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  1. PalmBeachRob

    Spurs Podcasts

    Spurs Show is great too. I learned a lot over the summer about the history. Every week he had on a guest and they did a "Top Ten Tottenham" show where the guest would talk through their top ten favorite Spurs moments and then they would play the radio clip from the match. It was great to hear about all of the amazing moments in history of the club and how those moments meant so much to their lives.
  2. PalmBeachRob

    Spurs Podcasts

    I love catching "Last Word on Spurs" after each match. I might not listen for a few days after a loss but i can't wait to listen after a win! They do a great job breaking down each game. I don't have anyone else to talk to about it over here (except a Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, and Man City fan) so it is my best option to hear people chat about Spurs. That's why I'm glad i stumbled on this website and forum.
  3. PalmBeachRob

    Spurs Podcasts

    LOL. The ones I listen to don't cost me anything. They are free with the Apple podcast app on my iPhone.
  4. PalmBeachRob

    Spurs Podcasts

    One of the things I would say that made me into a Spurs fan despite being from the USA are the various Spurs Podcasts that i subscribe to. I think it made me feel closer to the fanbase and really understand what it means to be a Spurs supporter. I would love to know which Spurs podcasts do you all listen to and why? (I'm very new to the board so I'm sorry if i put this in the wrong place)
  5. PalmBeachRob

    new members

    From reading about the history and listening to the podcasts I already hate that other team in London! They make it so easy to hate them.
  6. PalmBeachRob

    new members

    Thanks. I really appreciate it. I can tell what you mean listening to the podcasts lol. The fan base is awesome. I am so happy to have recently become a part of it.
  7. PalmBeachRob

    new members

    Hello all! I'm new to the forum. Live in the Palm Beach area of Florida. Been following Spurs since 2018. Became a Harry Kane fan during the last World Cup. I really started watching every game I could within the last season. I absolutely love it. I now listen to as many Spurs Podcasts that i have time for. I think Podcasts made it easier to follow being in the States. Can't wait for season to start and looking forward to discussing the upcoming season here. I don't know any Spurs fans personally over here so this will be a great place for me to interact.