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  1. LiamCOYS


    Seems a possible move back on loan may be on the cards now... Not sure how I feel about this. Really wanted ties to be cut but seems JM is interested, a-lot of official talks have begun...scary COYS
  2. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Yeah I noticed a couple mistakes too but as a collective they looked great imo COYS
  3. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Positive play today! Couldve easily had a couple more but at least were scoring again. The way we concede is too consistent tho in my opinion..a ball in from the right. Not sure why this is not addressed properly. Only flaw in our defending atm Ndombele was great, motm for me again. Felt bergwijn played well today too. Rodon, ben and eric did a solid job at the back too. Felt jose shouldve made subs earlier but atleast were over the line... Do we adopt this formation and style of play for Liverpool aswell ? Ive never been keen on 3 at back with 2 wingbacks but today we really held the ball and did positive things with it for the most part. Either way, bring on Liverpool ! COYS
  4. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Good half, No complaints really... Everyones seems sharp COYS
  5. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

  6. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Sons attempt was really unlucky.. tbh not too mad as most player wouldnt of even of hit the post COYS
  7. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    I think Deles actually forcing for a move more than ever now. If hes not prepared to give his all, to be honest id actually prefer him to stay home and let JM give the chance to someone like Gedson who actually wants to play. In this case, all about desire id imagine... COYS
  8. LiamCOYS

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Another Jose experiment with this team today... I really dislike the 3 at the back with 2 wingbacks. Always felt like this was more 5 at the back. For me is too unrealistic to have this formation played consistently... so just feels like a whim to try certify a win today. At least we have an actual set of wingers playing today, thank god. Hopefuly Hoijberg does a good job protecting the "back 3" on his own. No yellows for him today pls! Leaves him unavailable for Liverpool otherwise. Hopefully Rodon does well today too. Going for a 2-1 Spurs.. COYS
  9. LiamCOYS

    Mourinho Caught On Video

    Its quite common for players to go to a 'bigger' club to only be benched as a back up. Maybe he's addressing the players in a way that he's letting them all know they have a place in a proper team as opposed to a 'bigger' team where there may be no real room for them to consistently play. Just a shot in the dark... whatever, however he meant it, I doubt it was a direct insult. More a stimulus comment COYS
  10. LiamCOYS

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    Madrid have a buy back clause that has to be accepted by the club... but ultimately Reggy needs to accept the contract in order to leave. Otherwise he stays COYS
  11. LiamCOYS

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    Agreed, Not playing a true winger kills us masivley, can’t just rely on Aurier to make the overlap everytime... I would’ve chose Tanguy to play deeper earlier in the season but as the years gone on I actually prefer him to play that number 10, great dribbler and passer of the ball. Talents that may go to waste playing DM. But where does this leave Lo Celso? COYS
  12. LiamCOYS

    Danny Rose Wanted By Big Sam ?

    As much as I loved Danny, he always had a attitude that sometimes left him out of favour... Massively declined the season leading to CL final and didn’t bounce back after... I found that part in the documentary hilarious but ultimately if he doesn’t play for WBA then his career in the top flight football will be over and done with... championship next year for him I think. COYS
  13. LiamCOYS

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    Now now aud, don’t put words in my post because I’ve argued a reasonable point... I’m agreeing with you for once... maybe you are mad hahaha
  14. LiamCOYS

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    Yes, you saw the initial problems when we fell from top but only now it’s a pattern that’s recognisable and worth addressing fully. Personally, I Have to let a few games be played to see a pattern instead of just 2 or 3 bad games. But yes, you’re not mad... i guess ;) COYS