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  1. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Another thought how funny would it be if he go to city they win fuckall next season PEP gets the sack Zidane comes to City and treats kane like he did Bale and kane begs to come back on loan
  2. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    You hit the nail right on the head there mate very disappointed that he's never actually come out with any statement or his camp ever since this started. Sadly as fans we also feel he was a Spurs fan and would actually have a rapport with us I want to speak about what he wants and his future if he was honest he doesn't understand we would respect him more for it now was the same way and I don't even want to mention a certain Judas and what you did to us just don't treat the fans like crap and will respect you if I remember rightly the bale situation was similar, but I think he was more honest
  3. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    You're right I should know I've had some really poor gentleman agreement from my last employers which was total bullllshit. I don't like siding with Levy but at the end of the day if he did say if a big offer comes in from a foreign club you can go if it hasn't he doesn't have to answer to anything. Even of City have got the cheek to offer a low bid again we don't have to answer to it. The end of the day Kane can see how things turn out with nuno and hopefully all the new signing sorted out he still got a few years on his contract to sort this out at the end of next season
  4. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    My friendly button still broken does yours come out like a broken puzzle, bit like the Kane Brothers brains
  5. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Yeah he's not turned up for the second day maybe later said extension holiday while this press cafuffals going on and he might have got a sniffel while he was away we don't know. At the end of the day if City don't offer what we're asking if it is 160ml hes going nowhere. If he gives a attitude and upsets the rest of the players I would say sorry we should just have the intent on buying a decent striker just to Poké him in the eye and say the club doesn't revolve around you mate, so we should give the armband to holberg because he showed more loyalty already Or it's all press nonsense he comes back to training when they've agreed and we just get on with it build the team and win everything next year
  6. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    That's so funny I can imagine him going obviously errrrr Manchester is abroad isn't it in the Norfern Hemisphere of , Manchester wooden appeal to me
  7. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Anyone thought that Harry might actually be the problem , we didn't get a decent striker back up because of him and a poss play play if fit clause, he's been in how many finals he's lost in,,,,,bottled in. He's never won a trophy with England does that mean he's going to start playing for Italy now.....
  8. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Errrrrrrrrr obviously errrrrrrrr
  9. Craig Truespur

    Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    Also happy for the mixed triathlon guys they deserved it I am very impressed with the BMX guys specially the girl I used to do some BMX at 13 and realised how difficult brave and skillfull it was doing the tricks, that 360 somersault is amazing. Swimming guys were amazing even some of the horses stuff was still good, the rowing was a little bit disappointing on a blaming the coach was he German the weight lifting girl she was brilliant as well and the hockey girls that goalkeeper is superb. What's been your favourite watch
  10. Craig Truespur

    Is Kane Staying ?

    It makes me laugh all this crap on Sky Sports having a bloke outside the training ground, Rayman Darth Vader...vega like he knows what's going on like they know what's going on he could have had someone do a test at his house or he could have done it himself surely. Hasn't he just come back from the Caribbean so maybe they're just being cautious and making sure she's ok to return I still want to see the actual statement re says he wants to leave. It could be still having chats with the club and return to train in this week at some point it could be leaving we don't know don't worry no one really knows the club only know so if he is going he can piss off to PSG and when and have a few players back from our friend poch. Makes me laugh they're all saying that grealish is going to shitty is he actually come out and said I want to leave
  11. Craig Truespur


    I suggest the only reason you couldn't get up pops was because she had a low cut top on Yeah I think I will agree with you about them all claiming they got long covid if they still managing to do sports. I think you know my views on Hamilton he will make up any excuse to try and get some sort of favour from someone, is gonna be the luckiest bar-steward I've ever known to completely wipe out another driver get away with that then his teammates to wipe out till the Red Bull car is yesterday and I've only got a 5 position place punishing and Hamilton then the end up getting second because someone else gets done
  12. Craig Truespur


    Hi pops keep your chin up mate I don't know if this link will help you at all https://long-covid-recovery.org/pages/quick-start-guide-to-long-covid-recovery If you can't click on it just cut and paste it or look this up long covid recovery on Google Don't feel like your weak mate A friend of Mines at whippersnapper and he's had covid is struggling to recover but hopefully you should both get better asap I'm hoping to get some good news tomorrow regarding on the job front and also wanted to watch the F1 and really angry but got us from Mercedes took out Perez and verstappen but verstappen's car has been repaired that you've miles behind Hamilton now so I'll sit here in my cheap copy Honda top and hope that he does ok
  13. https://hotspurhq.com/2021/07/31/conference-league-playoff-draw-tottenham/ Well read this and weep I thought I think the Tottenham structure was bloody complicated but the funny thing is we could get Roma in the first round and look at the congestion fixture it's going to cause us. A good chance for the b team to have a run out out and get some fitness up I suppose if he doesn't send everyone out on loan
  14. Craig Truespur

    Nuno Stays In The Shadows

    Just wish he'd tread on dierr hoea and Winkles toes and kick them to the championship sanchez can follow
  15. Craig Truespur

    Nuno could be the answer

    Yep I've always said he wears his heart on his sleeve and actually talks to players and skip will be his understudy