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  1. LiamCOYS

    Dinamo Zagreb Fixtures Reversed

    Madness... I spose we'll just have to be extra ready for this one. Nick 2 at home with a clean sheet and we should be set for 2nd leg. Ultimately just not conceding in 1st leg would be ideal lol! COYS
  2. LiamCOYS

    Great News For Everyone !!

    Well done Borodin, Forum starting to look its old self again! Ironically, a bit like our football atm Perhaps signs of better days to come! ... sadly when signing back in I still have your name in the top right but other than that, forums completely functional again! Thank you for your persistence mate! Hopefully can start to attract new members again! COYS
  3. LiamCOYS

    Predict Our Last 8 Games Of This Season...

    Fulham - 3pts Palace - 3pts Arsenal - 1pts Villa - 1pt Newcastle - 3pts TOTAL : 11pts Based on form and return fixtures from earlier games Ive predicted a fairly successful next 5 games for Spurs. Well within our rights to win all these games, but I do not want to get ahead of myself... This is because if I based my prediction on our last 5 games, achieving 11pts from a possible 15 may even seem a little far fetched... I think our next two games are a 6 pointer no matter what.. its the NLD where I fear we may slip and possibly leave with nothing... Hopefully Im proved wronged and we can continue this form over more than 3 games and take all 15! COYS
  4. LiamCOYS

    Heads Up On This Scam....

    Agreed, happened twice in the arsenal match today ! Happy days for David Luiz who will obviously continue to take any chance he can get to cheat lol A very clever title I must add
  5. LiamCOYS

    PL SPURS Vs Burnley Sunday 28th Feb 14:00 K.O.

    I believe this win could be the pivotal moment in our season, I obviously dont want to get too excited but todays performance has been nothing short of supreb from the front to the back. Was very important we won this game and added to our GD considering Arsenal won today aswell. Ruthless in front of goal and covered brilliantly at the back. Bale making a massive impact in the team and hoping his form can continue in to the NLD and EFL final. Gareth deserved the MOTM award today. COYS
  6. LiamCOYS

    PL SPURS Vs Burnley Sunday 28th Feb 14:00 K.O.

    All round great performance so far.. Very much controlled this game COYS
  7. LiamCOYS

    PL SPURS Vs Burnley Sunday 28th Feb 14:00 K.O.

    Also nice to see Aurier in the side, I like Doherty and hes made some good passes that led to goals in the last couple games, but I feel he always looks tired during games and hasn't quite recovered as a player since he was out with Covid... imo, I do prefer Serge but please no mistakes today ! COYS
  8. LiamCOYS

    PL SPURS Vs Burnley Sunday 28th Feb 14:00 K.O.

    Great to see Bale starting in our PL team sheet, deserves this start and hope he can act on this opportunity and make it count. Mouras played well over the weeks to keep his spot in the side JM seems to see something in Sanchez that I think we fail to see but hopefully he can come good 'again'? If all goes well today, would be great to see Dele get some minutes aswell...Strong side and very realistically we could score 3 today... Calling a 3-1, COYS
  9. LiamCOYS

    Have We got Our Dele back?nice sonny reaction

    Dele did show promising signs of becoming his old self against wolfsberger but we must not get ahead of ourselves... I can appreciate the occasional good appearance from Dele now where hes able to shine against lesser teams(which makes sense), but for me, he is still far from making the PL return we all would love to see. He was almost good as gone late last year with the majority of the forum and fan base happy to cut ties with him. So, to pick him even over Lamela or Moura atm considering there recent rise in form would be slightly unfair. I think if we are to commit ourselves to a "player project" for the remainder of this year, then id chose Bale, even ahead of stevey atm. Clearly brings an exciting pace to our football and is capable of creating clear cut chances, its just his endurance now, which will slowly fade with age. I think Stevey will come good eventually, just needs a massive boot up the arse. These are just my views on Alli, but I honestly hope he can prove me wrong and make his way back to being a valued 1st team player. COYS
  10. LiamCOYS

    Europa League Full Draw Last 16

    Brilliant draw in my opinion, Im sure there will be a couple upsets across the round but id imagine we will go through with a similar approach to the Wolfsberger fixtures. Always prefer to start away... allows us to have better approach and game plan for back at home! COYS
  11. LiamCOYS

    EPL SPURS Vs RZ Pellets WAC 24/2/21 17:00 k.o.

    Not a bad start to game, quite comfortably in control and fantastic effort from Dele ... let’s get another before half time and finish this COYS
  12. LiamCOYS

    EPL SPURS Vs RZ Pellets WAC 24/2/21 17:00 k.o.

    I like our line up tonight... good to see toby back in and vinny up top aswell. Hope dele can pull some strings this evening too... No bale either which could only mean hes saving him for burnley ? COYS
  13. LiamCOYS

    Save This Forum .....

    Same for me, it kept changing between Asc, Aud and now Mr8... At times ive logged in and its said yourself or James and its added an extra topic called "moderator area" which I imagine isn't for the eyes for a muggle like myself... Dont worry I dont have access to the thread as I imagine only moderators will still be allowed to access that Can we perhaps start a new forum which may take some work, then all migrate to that one... Only that in the scenario this forum closes forever then its going to be almost impossible to retain the same group of people as most of us only have access to communicate through the forum. Its the people and community that make the forum, not the server or the website! My absence has probably contributed to the forums slowing down more recently so ill try to post more through the week! COYS
  14. LiamCOYS

    Poor Old Brighton

    Great observation Borodin ! This is where I get confused as we found ourselves in a similar position to what palace and west ham are in now, earlier in the season... Yes its the goals that count and win game but the majority of forum couldnt stand winning or drawing a game if it meant we had to sit back and invite pressure and concede more possession, but Palace and West ham will be praised for using "good tactics". Is it a double standard or is it because were a bigger club than both palace and stam that we expect more from our team, win or lose? COYS
  15. LiamCOYS

    Mourhino to go?

    I respect and understand your views Borodin! Like I said.. if he was to be sacked I would completely understand his dismissal. Perhaps its the cup final that will be the real game that determines JMs future with the club.. Like you say it seems Levy brought him in an desperate attempt to win a trophy no matter what else happens... because on a normal day JM would have been sacked after losing to Everton in the FA cup ... or maybe even before that! Definitely one of the weirder and harder to understand transitions we've had at the club and perhaps I just dont want to see a legend like JM who has taken lesser talented teams to the CL trophys and titles with tactics that seemed unusual for their time to burn out at a club thats capable of making historic success. COYS