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    Another interesting note - A single player has now scored 4 or more goals 28 times in the history of the PL. Players in a Spurs shirt account for 6 of those 28 events, more than a 5th. Spurs players to do the deed are Klinsmann, Berbatov, Defoe, Keane, Kane, and now Son.
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    Interesting match note - Kane is the first Englishman to lay on 4 Assists in a single match since the formation of the Premier League.
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    yeh well youre adequate :-)
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    We are all friends on here - we support THFC and we stick together. We are all individuals and, as such, there will be times we see things differently. Having different opinions makes this forum interesting - if we all put the same thing it could get boring. Sometimes it gets heated and their are spats - that's life. The wife and I don't see eye to eye. The only difference is that I have to give in. The beauty of this forum, you can continue to fight your corner. COYS
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    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Attributed to General Sun Tzu. There are various interpretations of this and one meaning is:- 'Don't hurt your enemies by speech or behaviour, to keep calm and harmless. (That could be taken as explain your view without insults). COYS
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    well i value and like both of you, if that counts for anything, keep posting i, love it x
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    Even after yesterday that's the only way I can be 100% confident we will win....lol Watching Sky News and they're outside the Spurs ground all this stuff about Dele ,surely it's simple either he stays and works his ass off or fruks off on loan? I also noticed there's a million cars going in and out of the Spurs training ground what the hell was that all about there was even a taxi isn't there supposed to be some sort of covid lockdown
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    I have just read that if the O's can't supply a team, the match will be awarded to Spurs as there are 2 many fixtures currently to rearrange it. I'm sorry for the Orient fans, but it is a good piece of luck for once. COYS
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    Hey Craig, Thanks for starting the match thread. I'm behind this week and I appreciate it. Edited your post to add the poll.
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    Except of Klinsi, I have seen all of them scoring. Guess, I'm a bit younger than you ol' gits! :D I remember a girl, who seemed perfect. Above all, her father was a big Tottenham fan with a soft spot for Klinsmann. The problem was, she was ugly as hell
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    Oooh me..... like me.......
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    I watched the first goal in the ealy minutes over and over again. And I can't see an offside fom Son. Anyway the difference to Everton, our lads used their chances better and were ice cold infront of the goal. But they must be better organized. Mistakes lead to goals. I learnt a lot from the Liverpoop - Chelshit match. Very good composed the first half. Both teams were very focused and organized. But 2 individual mistakes broke Chelseas neck!
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    After the Everton result I posted this. I am NOT about to mention ASC's daft claims of "deeper..." blah blah, but hey look what happened, The Kane dropped back, Sonny up front - getting in behind their back line and set up by our hero.... The Kane had loads of ball time and made the most of it. Could have had a hat trick in the first half as well...... I don't remember ASC EVER mentioning this ...
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    I actually thought the game tells us a lot about the team we have currently. Lloris still got it. He keep us in the game until we got the lead. Average game from Dier and Sanchez. Sanchez is a bit passive. The reason he didn't get more starts is his distribution, giving the ball away under no pressure. Mixed result from Doherty and Davies, show more effort than quality. Hojbjerg did exactly when we signed him to do. High work rate, won many fouls. JWP and Romeu on a yellow makes the game easier. Other then Winks is healthy to play every game. He is in the team not because he is good. He is here to make up the numbers so we have 11 players on the field. He is completely useless. He always backs off and give 4-5 yards of space. I have no memory of him done anything in the attacking half today. Tanguy is finally here. He looks better fit now than anytime in his Spurs career. I hope he is not injured, just rotating Lo Celso and him. Lucas looks a bit lost. Probably won't get the starting spot when Bale is fit. Keep Lucas and Lamela give us depth. You get less from them when they play the full 90 minutes. Lamela carved himself a role as a useful sub. Against tired players in 2nd half Lamela is much more effective. Too many offside in 1st half both Harry and Son adjusted themselves and take advantage of Southampton's high line. Son is a world class player. Spurs is not done with summer transfers. Still a few players going in and out. I expect a rough ride to start the season but should improve as they played more games together. A back three is the route we should go, which eliminates Winks's position. We need a mobile defender who is comfortable to bring the ball forward. We have Tanganga and Foyth. I worry Tanganga is still too green. Foyth is a hot head with weak defending/decision making.
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    Have a good one mate I'm going to be stuck on a training course so I won't about bouncing my normal banter around only at break times... On the cake 4 goals from sonny four candles... Fork candles