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    Happy new year chaps hope it's a better year hope it's a Lilywhite year
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    2021 has been dreadful for all of us in one way or another, and for some tragic. May 2022 bring all of us a massive improvement to our and our families lives. Also to be devoid of bad luck and heartbreak. COYS
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    We find it really hard to break down massed defences. The difference in overall quality between our game and Man City v The Arse match was very pronounced.
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    You didn’t enjoy it then lol ,,,what would have happened if we had lost lol
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    Good first half. Faded in the second and sat back. Deserved to win overall I think. kudos to the fans in stadium as sounded like a great atmosphere. Wish we could kill games off… Sonny mis-controlled an easy ball for a great chance tonight and of course various players missed 3/4 amazing chances vs Liverpool. What I liked though tonight was spirit, effort and intensity even though we sat back too much. Also shows we have a proper manager and coaching team who will get the best out of our squad.
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    Rennes Forfeited :-)

    I totally agree….Yes it presented an avenue to a potential cup but it’s such a third-rate competition that really carries zero bragging rights. Frees up time to improve he squad and reduces potential season threatening injuries
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    Regardless of final score, the stench of Nuno and Jose has at least been washed away.
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    Winks had an excellent game
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    Great game, a point isn’t that bad considering a month agoI thought this was going to be a loss.
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    Not even Liverpool can get that disallowed
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    Disgraceful and biased refereeing, including VAR
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    I do that for every Spurs game !!
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    Two goals wrongly disallowed but twice we failed to beat ten men now
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    Shows how far we've come on we're so disappointed not to take all three points. Yeah we're pretty poor first half slow get out of the blocks Lucas should have started, got us in the lead and then we could have rested him. Var robbed us that we should have been more clinical in that final half hello stick close to Conte we need a deadly striker who can rip defences apart and just smash it in Can't complain Conte got the best start of any manager for a long time a points a point and will be strengthening in the next week or so won't we hopefully. Coys n happy new year
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    Frantic first half and it looks like Conte has got them playing his way rather than reacting to the opposition. Great energy too. It certainly isn't boring !
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    Just saw the Kane tackle, he’s a little fortunate not to get a red for that. Missed the game live sadly, highlights seem to back up what others have said, good performance by us. Certainly we should have converted more from chances sky have showed. Some green shoots of recovery beginning to show perhaps?
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    Patrici he will leave a horse head in his bed if it happens again
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    I love to see us fight and show some spirit. That reminded me of the Man City game. We'll be OK if we can replicate that in the games to come. It's not very often Winks can be complimented, but he did well today. Dele too. I think Sanchez will be the one to make way when Romero returns. He can be good, but he's too casual ... a bit like Dier used to be.
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    Next time Klopp rubs Contes hair, Antonio should kick him in the nuts
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    Red card, unfair though cos Kane’s was bad too
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    Should have been a handball
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    There’s no room for these stupid mistakes please
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    Great tackle by Winks led to goal. Just saying as nobody else will