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    I admire but don’t share your optimism
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    Wed 12th Jan 7:45 pm GMT Sky Sports Well do you want it punk? Extra time will be needed and maybe just maybe we play like we did V Liverpool and score more this time 4-2 at 90 mins to us, yeh right and last minute winner by Son in 123rd minute
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    we never turn up for these pricks,now would be good Tottenham
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    Forgot to say got to doff my cap to winksy today he really put in in a positive attitude compared to tanganga and he should be taking the corners from now on he didn't mean that go but give him due for his effort and attitude. I've been one of his biggest outers in the past but the fact that he's got good attitude and get stuck in and learn hopefully from Conte unlike some other players like and then belly (ndembele)and tanganga and dele,want to see hes one of her own and deserves the chance if he keeps performing stay playing forward passing positive football .
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    That’s fair but still a depressing sight of a young guy