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  1. Audere Est Facere

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Put it in writing , no gentlemen in football. Legal contracts are binding, handshakes are not
  2. Audere Est Facere

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Announcement at WHL station --- Mind the ankle! Mind the ankle! Stand clear of the trophy cabinet.
  3. Audere Est Facere

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Lets sell him then Dier can nobble him in first game ,out for season. Oops nice business :-)
  4. Audere Est Facere

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    We should be buying Locatelli
  5. Audere Est Facere

    Is Kane Staying ?

    yeh err I err i err came home yeh and I errr still had a tan so I errr didnt go to training cos I errr I errr you know errr I errr well Im Harry Kane arent I can do what I want, well errr except I cant errr i cant errrr i cant errr I cant score in a final can I errr
  6. Audere Est Facere

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Duvet day for Harry
  7. Audere Est Facere

    europa conference league play-off draw Monday

    not at the expense of Premier League position and performances especially as winning this gives no upgrade in Euro qualification next season . Yes of course nice to win things but lets pick a more rewarding option to go for. FA cup gets Europa League , Top 4 of course gets CL usually Carabao and this thing ............ how many matches will it take to win it ? too many
  8. Audere Est Facere

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Kane is there, he snuck in under a cunning disguise of someone who performs in finals
  9. Audere Est Facere

    europa conference league play-off draw Monday

    Just dont qualify, simple , send out the kids and tell them to have fun (but dont win)
  10. Audere Est Facere

    Chelsea Vs SPURS Mind Series Wed Aug 4th 19:45 K.O.

    Yuk yuk yuk horrible link Lets stuff these scumbags
  11. Audere Est Facere

    MK Dons Vs SPURS Friendly Wed 28th July 19:45 K.O.

    wheres Borodin gone?
  12. Audere Est Facere

    Respect to Olympic cyclists

    They could and should have a tour of Japan, I mean they do already but only on lower levels of the sport , with that countryside and challenges it needs a more senior level tour
  13. Audere Est Facere


    My wife went to the doctors last week with a long lasting condition. Shes convinced shes a well known 80s pop star. The doctor told her it was utter rubbish and must be the onset of Madness. But she shook her head,no she was AdamAnt
  14. Audere Est Facere


    I was queueing at the local ATM earlier and an old woman infront of me asked if i would help her check her balance. 'Of course ' i said , and pushed her over. Your balance is terrible love
  15. Audere Est Facere


    Paddy to Mick ' Mick im thinking of getting a labrador'. ' Why the hell would you do that Paddy ? Have you not noticed how many of their owners go blind!'