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  1. hodgy

    And we're back

    thats why we don't use the post office no more
  2. hodgy

    And we're back

    cheers dude, i will text him to let him know
  3. hodgy

    And we're back

    Stanmac is stuck and can't log in apparently.. can one of the mod e mail him to tell him what to do or will he need to register again.
  4. hodgy

    Our prayers are answered

    my take on this one, he is a defender, he defends, yes he is not stylish and does not bomb on like " a modern day full back" but sometimes you need someone with the discipline to defend, to me he is good cover and does not warrant a starting place however you cannot knock what he does. he does not give stupid fouls away like Kyle Walker, he does not bomb on and then can't track back like Danny Rose. i like him as a full back and a defender however this day an age we all want the full back who bombs on and joins in attack. i suppose it all depends on what we want.
  5. hodgy

    iconic goal

    ok guys and gals what is the one goal that stands out in memory for you, that iconic moment that had the hairs on your neck standing up, that goal when you though you will never see the likes of it again. if you are clever enough you can always put a video on you tube of it. i will start with van bastens volley in the euros v russia in 88. everything was perfect, apart from it being the dutch obviously
  6. hodgy

    going forward

    if i was put in charge of Tottenham, which after this post i may well be. i have decided it is time to build our team around Eriksen, get him playing week in week out just behind the centre forward linking everything we do from Midfield to the forward. he is a wasted talent sitting on the bench and the time is now to bed him in and build around, 1 other thing if i was in charge, i would stop Dawson from hitting those stupid 70 yard diagonals to there full back, what a waste of possesion.
  7. hodgy

    A OR B

    took me ages that
  8. hodgy

    A OR B

    c for me gk bobby mimms rb dean austin lb timothy atouba ch gary doherty ch stuart nethercott rm ruel fox cm jason dozell cm toda lm r ziegler cf gregor raziak cf chris armstrong
  9. hodgy

    first game you went to

    Was Danny Lee walking round the ground with a milk bottle on his head, that used to be some more top quality entertainment at Edgar St.
  10. hodgy

    first game you went to

    you must have loved the facilities at Edgar st, the corrugated iron roof, the half time Bovril, the cattle market next door, the envy of the 3rd division back then
  11. hodgy

    first game you went to

    i was there then, as a Herefordian who played for Hereford United Youth and there stiffs it was quite a choice of who to support so i ended up in the Hereford Fans end supporting Spurs.
  12. hodgy

    Sum up last nights win in one sentence.

    Tim Krul had a mare, Lloris was world class.
  13. eat you heart Roger Miller, Kanu.
  14. hodgy


    it takes more than a rash, atleast entice me with some Haribo
  15. hodgy

    Stop The Abuse of Spurs Legends

    that's the one, Graham Roberts, although Gareth Roberts was a legend for Hereford United Youth back in the day