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  1. Sumsio

    Chelsea v SPURS Sunday 23rd kick off 16-30

    A huge shame that you and Borodin feel the need to leave the forum, when you have both contributed so much to it and appeared at one point to be the life blood that kept it going. Hope you decide to change your minds and return at some point soon as you’ll be missed on here for sure.
  2. Anyone still buzzing this morning? Had to show my family the highlights 5 x as soon as they woke and explained the moments as the highlights don’t quite do it justice
  3. Sumsio

    Tottenham v Woolwich Scum ..sun 16th Jan 16.30

    Absolute joke! I’m done with football. It’s too corrupt for me nowadays
  4. Would have to respectfully disagree with your comment on Royal. apart from one good game, he’s been absolutely atrocious and would rather see Aurier back than this idiot.
  5. Sumsio

    SPURS Vs Leeds Utd Sunday Nov 21st 16.30 KO

    Kalvin Phillips in front of our nose At least our scouts smelt that sh!t!!! He’s just another Harry winks.
  6. Sumsio

    The Antonio Conte Thread

    Problem is we have midfielders that might be able to put a shift in, do not have the quality to plat that killer pass or even sometime find a players feet from two yards. it would help if certain players could use both feet Lo Celso for example. Good Twitter account to check out https://twitter.com/StopThatGLC need to get rid of these sub par players ASAP and hopefully Conte will be the man to recognise this
  7. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sat 30th Oct 17.30 KO

    After watching MOD last night and Brighton’s style of play against Liverpool, Potter clearly should’ve been the man we got - but alas he wouldn’t join us because of Levy!
  8. Sumsio

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    Agreed it’s footballing basics. There’s no question whose mistake led to the goal!
  9. Sumsio

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    Early goal aside we’ve Carried on where we left off from Villa, except a fired up N Dombele. keep him playing like this and Lo Celso seemingly finding some form, for country mainly, I’ll take back all those comments about wasting over 100m! definitely some rhythm being found again up top, helped no doubt be the solid structure they have behind in midfield and defence. Not sure who was writing Nuno off early, but least that one wasn’t me (well not that I can remember anyway ) haha
  10. Just a shame we’d probably have to wait 50 years for the fee to be paid in full, if at all
  11. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Sun Oct 3rd 14.00 KO

    Nice to the end the weekend on a high note for once. only 4 points off from the top COYS
  12. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Sun Oct 3rd 14.00 KO

    I’d be in interested in a poll to see who In the forum would start out of Lo celso, N’Dombele or Gil. Very divided I’d imagine!
  13. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Sun Oct 3rd 14.00 KO

    Happy with that performance royal and Hojberg played well but mom was without a doubt Sonny
  14. Sumsio

    ECL SPURS Vs NS Mura Thurs Sep 30th 20.00 KO

    Jury is out for me! Doesn’t seem quick enough for a winger but does have a lot of skill and has good movement so potentially something to work with
  15. Sumsio

    ECL SPURS Vs NS Mura Thurs Sep 30th 20.00 KO

    Hard to find anything worth saying - boring game - shit competition - should be winning these games 10-0 not fighting to keep hold of a slender lead