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    Giggs was not a good role model at all. I think he must have been scared of Fergie. One of the most disrespectful things did was to 'retire' from international football and then change his mind so he could play in the Olympics. That told you everything you needed to know about his dedication to his nation. Compare it to Bale, who is always desperate to play for his national side.
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    The Harry Kane Thread

    As England captain, he gets subbed with 15 minutes to go when England were chasing for the winning goal! As a rule, the only time he would expect to be subbed is when the team is comfortably ahead. Sad, but his season is showing no signs of him getting back to his best. COYS
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    Premier League Salary Quiz To Try

    10/20 for me. I tended to go for the newest arrivals.
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    Audere Est Facere

    Merson tonight 9pm BBC1

    Just shows theres very little care or understanding from one of the most experienced managers. Results are all that mattered. Mers was clearly asking for help and just got pushed away. Will football learn? Some hope
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    „Vlah“ like „blah blah blah...“ so its „Douche - (n)un / Vlah - hoe - which“ as simple as that To me easier to pronounce than Matt Dorothy tbh :D
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    it really was a cool video. I shared it with a ton of my friends over here that are American Football fans.
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    Apparently the Sheikh is very angry he asked his minions to go out and buy a New castle and ended up with a crap football team