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  1. KCspurs

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

  2. KCspurs

    EURO 2020

    With Sancho and Rashford, they ought to know better. It seemed like the Italian player did it, and then they thought “well I’ll do that too.” The mistake of inexperience, play your game. Don’t be influenced by others. Do what you do well. It’s not a time for parlor tricks or training ground stuff
  3. KCspurs

    EURO 2020

    So sorry, friends. I was behind you the whole way, a shame to lose that way. I don’t understand why they lacked so much ambition after scoring the opener. And of course I don’t know how you could not have Sterling or Grealish take one of the first five penalties. Clearly he intended Rashford to be one of the shooters, but the other choices didn’t make a lot of sense.
  4. KCspurs

    EURO 2020

    Sterling had started to dive before the first, extremely minor contact even occurred. When the (also very minor) hip contact happened after that, he was already headed to the ground. I'm all for England in the Euros, but this kind of disgraceful thing needs to be driven out of football.
  5. KCspurs

    EURO 2020

    Really glad to see it. I wish it had come another way than Sterling's dive, but England were better by and large and deserved to go through regardless of that moment. I thought the game was massively entertaining. Italy will be one huge mountain to climb, though.
  6. KCspurs

    EURO 2020

    I am really enjoying the Euros and luckily have been able to see all the matches in the knockout stages here in the States. I've been cheering for England and Denmark because of PEH and CE but it's been a great tournament all around. We've had a few fleeting moments of national pride with the US team in the past, but I know that you all must be swelling with pride for England this week. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope England brings it home. (Not just for you people but perhaps to sate Kane's hunger for trophies for a little while! )
  7. KCspurs

    Let's offload the Deadwood

    I’d rather see youngsters than the last gasps of these players, as long as it wouldn’t ruin their confidence.
  8. KCspurs

    Lionel Messi

    Well, his cash really starts in 2023 when he'll bring in about $40 million a year, but that's not equal to what Messi is making. He's also worth every penny and more!
  9. KCspurs

    Lionel Messi

    They aren't paying you guys a million a week? (Sorry, I don't know how to make the funny L character). You boys need to ask Borodin to raise your wages, what type of ship is he running here?
  10. KCspurs

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Perhaps he’s only a stopgap, and with a two year contract that will be affordable by comparison to Mourinho he may be on a short leash. Personally I’m not happy that all Levy’s statements about Spurs DNA and playing exciting attacking football are at odds with this, someone who in my estimation seems another defensive manager. If this is a time of transition and Nuno is to oversee a rebuilding project and the departure of the last vestiges of the Poch era stars, it does not make sense to me to bring more of the same. The youngsters should be brought up with that DNA and not playing negative football. Of course I am behind him because he’s the manager now but I worry this is a cynical business decision by Levy and that we are in for a more extended spell in mid-table instead of a quick return to the top.
  11. KCspurs

    Away Goals Rule To Be Scrapped

    This never made sense to me. If they are tied at the end of the last leg, play extra time and then penalties to decide like any other knockout situation.
  12. KCspurs

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    I don’t like it. I’m not impressed with him and I think this is a downgrade and not a move that a top 6 team would make. I think this was a desperation hire after we got down to the 10th name on our list and the whole thing became a circus. I hope that I’m wrong but I doubt Santo is going to be able to do much. The idea of appointing someone “known for getting the most out of his players” carries the aroma to me of Levy wanting to preserve middling results without investing in the team.
  13. KCspurs

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Sad, but I don't blame Potter. There is obviously some odor here that is keeping the decent names away, be it the near proximity of Levy, this new DOF, or the seeming truth that the candidates are being told there won't be a transfer budget because Levy still needs to pay for his Mourinho mistake and the nest-feathering that wasn't done last year. The big names like Conte won't deal with it because they know the team isn't good enough to win now, and without a transfer budget there's little hope. Even the other names under consideration know the odds will be against them of staying long if they have to win with what is on the team currently. No one is going to bet their reputation on turning water into wine when Spurs roster is that of a mid-table side at best.
  14. KCspurs

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    How sad is it that we are rumored to be fighting for a manager with Everton and Palace?
  15. KCspurs

    Question from dumb Yank….

    Welcome, there are a few of your/our countrymen here. Enjoy your stay and COYS