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  1. Hastingsyid

    Response Icon Review Perhaps ?

    morning all sorry for the delay in responding to certain issues ive been away but back in hastings del sol,will get onto the issues today Merci
  2. Hastingsyid

    The new third away kit

    I saw this today KIN HELL
  3. Hastingsyid

    Joshua title fight

    not only a new carpet for his yacht he can now buy a Persian rug
  4. Hastingsyid

    Chelsea Vs SPURS Mind Series Wed Aug 4th 19:45 K.O.

    score draw 2_2
  5. Hastingsyid

    Response Icon Review Perhaps ?

    don't know whats happened pal,I'm onto it
  6. Hastingsyid

    Wasp Alert

    tbh if I see one i turn around and do a forest gump
  7. Hastingsyid

    R.I.P. Dave Dunmore

  8. Hastingsyid


    The 7 qualities for the perfect girlfriend are Beautiful Intelligent Gentle Thoughtful Innocent Trustworthy Sensible Or in short B.I.G.T.I.T.S
  9. Hastingsyid

    Bill Nicholson Plays In Cup Tie

    brilliant that
  10. Hastingsyid

    Skippy's back like a new signing

    must admit skipp does look good and very confident,just hope he gets the chance with us
  11. Hastingsyid

    EURO 2020

    July 2020 - Hands, face, space. JULY 2021 - Hands, touching hands. Reaching out. Touching me. TOUCHING YOUUUUUUUU
  12. Hastingsyid

    new members

    a few more have signed up
  13. Hastingsyid

    Pre-Season Friendlies On Spurs TV

    Colchester United time for revenge
  14. Hastingsyid

    Nuno toughening up the squad

    let's hope he gives us something to shout about
  15. Hastingsyid

    Dele Alli Dreadlocks...seriously ??

    I remember when I had hair