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  1. sissoko(fan)

    I am conflicted

    Hey guys, with every passing day, I have to refresh my mind as to what will happen before August 8 th, here is why (1) Tottenham in for Ceballos and Saliba signing imminent = both signed with cross neighbor rival Arsenal. (2) Giovani Lo Celso signing imminent 55 mil 180,000 per week wage agreed now we are hearing it may not happen because of difference in valuation. (3) Bruno Fernandes to Liverpool then to Man U now its either Lo Celso or Fernandes to Spurs (4) Eriksen to Real Madrid to Man U now Spurs are working on details of a contract with a clause that if a big club comes calling, they must release him. I need help understanding the mindset of the organization (4) days out of transfer window closing.
  2. sissoko(fan)

    Giovani Lo Celso Deal done?

    Hey guys heard from an ESPN correspondent that the Lo Celso deal is done and the figure is 62 mil with add ons. He said that Lo Celso has already passed a medical and agreed personal terms 180,000 pounds per week please let me know if this source is realiable. thanks.
  3. sissoko(fan)

    Dani Ceballos great signing?

    How many of you guys would say NO to Adrien Rabiot after he snubbed us in January saying that he is too good to be at Tottenham. Now he is a free agent he should to to The Old Lady clob what do you think?.
  4. sissoko(fan)

    Dani Ceballos great signing?

    Hey guys I just read on this web site that we just signed Dani Ceballos on loan and reports are that its a loan with converting it to a permanent signing worth 54 mil pounds A spanish under 21attacking midfielder my gut feeling is that Erikssen is gone what do you say.
  5. sissoko(fan)

    Jack Clark and Tanguy Ndombele

    Hey Spurs family, thanks for your contributions about the 2 new signings okay? I really value you'll imput Ib really learn a lot from you guys.
  6. sissoko(fan)

    Jack Clark and Tanguy Ndombele

    I get what you guys are saying and I too am getting fed up of Eriksson and would let him go he brings back memories of Berbatov when he started positioning himself to go to Man U we should go after lo Celso with the sale of Erikssen and sell both Trippier and Rose and bring in a right wing back and call that a summer well invested.
  7. sissoko(fan)

    Jack Clark and Tanguy Ndombele

    morning guys from Trinidad and Tobago what do you guys think about our 2 new signings are they good buys? I dont know much about both of them.
  8. sissoko(fan)

    Maxi Gomes for 44ml a good buy?

    But isnt Malcom is available for that same price from Barcelona ?
  9. sissoko(fan)

    Maxi Gomes for 44ml a good buy?

    Morning guys and girls I lean on your expert assessment of players I read on the Sun newspapers that Spurs are interested in Maxi Gomes for 44 million pounds is this a good buy? or the price tag is too much I wait your replies thanks.
  10. sissoko(fan)

    Poch teasing us ?

    well you know its a friendly hate based on our North London location eh but are we more bitter rivals than Chelsea?
  11. sissoko(fan)

    Poch teasing us ?

    I read tgoing after Nabir Fekir can he replace Eriksen and could a Champions League win be enough to convince Eriksen to stay, the last I read, they said that there was progress in a new contract.
  12. sissoko(fan)

    Poch teasing us ?

    Hey I now realize your username but let me ask you a question do you hate Arsenal more? lol
  13. sissoko(fan)

    Poch teasing us ?

    Well I think the list of out goings include Wynama, Llorente, Trippier, Aurier and possibly Alderwereld. Sessegonon could replace Trippier Greelish could bring some versetality as well as Gomes but we still need a froward. By the way, what is Son's position on the field? is he another Vander Vaart? not a striker not a midfielder? lol.
  14. sissoko(fan)

    Poch teasing us ?

    I also agree to your list I really like Lucas Moura I wanted Aurier to succeed but I think the League is to big for him I am glad that Sissoko really fought for his place and he has relesed the ghost off his back. I just read that we are interested in Nanir Fekir, Zaha and someone from Ajax what you think of those players.
  15. sissoko(fan)

    Poch teasing us ?

    By theer way, whats your thoughts on Ryan Sessegnon and Andre Gomes buy, should we go back in for Greelish? should Aurier, Wyanama,Lloriente Anderwereld and Trippier move on?