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  1. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    I just had a look to see if I was seeing things when I thought Bentaleb was a really good passer and that he was winning the ball well. Only took a second. You only have to look at the numbers, not really pay much attention to the feckin arrows. I never knew that site was there until someone else posted some stuff off it recently. Really interesting and in depth shit there. It'd be a really useful rough or general guide if you had to find something out about performance.
  2. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    I don't really get what you are saying there. I'm not sure about 352, just that it might suit our personnel and solve one or two issues. But the 4411 and 4231 against Swansea is working well. Sherwood is a very new manager, I think he is doing well, but its very premature to make any judgements on him either way. I was pretty unsure about him when he was appointed. I don't understand what Swansea having more possession than us has to do with Bentaleb and Dembele. Those stats pages took 2min to look at. It's not rocket science, you don't even have to look at the diagrams, just look at the number of passes forward or what ever. And they just point out in black and white one thing that is fairly clear, Bentaleb is doing better than others at the main jobs in midfield. Somebody in a different game used those graphs to point out to me that I was wrong to assume Bentaleb was sitting behind Dembele, which he wasn't in a different game and that was proved to me. I said, fair point, there it is in proof. They since switched a bit recently, but it proved at the time I was wrong. We were the better side by far on the day. I don't think I ever said anything about possession being the most important thing. Where do you get that comment from? Swansea were pretty ineffective with the possession they had and the chances they had were mostly not very threatening. We had better players, athletes and a passer in Bentaleb who passed it forward well and made us tick. If you want to engage the debate properly then do so, don't have a go at someone for posting their view or some good back up for a point. I don't think that is very intelligent or helpful.
  3. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    Forward passes by Bentaleb v Swansea, 31, and 87% success: http://www.fourfourtwo.com/statszone/8-2013/matches/695118/player-stats/126407/1_PASS_14#tabs-wrapper-anchor Forward passes by Dembele v Swansea, 19, and 79% success: http://www.fourfourtwo.com/statszone/8-2013/matches/695118/player-stats/39104/1_PASS_14#tabs-wrapper-anchor Tackles by Bentaleb v Swansea, 9, 9 out of 9 successful: http://www.fourfourtwo.com/statszone/8-2013/matches/695118/player-stats/126407/3_DEFENCE_01#tabs-wrapper-anchor Tackles by Dembele v Swansea, 5, 4 out of 5 successful: http://www.fourfourtwo.com/statszone/8-2013/matches/695118/player-stats/39104/3_DEFENCE_01#tabs-wrapper-anchor Interceptions by Bentaleb v Swansea, 3: http://www.fourfourtwo.com/statszone/8-2013/matches/695118/player-stats/126407/3_DEFENCE_02#tabs-wrapper-anchor Interceptions by Dembele v Swansea, 1: http://www.fourfourtwo.com/statszone/8-2013/matches/695118/player-stats/39104/3_DEFENCE_02#tabs-wrapper-anchor Long passing is possibly not a strength of Bentaleb's, but he's a lovely passer of the ball overall. Xavi doesn't hit many long passes either and he's one of the best midfielders that's played the game. I was talking about dictating the play and playing us into good positions early. He's also hit a number of nice pings on the deck in his early spurs career. He will probably get more of range as he grows more confident, but I see far more range than our other midfielders right off the bat anyway. Dembele was superior in take ons, 4 to 0 and created 2 chances, all of which happened in the final third. So that pretty much shows what they add to the side. Bentaleb brings more in central midfield and Dembele can use his gifts far better up the pitch. Could be a very good partnership, or Bentaleb and Sandro. But who gets on the ball and makes us tick with Sandro and Dembele? It's not as effective. We saw that last year. In games we are expected to win, especially at home I would say Bentaleb and Dembele would be the way to go. But we will have to see how Sandro does in the new regime.
  4. Knightwriter


    Why or 'wtf', haha do some people suggest Dembele is a complete midfield player? If he was then he'd be perfect with Sandro, but we lack creativity and passing ability in that partnership, as has been proven many times. But they are both top players and you can win the ball well. We have often had trouble getting a goal when they have played together. It's not bad, but not ideal either. You could be more attacking and go with Dembele instead of Sandro. I guess that is the decision. Or you could be defensive and go with both and hope to win the ball and counter attack, like we did last year. It's just more limiting. It would probably be more ideal to have a guy that can put his foot on it and make us tick more coherently with one of them, which is why most are going with Bentaleb (who made more tackles and more successful tackles than Moussa against Swansea by the way). There is more of a case for building most of your attacks on the counter against a team like City though, so there is a case for going with Sandro and Dembele. I'd actually be inclined to start Dembele as a left wing forward on Wednesday, so he can use his abilities where it can really do some damage. And bring on Townsend when the game gets more stretched and the right back is getting tired.
  5. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    Michael Jackson just took over at Shrewsbury. He wants to bring the kids through.
  6. Knightwriter

    Let's Hear it For Tim! Extend His Contract!

    I can't remember if I said this somewhere else, I've had a few, but I have also been impressed with Tim dealing with the media. When he talks about him having to get 4th or him facing the chop, that's really savvy. He's saying we need to do well given the talent we have, but he's taking the pressure off the players. I can't remember someone else doing that before as a way of taking pressure off without being negative, that's really smart. And selfless. When he gives all the credit to the players when they do well, that's also very savvy. He's making it look like he's not doing much of anything, but of course he's doing a lot. AVB was good with the media in terms of what he said about the team, club and other teams, but very insecure when criticised himself. Harry was very savvy with the media but it always about making himself look good. And he never saw past the next match, which is why he never rotated or gave some players enough chance to develop. Sherwood is a lot more intelligent than Harry or his image from what I've seen so far imo. People compare him to Harry, but I think he has Harry's man-management, communication skills and accent, but not a lot of other similarities. Harry had a good philosophy but I reckon Tim is a lot smarter in coaching, tactics and thinking long term.
  7. Knightwriter


    You have to question as well whether Sherwood is going to actually play Sandro. He seems to like players to have one passer and one box to box man. Where does that leave the beast? Unless he is given more license to attack as well. But don't be surprised if it is the same team as last week.
  8. Knightwriter


    Eriksen would not play so high up though, he'd make it a 4411 or else a 4231, which I'd prefer because I'd like the wide men to get nearer to Ade as well. I'd also consider Dembele for left wing forward. It would give him a chance to use his ability to go past players, do his touches and use his ball control in areas where it can be really effective, out wide or behind the striker. I don't like the idea of leaving out such a good player, but he lacks things we need in midfield if you don't play Bentaleb. I have this strange feeling we might upset the apple cart on Wednesday. I think we can get at them. If Vlad has another blinder we might just do em! COYS
  9. Knightwriter


    You have to feel sorry for Holtby. Right now I would be loathe to sell a German with his winning mentality and the way he has influenced games. He's often been off the pace here though. We would be best loaning him out to a prem team for the rest of the season and see how he does. Someone like Villa, where he'd find his feet and be consistently great or show he's not quite up to what he threatens to be, at least in this country.
  10. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    I'm not questioning Dembele's abilities. I think he's a gifted player and very capable off the ball. But he doesn't do everything well, he clearly lacks a good football brain for passing and also goalscoring, despite all the athleticism and skill level in the world. And saying Bentaleb can't wipe his arse is very short sighted. He's a gifted player as well, anyone can see that straight away. TS knows how good he is and based on how he's done he should keep him in there, which he probably will. Just because a player is young or doesn't have a big name doesn't mean he won't be a big name. It's not even about who is better it is about what a team needs. Dembele, Pauli, Sandro all bring power in one way or another, but they lack creativity and passing skill. Bentaleb is strong and creative. He can't dribble like Dembele but do you need that in central midfield? Time will tell you what an outstanding player he is. A top team has to have someone to pass the ball well out from midfield, keep it moving and control the tempo. You can get away with it a lot of the time when the players are strong, but over a season there will definitely be times when you get found out. That's one of the main reasons we've had issues winning at home when teams sit back. There's no one to play a quick incisive pass or to control good moves forward. I'm more surprised than anyone that we've plucked this gem that is looking around him before he gets the ball and passes the ball so well. He's got more of the attributes you need in that position than those around him, despite their brilliance in some regards. I think he can work very well with either a box to box man like Dembele or Pauli or a holding player like Sandro. But whether those players can function as well together is much more doubtful. They've had many issues together so far. And its pretty obvious why since they are all physically gifted but not ones blessed with great football brains or passing. That's the reason England have had so many issues in the last ten years, because of the obsession with power and leaving out the guile. There's been a litany of parterships like Gerrard, Lampard, Parker Gerrard etc. One manager after another failed to see the biggest problem they had with quality passing. When they had at least one football brain and passer in the middle of the park like Scholes or Gazza they had a chance. It's not an argument of who is better it is about getting the right ingredients where you need it on the pitch first and foremost.
  11. Knightwriter


    Lloris Walker Vlad Verts Rose Sandro Bentaleb Lennon Eriksen Townsend Ade Subs: Lamela, Daws, Dembele, Chadli, Soldado, Pauli, Naughton
  12. Knightwriter


    This is not good for us. It will make it more difficult to get 4th for sure. I am not worried about the scousers, blue or red, but I still think United can come strong and this might be the lift they need. Jose is a moron, such a short term, limited thinker. He'll never create great sides, even with an unlimited budget, just very good ones that can grind. Such a wanker. I'd just love it if we kicked on, new players settled second half of the season and we pushed them out of 3rd.
  13. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    F*&kin Aussies.
  14. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    It would be more cautious with Sandro and Dembele who's main strength in midfield are winning the ball back and playing it cautiously because they are not great passers, though Sandro does his best to move it forward. Bentaleb gets his foot on it, plays it forward fast, accurately and gets us on the attack, so I disagree with you there. Plus he'd get more forward if he was with Sandro, like he did against Palace and he did some fine things up the pitch as well, and nearly scored a class goal when he hit the post. Dembele can get forward too and that's when he is best but he finds it hard with Sandro, we've seen that before. They both tend to act as great ball winners and Dembele then tries to take on the creative role but he doesn't really know how to do it and ends up dribbling too deep and laying it off. It's still a very strong partnership but I'd strongly suggest it isn't our best. A big reason we are scoring more goals is because we are passing the ball well from central midfield now, and one of the main reasons for that is playing players like Bentaleb (and before that Eriksen), that can do that.
  15. Knightwriter

    Nabil Bentaleb

    If you are good enough you are old enough. Hardly madness, what have you been watching? You lose your position if you've not played well, and our central midfielders have been pretty shite this year and last in terms of creativity. Sandro is immense on the defensive side, ball winning and physical presence, releases the ball early, tries to be progressive and shouldn't really be criticised. But Dembele and Paulinho have shown a lack of know how in how to play the position effectively. They are only higher standard Jenas's in the position so far. Dembele is a gifted player but he's not one to know when to release the ball well unless he's further up the pitch. Pauli doesn't do anything but sideways passes until he gets around the box and then he's good. Bentaleb has shown he is a very good player with great ability and an old head. Talking about injuries or only getting a chance because of this or that is irrelevant. What does that matter? The fact is he got a chance and he's shown better ball retention and control of the passing than any other central midfielder this season. He also possibly has a better shot given the ones he's had a go at so far. These are things we have needed in central midfield. A top side requires a player that can control the tempo from midfield. That's a basic and he's been the best at it without any doubt. So hardly madness to suggest he should keep his place. More mad to suggest others should automatically retain their place, especially when Dembele and Paulinho been inferior. Sherwood seems to like to play a box to box man with the passer so he might keep Dembele there but he seems to want him to break forward more. That might work very well, but the bread and butter of the position will have to come from someone like Bentaleb. Otherwise you end up with a Lampard Gerrard type combo, strong players no doubt, but there's no guile or control of the ball from midfield, which really hurts the team overall.