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  1. KCspurs

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Decent performance, all told. Not excellent, but after the weeks we've had lately 3 points was vital. Would like to have not seen us concede a goal by lazy defending but that is not a new problem.
  2. KCspurs

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

  3. KCspurs

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    All right then, I'm going to watch the NFL playoffs before this game lulls me into a long winter's nap. COYS!
  4. KCspurs

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    I hesitate to speak before the last ball has been kicked but I think we have this one in hand.
  5. KCspurs

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    Yes, I don't think he's especially good but he's doing his job which is to give Kane some days off. And he's good enough for days like today and the early stages of Europe
  6. KCspurs

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    They really should have scored a few minutes ago, shot it right into Rodon's block! I am greatly entertained at the guy behind Jose in the Yankees hat who seemed to be sitting on top of some kind of a tool shed
  7. KCspurs

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    It's just a shame that the locals don't get to enjoy it. I bought a virtual ticket from their website to try to help their club a bit. They are having to furlough them all tomorrow from what I have read.
  8. KCspurs

    Aston Villa have Covid cases

    Well, I think their answer to that would be that this is a new type of vaccine that has never existed before and is supposedly more adaptable. I certainly hope that is true. It makes one wonder how we would deal with it if it were as deadly as initially feared, thank God it is not, or if we in our modern times had to deal with something like the plague. I am unsure if modern society would be equipped to deal with any such thing. I think there is reason for cautious optimism that things will be much better in 6 months, and that is where I am trying to stay... cautious optimism.
  9. KCspurs

    Aston Villa have Covid cases

    Definitely a concern, but I think the belief at the moment is that the vaccines and immunity will continue to be effective against any of the variants we have seen so far.
  10. KCspurs

    Aston Villa have Covid cases

    I believe over here in the NFL they are testing everyone in and out of the teams' facilities every day.
  11. KCspurs

    Marine To Lose £100k in Cup Tie Revenue

    Marine posted a brilliant Twitter thread about this. Click this link and then scroll down to read the whole thing: https://twitter.com/MarineAFC/status/1346418086979768322?s=20
  12. KCspurs

    Marine To Lose £100k in Cup Tie Revenue

    It's not much but I did buy myself a virtual ticket
  13. KCspurs

    Dele Not For Sale/Loan...or is he ?

    It must be a negotiation tactic, they can't really turn down a fair offer for a player they have no intention of using. My guess is that it's just posturing.
  14. KCspurs

    Is Doherty Good Enough ?

    Doherty did seem to be good enough before he went away on international duty and got covid. He has not been the same since.
  15. KCspurs

    Harry Kane Is A Dad Again ..

    Have we signed him to the youth academy yet?