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  1. Hastingsyid

    issues getting on daily

    morning chaps,apologies for my absence one of my closest friends passed away on the 23rd and its hit me very hard.Im still asking questions about the board but at the moment my head has been elsewhere. cheers chaps
  2. Hastingsyid

    issues getting on daily

    sorry chaps its the host and I really don't know whats happened,I've even messaged Neil to see if he can help ??
  3. Hastingsyid

    issues getting on daily

    huge apologies fellas this has done my nut in,not been this bad for ages,reason i thought we was hacked was i couldnt even log into admin control for most of the day to try and fix things,im still not convinced we aint been hacked but we are trying to sort it. please bear with me while i go to war with the useless server of ours
  4. Hastingsyid

    Bye bye Fernandes, decision made.

    completely forgot about him tbh
  5. Hastingsyid

    Random Walk

    wow brilliant
  6. TO all members anything within reason goes on in this forum but please refrain from using the "C" word,if you feel the need you have to then this is how it gets used c***s. the mods have had members message them with concerns over certain words. FINALLY any guest that feels the urge to complain about our members, it will be noted but not acted upon.Sign up become a member and join in thanks chaps hastingsyid aka God
  7. Hastingsyid

    20/21 PL: Liverpool v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    absolutely gutted
  8. Hastingsyid

    Winks pushes for loan move?

    hes had a word with the boss interesting now to see what develops
  9. Hastingsyid

    Come on Wolves

    super super wolves unlucky rent boys
  10. Hastingsyid

    Happy Birthday Pavlyuchenko!

    39 kin hell i feel old
  11. Hastingsyid

    Joe Lewis sells property to raise funds for transfers

    poor sod must be skint
  12. Hastingsyid

    Souness Is Talking Crap (Again)....

    hes a class a prick
  13. Hastingsyid

    Europa Last 32 Draw

    also come on BENFICA
  14. Hastingsyid

    Europa Last 32 Draw

    dont care who we get lets just win it you know it makes sense
  15. Hastingsyid

    Taking The P*** Out Of Man Utd.....

    one of the most boring games ever zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz