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  1. Audere Est Facere

    KDB out for our game V City

    Good news tho i wish him well decent guy and not a bad player, but glad we wont be facing him
  2. Audere Est Facere


    Stamford Hill, school swear they didnt know about it as they outsource their events hall bookings to a third party company (who they have now sacked) probably was 400 i couldnt remember when I was typing post
  3. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    not massively different then , bias in both, can bowl most lengths, just the crown is interesting
  4. Audere Est Facere


    and now a wedding party of 200 + in Nth London, seriously just shoot the tuncs
  5. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    when this is all over, we should all meet up at somewhere like Manor Farm Hotel in Okehampton Devon, sports crafts and golf complex with decent evening fun too , have some gentle challenge matches at all sports, walks over the moors, golf, swim, tennis, crafts and ice skating for the Sheilas and drinks and games in the evening
  6. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    i am always competitive, friendlies like you say little interest other than when i was learning (well youre always learning but you know what i mean) . I was skip many times in first season, admittedly in the lesser important of the three leagues our team played in but still i loved that part but really enjoyed the inter team competitions . Not tried crown green always assumed it was the same just a different name , first time i seen it explained properly, sounds a challenge , does the wood ever just run and run down the slope :-)
  7. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    thats when the 4 of you together (other 4 normally down the far end ) talk, make friends, and have 2-3 hours of top banter and ribbing plus really helpful advice shared too
  8. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    i did yeh when i lived near a decent club and rink, now ive moved and its a council rink and no good
  9. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    watching the bowls later on BBC , love playing that game
  10. Audere Est Facere

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    its difficult negotiating the site now but there is other conversations going on, part of me thinks when theres no game we may as well just post everything in here :-) City offisde goal, rules debatable still not clear as depends when assistant decides to flag or not on original forward header . for me no goal, all day long couldnt care less what rules say the rules are wrong
  11. Audere Est Facere

    Most blatant offside ever not given

    Rules are bent. Made by asians IFAB cockmunchers stick to infecting the world instead of screwing up the great game. Offside all day long as Mings doesnt play ball if city player not behind him. Rule makers dont understand the game.
  12. Audere Est Facere

    Most blatant offside ever not given

    John Moss to fat to ref. VAR disgusting. Big clubs still get the dodgy decisions no change there. Man C v Villa disgusting officials should all be banned . Well done Smith for telling it straight. Ref should be ashamed
  13. Audere Est Facere

    Invisible Kit

    stealth football
  14. Audere Est Facere

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    hopefully youre saying the same after V Liverpool. i think you might
  15. Audere Est Facere


    great news, i might slip even further down the league of importance, BAME now seeming to get priority over everyone cos some of them might be more at risk. Well if theyre careful then they wont be at risk.