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  1. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Chelsea Sunday Sep19th 16.30 KO

    The sad thing for me is that I expected Nuno to put a defensive team out, but when Lo Celso (who I don’t rate btw) and N’Dombele were selected I was extremely positive about the game and thought we might just win it. It goes to show that whatever we think we know is not always right! For me the weak link is still the midfield and Delli and Lo Celso have no impact on a game! They either go missing or are completely ineffective when in possession. Those 2 need to be shipped out in Jan. we need a top quality midfielder and striker to play alongside Kane. if we get those and our team stays injury free I think we can still have a good season.
  2. Sumsio

    PL Crystal Palace Vs SPURS Sat 11th Sep 12:30 KO

    Same old Spurs I could barely watch from the start. Any team with Winks as the creative midfielder was never going to entertain Nuno clearly has no clue about the Spurs way and what the fans expect to see! useless
  3. Sumsio


    A long message to quote so apologies firstly to Borodin - I’m aware of the guidance but simply ignored it this time as an emotive subject. Winks has proven not to be of the level required to be in a team competing for the top half of the league, nevermind titles and trophies. id rather his spot on the howngrown list go to a player with actual potential. Winks is useless - I’ve said many a times, he’s weak, has no range of pass, can’t shoot or tackle. All attributes needed as a good CM. he needs to be sold to anyone interested. I can’t imagine that would be any team competing for the top 4.
  4. Sumsio

    Nuno toughening up the squad

    Neither of those two players will put the level of fear into defenders as Adama does. They don’t have the same physique. You can’t take your eyes off him and he won’t allow you to do so. will give Kane & Son so much room to cause damage yes we need a CM too, is a shame NDombele hasn’t got the right attitude
  5. Sumsio

    Nuno toughening up the squad

    Agree with this. If we get Adama will add a new dimension to the team. Kane & Son would flourish even more - could be frightening!!!
  6. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Wed May 19th 18:00 k.o.

    Wtf was mason playing at with the line up doomed from the beginning
  7. Sumsio

    Joe Rodon and Ndombele

    There is clearly more to picking a team than just basing on talent. obviously Dele is being favoured over N’Dombele by Mason at the moment. Undoubtedly N’Dombele is a better player imo but perhaps Mason sees Dele as a better link player for the forwards and being English and well liked in the camp is perhaps is the glue that we’ve missed this season. N’Dombele looked class when he came on but does tend to to hold on to the ball too long and with runners up front you have to play the balls faster / time them well, otherwise it doesn’t work as for Roden, who knows what’s happened there but he’s not played too many games so perhaps Mason wanted some experience going into these final matches.
  8. If Bale starts & Kane finds his magic touch again I can only see us picking up all 3 points in this match COYS
  9. Sumsio

    PL SPURS Vs Sheff Utd Sunday May 2nd 19:15 K.O.

    Lo celso is awful. He gives the ball away cheaply so often. Not what you’d expect from a 50m midfielder. One footed too. What a joke. Whoever decided to make him perm after the loan spell needs their head examining
  10. Sumsio

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Just give the job to Mason rather some overpaid charlatan that the media have hyped up Young, ambitious, knows the players and wouldn’t cost us much Will want to make up for his lost playing career and most importantly he wants to play the Spurs way
  11. True James but how often is the reverse spoken about when a defender blatantly fouls a player and instead of going down the striker takes a shot off balance or in a worse position and misses and no penalty/free kick is awarded. I don’t blame players making a meal of everything nowadays particularly with VAR as it’s the only way to get a decision looked at if it’s been missed by reluctant referees or linesmen. It’s a tricky one to get right because no one talks about cheating defenders - pulling shirts, studs down the back of legs, taking players out before they get into dangerous positions (Laporte etc). you can’t have it one way and not the other and with VAR the playing field for cheating has evened up so strikers can play the game too or defenders can’t get away with it as often
  12. Still can’t get over mason putting sissoko on as a sub at 0-0. it’s like our managers don’t watch our games crazy. we all knew it was wrong from the moment the board went up with his number on anyone but him And lo and behold sissoko , one of the tallest, strongest & freshest players on the pitch can’t be bothered to fight with Laporte to clear our lines and we concede also the problem when we tried to get forward as he had no clue what to do with the ball at his feet how is it that only Harry Kane (even if injured) can make something happen with the ball at his feet 100k a week for sissoko he should be paid £10 a week for what he brings mason should have known this
  13. Sumsio

    20/21 EL: Royal Antwerp v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Very poignant words
  14. Sumsio

    Winks out

    I think Winks might have beefed up a little as I found that most midfielders overpowered him so hopefully he will add some steel to his game and not be such a soft touch. He has to impose himself on the game and he’s limited by his size. Let’s see, I like his enthusiasm and the fact he is always looking for the ball. His distribution needs to get a million times better as Hojberg can’t play too much so you need at least one midfielder than can play a bit