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    Just joined and hope to contribute to the forum together with reading ang getting the 'inside story' from other Spurs fans. I live in Dundee and have supported Dundee for over 60 years. Many if not most Scots have an English team they support in addition (usually) to their scottish team. I chose Spurs due to Bill Brown moving from Dundee to White Hart Lane in 1959. My first visit to WHL was when down south on holiday with my parents my father took me to see a 3-0 win over Birmingham City on 18th August 1962. That was some team in those days and I was especially drawn to the fact that 3 scots were regulars, Bill Brown, Dave Mackay and John White. At that time I was at primary school and my local team supported Dundee F C trained on a public park opposite my school which was great to watch but did little for my proper education as I was regularly punished for watching the team out of the window. That Dundee team won their only title in season 61/62 and went to the European Cup semi final only losing in doubtful circumstances to A C Milan (bribed ref. etc.). In a very good team the outstanding player was Alan Gilzean (the best player I have seen and imo the best header of a ball ever). Of course Gillie (he was always Gillie in Dundee but Gilly to Spurs fans, strange!) followed Bill Brown to WHL cementing Spurs as my English team. I had the great pleasure of meeting Gillie a number of times at Dundee F C fans events, a true gentleman always willing to share his experiences with us the fans. Later of course John Duncan took the path from Dundee F C to WHL. To be honest I have only managed to see Spurs live about 10 times but watch on the TV whenever they are on. I am as disappointed as most that we have not managed to win a trophy recently and hope that the new boss can hold onto Harry Kane, add a few missing links and win the long hoped for competition. Anyway that's me and you'll hopefully next hear from me on the main forum.