Spurs alienating “Proper Fans” with new stadium facilities

    Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
    Dom Le Roy

    According to an article in The Sun, Tottenham fans are less than impressed with recent pictures of the clubs new exclusive hospitality areas at their new stadium if Twitter is anything to go by.

    The article says the club released images of their luxury ‘On Four lounges’ which they claim will “redefine the premium experience in football.”

    It adds how we are in the process of building our new stadium which is due to be completed in August 2018 and the club have given fans a glimpse of what to expect whilst announcing that six “world-renowned” chefs will run the restaurant.

    The article adds that the club claim that fans will also be able to enjoy a money-can’t-buy experience such as being able to view the presentation of the Man of the Match award and the chance to meet the player.

    However it does say some supporters don’t think any awards should be dished out with their latest plans.
    One fan fumed: “Who’s got the money for this then?” whilst another said: “Is that Harrods in disguise?”with another supporter believes the club are alienating “proper fans.”
    He wrote: “Why don’t you show your actual fans what they’ll get to see, as this corporate s*** alienates your actual, proper fans.”

    The article adds how one fan joked: “Good use of TVs. Can watch the game whilst ordering your prawns.”
    while a self-proclaimed Tottenham fanatic said: “That must be life… rich and pretentious.”

    What are your thoughts on what looks like a very corporate set up. Are the club alienating the “ordinary” fan or are they taking advantage of earning as much as they can from the project. Let us know your thoughts.

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    1. Footie grounds have all have corporate areas and have to cater for all scales. Only difference with the internet you don't have to have a brochure, you can look online. Bottom line, if you want a pint and a burger like most people do at a game, I'm sure they'll have that too

    2. Mmmm, I’d like to know what a ‘proper’ fan is…?

      So you might have a bit more money than some and thus be able to afford a different experience. So what?! That doesn’t necessarily make you not a ‘proper fan’. Money doesn’t make your support worth any less it maybe just makes it a little different.

      Heck, why can’t you love your team with passion and zeal and also like a glass of wine and some great food!

      Which is why that prawn sandwich comment from Roy Keane was just plain idiotic.

      You can have money AND belt out the songs and chants along with the best of them.

      In this modern age the two things can converge and fit together.

    3. Spurs aren’t building the stadium just for us… it’s also for the NFL and Concerts etc. The fact is that there are a lot of “rich” fans out there who like spending their money on this level of experience and Spurs are catering for them. Why not? They are no less fans than we are, just richer. Instead of pedalling envy and resentment to those fans susceptible to it, I’d praise Levy for creating another revenue stream that helps us compete with Chelski and Shitty legally instead of relying on a sugar daddy’s dosh.


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