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    I genuinely feel for some of our players, especially people like Harry Kane. His attitude, commitment and positiveness should be an inspiration to some of the other less motivated members of the squad and yet Mourinho is quite prepared to just 'sell everybody down the river' when results don't go our way. This latest outburst of 'same coach, different players' perfectly illustrates the problems within the club. That's not the remark of a respectful manager or one designed to improve team spirit. Whilst he may think (and I do agree with him) that we have players who simply lack the quality required to be a top Premier side you do not actually say as much to the media in order to cover your own arse. Let's look at this in the cold light of day and admit that our squad needs massive improvement, especially defensively. "Bargain" buys like Doherty just don't work and unless the areas of concern are confronted this Summer then we face an exodus next season. Do I think Mourinho is the guy to be included in the discussions of who should leave and which players we bring in ?......No. It's as clear as day who just isn't up to the mark and needs shipping out but the choice of incoming talent needs to be given to a new manager next transfer window. If I were Daniel Levy I would be negotiating Jose's departure now and making plans to bring in someone to replace him as of May 24th 2021.
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    The best tweet I have seen: “Can't believe Jose Mourinho has come across yet another group of players who can't or won't follow his instructions. The guy just has no luck.”
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    Now you are just being a dick.
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    A draw at the Bridge is never a poor result. I can't think of a place that has been more difficult for us to get a result so I am "satisfied" with a 0-0 draw. That said I was really hoping for a more forward thinking approach, not gong ho, but to pick our moments and really attack. That didn't happen. How much Toby being out affected our game we will never know. We certainly missed his long diagonals and his composure defending. Not to mention the team's confidence with young Joe in his place. In truth, the real difference to yesterday and the City win was an early goal by us. I still don't understand why N'Dombele is always the one to give way for Gio, as for me he was our best player yesterday and he can clearly play a deeper role as well as the 10. I cannot recall any other player in this league role Kante like he did yesterday. And of course the other question was why no Bale to add an attacking threat? Lucas should have come on sooner as well. He is a real threat, defends well and also has a knack of winning the ball high. JM set the team up not to concede and we didn't, when we did not take a chance he settled for the draw. Even so, if that ball had landed to anyone other than Gio we would have won that game......
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    I can't really explain how important this Derby is for me especially as my ex scumbag company are gooners. Also my poor mums back in hospital again after a fall so I'll be going up there for Mother's Day literally on the last whistle, so they have to do it for her and my late father who left me or white feather on my car today so that's surely is a good omen for us. Plus you can't make up my life at the moment I've got to go to the dentist tomorrow because my tooth cracked Open last week, so it would be nice to go there tomorrow with a skip in my step rather than my head down very grumpy. This is the chance for Bale to shine today he should be well up for this and I think players like Lamella come on to really wind them up because I hate it when we get aggressive against them, it would also be good to see dele shine against them another overhead kick into the gooners net would be marvellous. I think Harry's movement is important today and sonny working as a 3 at the top lots of movement lots of wing play please get those balls in the box. I go for us to win 3-0 but hopefully that's just the first half go on and double it by the secondcoyms
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    Great News For Everyone !!

    My persistence has finally paid off This morning I received an e-mail from Neil which said : Hi Gary, Good to hear from you. I've raised this with the developers and we will hopefully have a fix soon. If you can send me any error messages etc you incur, this will greatly help the process. If you can send over any screenshots of the errors also, this will help to speed up the process Best wishes, Neil Vaughan I have just finished sending Neil a comprehensive report on all the problems we are experiencing together with corresponding screen shots. Hopefully this will help him address the matter quickly and we will see a difference very soon. I would like to thank you all for your patience during these troubled times and am pleased to finally say that things are being addressed at last. PS I also asked Neil if he could look at expanding the emoji and Gif libraries so that we have much more choice when adding pictures to posts or ratings. Happy Days !!
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    No Dier = clean sheet who knew?
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    Referee has been good. I judge that by not noticing him at all
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    Surely we can't lose this one ..... can we?
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    I think it's a huge chance to reach 40% possession.
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    Spurs v Brentford Semi Final

    I wouldn't mind signing their keeper as our number 2. Couple of top drawer saves tonight. Very impressive. Their offside goal was just the wake up call we needed. So that's one final in the diary. FA Cup next ....
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    ASC its the performance or lack of some of us decried . strange how when we play football we win. Leeds. Arsenal etc. Liverpool we were unlucky but played well. No complaints v Jose Palace chelsea leicester wolves were bores dull tedious
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    Audere...I'm going to try really hard not to upset you in future..Buddy!!!!!
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    If you'd told us before the season that we would have two losses to this point, one being away to Liverpool, we'd have all taken that and walked away. Yes the players will be disappointed, but even league winning teams suffer a loss or two along the way. It's not like we were blown off the pitch, we had a good, hard-won point just like we did away at Chelsea until the final moments.
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    Admin/Moderator message

    TO all members anything within reason goes on in this forum but please refrain from using the "C" word,if you feel the need you have to then this is how it gets used c***s. the mods have had members message them with concerns over certain words. FINALLY any guest that feels the urge to complain about our members, it will be noted but not acted upon.Sign up become a member and join in thanks chaps hastingsyid aka God
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    20/21 PL: Liverpool v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    A disappointing result and hardly reflective of the overall game. Possession percentages were about what I was expecting but when you play our counter attacking style then you simply cannot afford to miss one single chance let alone two. Bergwijn should have given us the lead and Harry will never have a clearer heading opportunity. These are the moments that such matches pivot on. Their winning goal came from Toby being uncharacteristically out of position for a set piece and Dier was unfairly taken out of the equation by Henderson. This was undoubtedly a clash of the giants and I am certainly not devastated by the result. It's a setback but that's all it is. We pick ourselves up and go again against Leicester on Sunday, needing an emphatic win to put us back on track. My one concern is just what Jose intends doing regarding Dele Alli. To bring him on for the last 8 mins (inc extra time) is not treating the guy with any respect at all. If he doesn't intend giving the lad a suitable opportunity to prove himself then let him go in January without asking him to be a miracle worker in the dying minutes of any further matches in between then and now.
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    Message To All....

    As we enter the Christmas period can I just say to everyone who 'lives' in this forum a huge thank you for welcoming me back so warmly after my sabbatical of three years. It really does feel like putting on a pair of comfortable slippers to see all the old gang and it certainly augurs well for the future to welcome new members who are contributing so positively to the threads and also creating new ones to stimulate discussion and friendly debate. Let's hope that 2021 sees even more new faces joining and a continuation of the great atmosphere which exists between us. Yes maybe some are more 'enthusiastic' than others in expressing their opinions but as long as no member feels the need to resort to personal insult or extremely foul language to get their point across then there's nothing wrong with 'having the craic' at all. It was a huge shock for me to read about the loss of Stanmac and he is sorely missed. Let's hope that his beloved Spurs can end the season as Champions. It would be a fitting tribute to the man. So I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to lots of banter in the future. COYS !!
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    My second favorite team

    8-0 to Burnley
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    Update - the doctor has just been. As usual I have passed all the tests with flying colours and the concensus is that all the symptoms I am suffering are due to the lungs having not fully recovered from my bout of pneumonia and, possibly, taking a knock back from the Covid. The nasty rash all over my upper body is a viral rash brought on by the Covid. The cream I have been given is excellent and will sort that out over the next few days. Would you believe it? The Dr was a Spurs fan!! Anyway, at least I have set my mind at ease and I just will have to be patient over the 2 or 3 months before getting my normal active life back. COYS
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    Im OK with it as long as we win the Carabao, FA cup, Europa League, Premier League, GOTS and players player and golden boot Im not greedy
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    Did anyone hear on the punditry on Sky Sports Graham Souness bleating on about Tottenham his first love not playing the proper football I remember rightly he wasn't the biggest flare player in the world was he. As we've all admitted at the end of the day if it wins us cups and the league we will all put our hands up and say Jose you're a genius, and so should Graeme Souness as are also no don't think he's ever managed anyone successfully either
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    I would sit watching a football match that was three hours long if it had two goals of that class in it every time. Great result, superb goals, top of the table and yet another clean sheet.That will do me.
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    Christmas Party Shame.....

    Good idea re: donating any fines. I feel a bit for Reguilon as he is on his own over here, but that is still no excuse. Just out of interest, if you decided to host an illegal party, wouldn't your rule No. 1 be no bloody phones allowed. How stupid can you be?
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    We can out football this lot. Lets go for total destruction. Assist returned. Best front two in football? Probably