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  1. grahambailey

    PL spurs v Norwich sun 5th dec kick off 2.00

    Who like me would like to see Rodon playing RCB instead of Sanchez - I think that Rodon has the makings of a good defender - Sanchez is like a rabbit in the headlights. I hope Conte is playing him purely to get a better price for him when he is sold - but unfair on Rodon - who looks as anybody in our present back line.
  2. grahambailey

    Pl SPURS V Brentford thu 2 dec kick off 7.30

    First thing he's done right - only problem is that it was Kane with the first good midfield pass!
  3. grahambailey

    Pl SPURS V Brentford thu 2 dec kick off 7.30

    Just watching this shite makes me wonder how bad things are - can't pass , can't cross and can't defend Kane - hopeless , Reguilion - hopeless , Sanchez - wanker - should not be allowed to wear the shirt , Dire - hopeless and Lloris looks scared - if we don't get rid of this lot and a few more with some quality players - we are going nowhere - Conte must be pulling his hair out.. Abysmal!
  4. grahambailey

    Winter Transfer Window 2022 (Jan 1st-21st) OUTGOING

    Deadwood or deadheads - whatever my choices for termination of their time in our shirt..... Doherty - £15 million? Seriously? Sanchez - Constant brain farts Davies - see Sanchez Sessegnon - not good enough Winks - needs fresh challenge in Newcastle Ndombele - why I hate the French - thinks he's far better than he is Alli - Lazy wanker! Kane - needs to move on as is quite clearly not in love with club anymore.
  5. grahambailey

    PL Burnley Vs SPURS Sunday Nov 28th 14:00 KO

    Are we going to see a proper Spurs side today? These are mostly the same players who are capable of so much more than they are showing - we must get a result at Burnley today - Winks to be fair to him upped his game in second half vs Leeds - can he start like that?. Lloris , Royale , Tanganga , Rodon , Dier ,Reguilion , Hojbjerg , Skipp , Winks , Son and Kane to start for me - after Thursday night's horror show - they owe the fans a decent performance! I've been on holiday and had to sit next to a Chelski supporter on plane home - and got stick for 8 hours! - I wanted to murder every useless asshole who pulled on our shirt on Thursday night - now I've calmed down a bit I only want to shoot Alli , N'dombele , Sanchez and Doherty!. The most galling thing however - was Kane saying what a poor result it was and we must learn from it - LEARN FROM IT? - being beaten by a village pub side is not going to tell you any thing other than you deserve to be beaten senseless and forfeit 6 months wages! - you have to accept an unexpected defeat - it the nature of the game - but by a pub team? The only good thing to come out of this is that with only Domestic football to come for the rest of the season - AC can get rid of more of the deadwood if he can without too much impact on the 1st team. I HURT!
  6. grahambailey

    ECL Cup SPURS Vs Vitesse Thurs Nov 4th 20.00 KO

    How about Rodon LCB , Romero CB , Sanchez RCB ? Sanchez looked good when he came on - so him and Tanganga on the right side - Rodon wasn't the worst in Vitesse and I believe given a fair run - he'll come good as he is one that actually looks like he wants to defend - needs work on distribution - but better than Davies. Conte loves turning wingers into Wing Backs - so is there hope for Gil or Sessignon to push Reguilon and then find someone to cover Royal. Up front is the same old story - we need another quality striker/forward .
  7. grahambailey

    ECL Cup SPURS Vs Vitesse Thurs Nov 4th 20.00 KO

    Well! what a rollercoaster that was! Proof once more that Dier is absolute shite! Sanchez pretty good when he came on. Why was Romero given the first yellow - Dutchman bought the foul by charging into him - usual crap refereeing - but he needs to be in the centre with Sanchez or Tanganga outside as someone else here has already said. Davies - NOT up to standard - Lo Celso looked very ordinary - get rid. Kane bit more effort - nothing else .Son and Moura were excellent and ran their socks off. Skipp and Hojbjerg were great - but were run ragged trying to defend Dier and Davies who were vulnerable all night long. Ndombele and Winks both did ok when brought on. Antonio at least now can be under no illusions about turning this Tottenham team around... The big difference is - we know that that is exactly what he will do.
  8. grahambailey


    Yeah - too excited and got carried away - but if we don't win something now - we never will!! Have to admit I am really excited by Conte's arrival - chance to shut up the noisy neighbours at Woolwich - I HOPE ! COYS!
  9. grahambailey


    Good luck to new the Administrators - with any luck they are going to be very busy with the arrival of Antonio - a winners thread from any competition is one that I'm very much looking forward to contributing to!. COYS!
  10. grahambailey

    Nuno Sacked

    Hopefully Conte will provide you with the Crowning Glory of a Championship Winning Side in the near future - I am feeling so buoyed up by his appointment - perhaps finally we can get a new trophy in an empty cabinet! . We came so close with Poch - but that has been and gone - let's just savour the fact that we have one of the best coaches in the world - who will bring a desire and intensity not seen at this club in a very long time now - I would love to think he'll turn some of the freeloaders around - but the thing that is certain that Conte will demand top quality replacements be bought - for the first time since Poch. I feel content , confident and on Cloud bloody Nine!. COYS!
  11. grahambailey

    So ... who's next?

    That means Christmas has come early for all of us fans! COYS!
  12. grahambailey

    So ... who's next?

    Tottenham announces new 1st Team training tracksuits for November!
  13. grahambailey

    So ... who's next?

    He is exactly what is required - he'll show our players what passion is - otherwise they're out the door!.
  14. grahambailey

    So ... who's next?

    If anyone can then it would be Conte - but have you seen anything from Alli or Winks to suggest that he will be able to? I've never rated Dier as a Centre Back and Davies is a trier at least - but we've got to find a proper CB pairing - and as stupid as it sounds - I would go with Rodon 1st and even Sanchez ahead of Dier - if we're going to rebuild - do it properly - and I would drop Kane at the moment as well.
  15. grahambailey

    So ... who's next?

    I hope not - Mason is as much use as you or I - I do not want to see Alli , Winks , Dier and Davies play in our 1st Team again..