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  1. grahambailey

    members message

    That's really not great news mate! I don't know that much about Long Covid other than it is truly debilitating and I sincerely hope you can recover sooner rather than later - all the best and fingers crossed.
  2. grahambailey

    Is Kane Staying ?

    We have never done THAT badly when he hasn't played - in fact some of the team play has been a lot better - personally I would say to him that if he wants to hand in a transfer request and City will pay £130 million - get their money in the bank. No one player is bigger than the club - Kane is not the first and neither will he be the last to kid himself into believing he's irreplaceable - there is still talent at the club - get shot of the "Senior" pro's , deadwood and inject some young quality into our club.
  3. grahambailey

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Sure they won't get lost and come back?
  4. grahambailey

    N'Dombele ??

    What is going on with this guy? Nuno refusing to comment on his whereabouts and fitness levels only increases the speculation. Is he another one just ambling along whilst picking up a big fat pay cheque every month with no interest in working for it? We keep hearing about how talented the fella is - but we certainly aren't seeing any evidence of it - if his wife had a baby 2 weeks ago - why is he not even in the sides that are playing the pre-season friendlies? Looks like another one to be added to deadwood list - which will be a great shame - as when we got him I - like everybody else thought we had another Superstar on our books - looks like more of a Damp Squid!.
  5. grahambailey

    Is Kane Staying ?

    I was thinking we could get £10 million a leg!!
  6. grahambailey

    Is Kane Staying ?

    I agree entirely - take £130 million and let's get in some young talent in all the necessary positions - and the other bonus is that Levy does not have to grind out deals for those who we need to get rid of - last night must have shown Nuno that Dier , Tangana , Dier , Winks and Delle Ali need shipping out - even at bargain basement prices that lot would get you 65 to £85 million to reinforce our side. Sissoko and Sanchez should net £30 million which with the Kane money would give us a grand total of at least £225 million for the rebuild - Paratici should be able to attract some serious young talent with that sort of money COYS!.
  7. grahambailey

    Is Kane Staying ?

    You'll never know exactly what was agreed between Kane and Levy - my gut feeling is that Levy has promised him the option of leaving and like everything he does - Levy is now trying to bleed every penny he can from City. The problem is that as per usual Levy is still trying to have the final say on transfers - we all know what a complete shithouse Levy is - I blame him and his devotion to the money that we are in this mess - if Kane is refusing to return to training - then I truly believe his side of the debate , however , like you said - we must take the money and reinvest it - why would you want to force Kane to stay? . The Kane era is at an end - players come and go and everyone must just accept the inevitable and move on - we need the fresh faces for the rebuild and Kane's money will need to be spent wisely so that we have the next generation in place to compete at the highest level COYS!.
  8. grahambailey

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Like to see it asap - time running out to get players bedded in and getting to know everyone - all we want now is £25 million from Villa for Winks and hey ho!!
  9. grahambailey

    Romero from Atalanta

    The strange thing is that we've suddenly cooled our interest in Anderson - I wonder why - he's better than we already got and is available for £20-25 Million - surely he's got to be worth getting in the door?.
  10. grahambailey

    Romero from Atalanta

    I am seeing loads of stories on various media sources saying that they want 60 million euros for Romero - if so - this brings back uncomfortable memories of being held to ransom by Ajax over Davinson Sanchez - he is liable to cost a lot more and are we falling for the same old 3 card trick - thoughts?
  11. grahambailey

    Should lamela stay or go

    Yes he's in Seville to finalise everything - announcement today I think. If Lamela was less injury prone he would have been a keeper for sure because he certainly always gave it 110% - which is far more than can be said for more than a few others - I think his inconsistency was down to injury worries - but time to say thanks and good luck and goodbye.
  12. grahambailey

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Do we start a crowd funding page for Winks train fare ?
  13. grahambailey

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    I just want to see Dier off the books - he's fell off a cliff playing wise - we'll never do anything relying on him - I'd rather keep Sanchez than him! - at least Sanchez showed some good signs under Poch - Moanerhino just dragged the soul out of everyone - Dier though has totally gone.
  14. grahambailey

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    I just hope that Dire Dier is next out the door - he would make me look good!
  15. grahambailey

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    It's not Christmas already is it?