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  1. mjbmedia

    PL: Bournemouth vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    any links to the decent streams for this game please
  2. mjbmedia

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Cardiff City

    haha I like a challenge and I know I was out of order , so watch me be a good lad :-)
  3. mjbmedia

    One For Hastings...Italian MOTD Presenter!!

    Italian birds smell, have hairy armpits and fannies and end up fat like their mammas , ask Deckard
  4. mjbmedia

    iconic goal

  5. mjbmedia

    iconic goal

    we had this thread a couple months ago, trevor Sinclair overhead from edge of area for QPR years ago
  6. mjbmedia

    One For Hastings...Italian MOTD Presenter!!

    why is it all Surreys pic s have been moved .
  7. mjbmedia

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Cardiff City

    I hope we go for this one , no injury time flicked winner please, I cant take the strain. also I promise to behave myself , even though its against my current home town club and I can hopefully rip the piss out of everyone here by 6:30 , just a shame the rugby isn't this weekend and I can have had a double whammy of Spurs and England wins , blisss
  8. mjbmedia

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    and don't mention his slightly gay beard trimming!
  9. mjbmedia


    Gomes, hasn't made a single mistake for us this season ,amazing transformation
  10. mjbmedia

    How to post images on forum

    I dont want to have to upload stuff to tiny pic and do all that, why cant it just be uploaded from my PC to the forum like with most places that can be done
  11. mjbmedia

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    enjoy it mate , I used to love aways into Europe back in the 80s/ 90s but then we (English) were treated like animals , wasn't such fun .
  12. then lets not tell him ...... SSSHHHHHHHHH
  13. he's served his time, Ade is back and IMO better than when he was down the road wearing that awful red and white outfit, now if he can guide and take us above that load of pikeys and get us top 4 and Europa win (or just one of the two) he'd have done damn good. I really like the way hes interviewed now too,
  14. mjbmedia

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    well I watched in last night and this morning without knowing the score, so went bonkers 3 times , and then watched as we yet again lost the momentum and didn't kill the tie off, and nearly got bollocksed twice later on , when will we learn , we had the ascendency, fucking take advantage of it, but no lets fanny around getting ole's from the crowd, yeh the crowd who'd some have changed had that shot gone in instead of hitting the post etc etc etc Sunday just give us a comfortable three points , 3 goals up from 40 minutes onwards and win 6-0 or something worth wanking over .