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  1. Hastingsyid

    PL Arsenal Vs SPURS Sun Sep 26th 16.30 KO

    utter shit utter embarrassment utter clueless twats
  2. Hastingsyid


    Come on lets have your worst ones in here ( meatball )
  3. Hastingsyid

    R.I.P. John Challis (Boycie)

    all legends RIP
  4. Hastingsyid

    R.I.P. John Challis (Boycie)

  5. Hastingsyid

    Sky Sports Super Six

    yeah I do it but I'm utter crap tbh
  6. Hastingsyid


    I saw a woolwich scum fan drowning and reported it to the emergency services.. ...... ...... ......i hope they saved him or else that was a waste of a second class stamp
  7. Hastingsyid

    PL Crystal Palace Vs SPURS Sat 11th Sep 12:30 KO

    fantastic performance
  8. Morning all There seems to be a few posts that have raised issues/concerns with members which say are bordering against the simple forum rules.Myself and especially the mods are working hard to promote the forum and attract new members.I am old school and swearing is my language, but on here please respect other members and guests who have in the past reported content said on here.Many thanks Hastings https://www.spurs-web.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6952-forum-rules/
  9. Hastingsyid

    Emerson Royal Settling In

    He seems really happy and determined to do well heres hoping
  10. Hastingsyid

    Oh no Sonny injured

    ffs and a few more
  11. Hastingsyid

    Sky And Spurs Stage First "Net Zero" Match

    Be interesting to see how the fans react to this especially that lot from Fulham
  12. Hastingsyid

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

  13. Hastingsyid

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

  14. Hastingsyid

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    Charlie George, was being interviewed on Talksport today and was asked who he thinks would win between the 1971 Arsenal team and Arsenals team now. Charlie : I think I'd be close but his team in 1971 would still beat them by the odd goal. The interviewer said Really Charlie you think it would be that close ? Charlie said yea, you have to remember that we are all in our 70s now.
  15. Hastingsyid

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

  16. Hastingsyid

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    Woolwich tossers are top
  17. Hastingsyid

    PL SPURS Vs Watford Sun Aug 29th 14:00 KO

    no excuses let's win this and win comfortably
  18. Hastingsyid

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    that AFTV muppet show are in melt down
  19. Hastingsyid

    My Nuno song

    kin hell
  20. Hastingsyid

    new members

    introduce yourself and welcome to the forum
  21. Hastingsyid

    City Pay £100m To 'Release' Grealish...

    I've had a look chaps and can't find the issues,have asked for further help in the matter
  22. Hastingsyid

    In The Garden

    Nice that mate,lots of work
  23. Hastingsyid

    Chelsea Vs SPURS Mind Series Wed Aug 4th 19:45 K.O.

    can't wait for the season to be over
  24. Hastingsyid

    EURO 2020

    winners.. golden boot .. player of tournament biggest flops. team to watch. opinions lads