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  1. Hastingsyid

    upload storage,response like icons

    old ones been deleted to see if these were OK,once I know well add more
  2. Hastingsyid

    upload storage,response like icons

    I use chrome and it works fine on mine,ive done all i can in admin and everything looks good to me but theres obviously a glich somewhere.I have left a message for the tech experts to have a butchers
  3. Hastingsyid

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    I've lost the will with this shite team
  4. Hastingsyid

    upload storage,response like icons

    wtf I'll see whats going on
  5. Hastingsyid

    Can we still consider a top 4 place as realistic?

    6th spot is ours this season
  6. Afternoon all these should now be extended so you can upload more pics and post more likes.Might take a few hours to update the system but should be good now I have also uploaded loads more emojis amd gifs but there seems to be a tech issue but we are trying to sort behind the scenes
  7. Hastingsyid

    Joe Rodon Take A Bow...

  8. Hastingsyid

    Joe Rodon Take A Bow...

    super little player
  9. Hastingsyid

    Is Harry Planning To Leave ?

    If city muller us in the final and we don't LOL get top 4 then he's gone 100%
  10. Hastingsyid

    Bit of fun

    Name the British football clubs from the pictures??
  11. Hastingsyid


    I've added some old to the new and should be on once system updates itself
  12. Hastingsyid

    Is it Daniel Levy and Enics time to step down

    kin hell
  13. Hastingsyid


    Irish flag is on my to do list