice-versa is true.

Path B will have either Bosnia or Herzegovina playing Northern Ireland or Slovakia/Republic of Ireland. Group C can get either Norway or Serbia battling Scotland or Israel. The final group, which is D might have Georgia or Belarus, play either Macedonia or Kosovo at 18:00 CET.

Are there New Play-offs?

Fife of the previous six EUROs characterized play-offs beginning with Netherlands and Republic of Ireland. However, play-offs of UEFA EURO 2020 come in a different format. Opposed to the previous version, each side has to take part in the UEFA Nations League instead of European Qualifiers. This more than one round qualification is what brings the whole difference to the UEFA EURO fraternity.

How the Play-offs Function

Play-offs work following a series of draws. For example, the 16 teams that have victory on the UEFA Nations group have the assurance of play-off positions even before the European qualifiers. Secondly, if the team makes it through the qualifying stage, then the rank goes up to the best team of the league. In case a league has less than four competing teams, the position gets allocated to a team coming from another league.

If a team loses in the first leg, it is rendered unworthy of proceeding in the EURO play-offs. However, there is one out of the ordinary circumstance that happened with the Netherlands when it reversed 1-0 loss in Scotland by scoring 6-0 at home. Let’s hope EURO 2020 grants such a chance to a team that needs it.

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