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    Audere...I'm going to try really hard not to upset you in future..Buddy!!!!!
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    Christmas Party Shame.....

    Good idea re: donating any fines. I feel a bit for Reguilon as he is on his own over here, but that is still no excuse. Just out of interest, if you decided to host an illegal party, wouldn't your rule No. 1 be no bloody phones allowed. How stupid can you be?
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    Jose has taken advice on board and let them play football. Granted Leeds let us play football too. Keep going on Tuesday but dont over play the same 14 guys . Dier and Toby done well after thefirst 20 minutes , Davies good both ways. Stevie looks incapable of finishing. Really poor miss today. Slow down take a second which he certainly had and finish it. Son finish was quality Tanguy mom for me
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    ASC isnt leaving guys hes part of the furniture. Hes just not supporting jose publicly on here so much
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    Craig Truespur

    Happy New Year To All

    Happy new year, good riddance 2020, hope for a healthier happier 2021 Spurs finally bringing home some silverware god bless chaps n chapessess coys
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    Happy New Year To All

    Just wanted to pop in and wish everybody a very safe, healthy and Happy New Year. Let's hope the team regain their momentum and maintain a strong title challenge. Hopefully Jose will be looking to 'tweak' things a bit in the January window. Let's not forget we are still fighting in all the cup competitions and with any luck the Spurs trophy cabinet will have some new silverware to display very soon. 2021 should see us emerge from the dark Covid cloud that currently envelops us all and we can then begin to return to some resemblance of normality. I only pray this terrible virus serves as a harsh lesson to the World Powers of just how quickly such a thing can spread amongst the population and suitable precautions are taken to try and prevent it ever happening again. So enjoy your New Year's Eve, however you will be spending it and let's look forward to watching the team take 3 points from Leeds United on Saturday. It was planned that my farming neighbour Noel (Leeds supporter) and his son Stephen (Spurs) would join me at our house and enjoy the afternoon together with some friendly banter. Sadly that cannot be but an online video chat is planned for half time and at the end of the game. Should be fun. Okay, I'm off to get some turf from the shed ready for the lounge fire and to choose a nice bottle of wine (or two) with which to celebrate the New Year. Catch you all later
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    I am in favor of a mutually beneficial parting of ways for Dele. For Hugo, he's still playing well but it's definitely time to look at a replacement since he is now 34. He has been great for us, but time will come for us all. (For most of us it came long ago!!) Perhaps in the summer we could find a suitable first choice GK but Hart as second is not comforting either, he seems like a stopgap solution. We really could use two new keepers come summer.
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    I understand that position completely, James. This year seems to be quite a strange one. No dominant team other than Liverpool (who are even not themselves due to the injuries), everyone else's form rising and falling with each new moon. If anyone is to beat Liverpool for the league this year it will ahve to be one who can find a way to be consistent. The league might be won with fewer points than any year in recent memory so even certain draws could remain vital along the way.
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    What I don't understand about this scoring 1-0 and then sitting back for 89 minutes is total rubbish. Can anyone prove this is a tactic ever employs by a football team. Yesterday Wolves were a very good team and we couldn't score a second goal. Simple. Their increasing pressure allowed them to score. In future games ( honestly!! Just wait) it will be our turn to score late. Barring all the variables available to change results in games we are still doing OK at this time of the season. 5th. That's fine.
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    Toothless Not Ruthless...

    Borodin...now I am getting worried. When you as a consistently sensible poster start sprouting the same comments criticising Jose for not playing the team the way you want and expect it to be played. Wolves are a goodish team, Kane,Son and others did not play well and recent results against Liverpool and Leicester were unlucky for us. Most of our recent games we have significant players who do not perform to their highest standard. Consistency always has been our problem. We are still 5th. When we were Premiership leaders a few weeks ago we had a goal difference of plus ??12. In the last 20 years(other than the Poch 4 years) we used to have a goal diffence of 0. Even the established Top 4 are having a season of very indifferent results with the exception of Liverpool who are consistent. even in the Poch years I used to hear the comment of 70 per cent possession 3 shots are target the whole game. No Premiership games are easy and unlikely unfair results are common in the last 2 seasons. Take heart my friend, look for the positives and look at the clubs that really are disappointing their fans. Things ain't as bad as many feel on the forum.
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    Evidence of getting a reaction from the players would be Southampton, Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City, (arguably westham). Diers having one of his best seasons, Kane and son exploded this half of the season, also the best of Tanguy we’ve seen since he’s joined. That should be enough evidence lol I agree we are not playing good football of recent, but to think Jose isn’t noticing and doesn’t care is laughable. He’s knows the modern game better that anyone here... have a little faith ffs. Negativity does nothing but make out situation worse dont worry James, 2 wins and you’ll be back up on that fence mate, I’ll install a seat while you’re gone #MouIn COYS
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    Dele looks completely lost to me. When he was thriving he played with a style, had an arrogance, boldness and confidence in his own abilities. He walked the line in petulance and that helped drive him. He has shown none of that in months. Poch encouraged a controlled amount of the that petulant edge while I’m guessing JM has attempted to suppress it altogether. Until Dele gets that part of his psychological aspect back none of his greatness will reappear at least that is my opinion
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    issues getting on daily

    morning chaps,apologies for my absence one of my closest friends passed away on the 23rd and its hit me very hard.Im still asking questions about the board but at the moment my head has been elsewhere. cheers chaps
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    We should really start a strong side for this because it’s the quickest and probably the easiest thing we’re capable of winning this year... but I do think with the slightly mediocre form we’ve been in, no doubt we’ll make this a harder job that it needs to be .. The confidence will come with this trophy to go on and finish the season strong and I honestly think a little change in game plans will put our season back on track and make us a real force to be reckoned with... shame to see so many lose faith after 2 games that didn’t go our way necessarily. Can slowly see some members becoming arsenal-minded fans that can’t be happy with a top 4 finish and a trophy and look where that’s got them. Which ironically that would be our greatest season that Ive ever got to witness... For me, to consider cancelling our season because of our last 2 games is just ridiculous as we’re in every competition still and can still turn this round , look and City and ManU... everyone wrote them off 3 games ago and now they’re both being tipped to challenge Liverpool for the title. This very small blip (if you’d call it one) will be over soon, we just feel abit shit because we thought we could’ve won the league but now that’s becoming slim again we need to focus on all the good we can still do this season! Starting with beating stoke and making the semis and winning this bloody trophy! .... and breath COYS
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    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    I tried to pop in here just before midnight to wish you all a Happy New Year. I was stopped by the bloody virtual police and fined a virtual £200!!! 2020 is unlikely to feature in my list of happy years but I think we all came through it without getting stressed out and with mental problems thanks to this great forum and Mr8's brilliant idea to open his pub on here. Happy New Year everyone. COYS
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    Mate, I agree with the most you‘ve said and your preference on Mou is okay to me. But I give you one thing to think about. We all know that a third of the players are bang average, the other third is top the rest is not playing! But how come that Poch managed to score goals and produced results with almost the same squad but Mou isn’t? Keyword - tactics! This year is difficult, yes. But on the other hand the best season we could have. While everybody of the top clubs struggled, we could have made our points and sit confident at the first place, if we just had... yeah, just had! We fucked up our lead, Newcastle, Wolves, Crystal...., not to mention the West Ham match. Ffs we were 3:0 in lead? 3 exchanges and we lost the game. Cause this draw was a win for Wet Spam and an ashaming defeat to us! 4 points out of VERY possible 12, if we just have played football instead of playing cat and mouse. The sad truth we are the mice! And this is what I mean. Would he brought in some of the youngsters, instead of „Harry Stinks“, Lucas the „kindergarten dribbler“ and „Gareth Fail“, I‘m sure they would have given all to hold the result. If he blames Dele publicly, would Mourinho do the same to Gareth? Bale hasn‘t shown any defensive contributions and neither did Lucas! The young would have done exactly what the manager had said. I don’t know whats up with Bale? But he should be a role modle. Give him more playing time to become a part of the team, cause he really seems to give a toss, sitting on his high horse. But I tell you what his pile of shit doesn’t smell like roses, it stinks too. If he isn’t playing, cause he isn’t fit, what was the point of signing him? Well, maybe it was out of need that Timmy Interim, brought in the Kane, but he trusted him. Who else would have given him a chance? I’m not a fan of Sherwood as a manager, but he has a nose for british talents, thats for sure. But what speaks for him in England speaks against him, when it comes to players abroad! Were is Rodon? He is an alternative player to Skriniar, but the defender is not off the table. So why was he signed, when Mou isn’t going to use him? blah, blah, blah..... it could be worse Happy new year, folks May the force be with us C-O-Y-S
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    I think the Government is taking it seriously. The sad part is that this virus is throwing up several problems each needing a different solution. Dealing with one increases the problems in others bringing in a swathes of complaints from others. If we bring in a Draconian lockdown, then those working will struggle living on a lower income. They also will be having worries they may lose their jobs. From large national companies to small businesses and including such as shops, hairdressers pubs and restaurants etc they fear going bust. Those with children at school and universities will worry that their kids and grandkids education is too disruptive and detrimental to their futures. Those with family who are in are care homes complain they can't visit. Grandparents are making a big issue not being able to hug their grandchildren. There are people with non virus life threatening illnesses and not being able to be treated with some dying. They are just a few of the insoluble demands being made for the Government to solve. None of those in the different categories can be seen to not giving much thought to those dying, or to the front line NHS workers facing danger and having to work to work under intolerable conditions etc. Go the other way and aim to almost irradicate the virus and you finish up like New Zealand. Hardly any cases, but now being in their worst depression since the mid 1980s with 25% of the population unemployed. They were able to take that course being able to shut their borders and to control people from entering the country. The UK couldn't do this. Firstly this country is a hub for commerce with people all over the world having to fly in and out. That couldn't be stopped as it would have created a world wide recession. There were nearly 1 1/2 million British people stuck abroad and needed to be brought home (holiday makers especially on cruise ships and in hotels). People visiting their ex pat families from all around the world. There would have been mayhem and a flood of complaints if those people been abandoned. Different countries have used different tactics - some were praised for doing it better at the start of the pandemic others criticised. At the end of the day all the countries (even those having been praised) have finished up being unable to stop the spread, the deaths and the chaos this virus has caused. All are having 2nd and 3rd spikes and bringing in severe restrictions. There are no winners only losers - all have suffered terribly, especially the 3rd World countries and war torn countries. One thing that leaps out to me is that all the demands are basically selfish. I'm not knocking that or calling them. It is normal human behaviour to look after your self and you own family and interests - it is in our genes. For me personally, because of my circumstances, apart from the restrictions taking away my usual way of life and boredom, none of the problems have really impinged except for now having missed 4 holidays - in the great scheme of things that is no big deal. I am not going to use hindsight to look to apportion blame. Mistakes have been made but this is an unprecedented pandemic with absolutely no previous knowledge allowing decisions to be calculated - they had to be best guess. If we get it solved, that is the time to examine where mistakes were made. Not to blame but to be prepared if something similar happens in the future. I pray the vaccination programme will help to deal with situation better (it is impossible to get on top of it as the virus can mutate and we cannot stop that). My one fear is that it will be like the flu virus which can mutate making previous vaccines useless. If that happen and in a few months time, then we are back to square one, we will be looking at an almost unanswerable situation. Just my take on it. COYS
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    Bloody hell. All that effort to get Mr8 to start the thread, rushing my 50 minute walk and knackering myself, struggling to find something jokey to say instead of my regular moan and now you say the match is off!!! This year is becoming a real pain in the arse the longer it goes on. Than, flipping hell, (that's word for that naughty 'f' word some of you use) thank goodness 2021 will be here soon. COYS
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    As ya know my wife worked in a/e last night ,,,they are treating patients in ambulances,,outside the hospital cos there is no room ,,,all with Covid but the ages are all younger 16 to 50 ,,,the matron for Addenbrookes nearly declared the whole hospital a red zone ,,,basically a war zone situation,,,,the sirens haven’t stopped at all .the general is working tonight aswell ,,,she said it’s makes lockdown 1 look like a breeze
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    Toothless Not Ruthless...

    I have not checked this point in recent games but would I be possibly correct in saying that Clubs have Sussed out that Son tends to score breakaway goals from very deep positions and are now marking him out of the game. Harry Kane is applauded for his increasing important skill of providing the killer pass for others to score. When he is up front he does not always receive decisive passes and he becomes inaffective. A Top European player but he can go missing in games. Neutralise Son and Harry and it then looks like you are hoping for a goal from other Spurs players and it may look like you are sitting back and hoping for a goal......and we probably are. This could account for our inconsistency and continued Spursy performances. i don't believe Jose can send out the team with such negative thoughts. He has a major job rebuilding squad morale and establishing his first team as well as rebuilding individual players careers. I would accept that some of his ideas don't work as players performance do not work in very game. If we were top of the premiership Jose would not be receiving such unfair criticism but unfortunately we aren't good enough for that at the moment. Jose may not be perfect but I'm do not see who could possibly replace him at the moment. Some players are progressing under his management but I am not sure his detractors would even acknowledge that.
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    The thing that fascinates me the most about this forum is the bi-polar views when we watch the same match but somehow come up with opposing views. To me it shows our opinions tend to be underlined by emotions making it difficult to be objective for all of us. That is certainly true to some extent with me. Oddly enough, I think that at times I sometimes fall in the middle which is why I am on and off the fence - I sometimes do accept others opinions making more sense than mine. As you know I often base my opinions on statistics and much of yours make sense. However, I don't follow how they relate to whether the players have been perceived as playing well or not. As I put in a post yesterday, I didn't see Kane as having a poor game. My reading was he was being made to play too deeply instead of getting the ball to him in or around the box. The only time he was in that position the ball wasn't passed to him. Yes, I agree that at times there are players not playing to their best. I don't really accept that it is entirely their fault and that we can't look at JM's game plan. I think there is an argument he is restricting their talents by getting them to play to a defensive pattern when many of those players are offensive attacking players. If JM is not going to play them to their strengths, I don't see how we can make comparisons. All the teams had an indifferent start to the season. Liverpool, Utd and City appear to have become more consistent and are now, seemingly, moving forward. Spurs had a better start and, to me, are seemingly moving backwards. We have 2 camps on here. One is blaming the players the other is blaming JM's style of play. I suppose in reality. it may also be a bit of both. At the end of the day it is the managers job to sort it. 18 months from now we we will have some kind of answer. If we win things the 'I love JM' will have the bragging rights. If we flounder and JM leaves having been unsuccessful, the 2 camps are likely to keep fighting. As it happens l, am in the JM must go camp. I was horrified when he arrived but gave him my support. When we were top of the league with the best goal difference and 2 points ahead of Liverpool, I even admitted on here I was wrong and fully accepted him. However, as it is appearing to be one of Borodin's 'false dawns', I have lost patience with him. I am not on the fence, but wholly against him. I see some of his traits returning as he doesn't appear to be able to deal with adversity. I worry he will lose the dressing room as he did at Utd. If at the end of the season he proves me wrong and we have a top 4 finish and some silverware, I will happily eat bucket loads of humble pie and accept unequivocally all the gloating and brick bat's thrown in my direction. COYS
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    Yeah fellas ,,we do all want the same thing spurs to win simple ,,,maybe jm should try not playing Kane and son ,,,and play 2 more midfielders?? Just cos that’s where they are playing,,lol
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    Thanks for that decisive post mate. You decided on a colour next year for that fence you love to sit on.....
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    Agree I think jm should have kept this one for deli in the office ,,,not for the public domain.
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    Well, should have been 4-1 but for an incorrect offside call. Not bad at all. Dele was decent, Stoke never a threat to win the game really. Nothing wrong with that result.