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  1. Shelfside

    PL: Norwich City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    As I keep saying,we have only managed to have a chance of fourth spot because the Premier League is so poor this year.Two atrocious performances in a row won't do much for confidence either.Poor tactics from Sherwood and a lot of disinterested performances from players that aren't really good enough,made for depressing viewing. I know that Dawson is a "top lad" and gives 100% but the fact is that he is Championship level and always has been.Effort without quality is as pointless as quality without effort.Teams that are successful have players that have both qualities in abundance. This defeat means that all of the games we have in March are now absolute must wins and this was never very likely anyway.
  2. Shelfside

    it doesn't seem to matter

    You can gamble on selling your star player for a lot of money and replace him by using the funds generated by that sale to buy three or four quality replacements.We gambled on several replacements and practically all of them have been absolute shite.If you buy a lot of players then of course one or two of them will be a disappointment but more or less all of them?.
  3. Shelfside

    Spurs and ambition

    In 2004 we had a major overhaul of management and playing staff in order to lift us away from relegation scares and mid table mediocrity. In 2014 we need a major overhaul of boardroom,management and playing staff in order to not only secure a top four place but to be a genuine force that can compete for honours. If we don't then we can look back on 2009-2014 as our moment in the sun and even then,we didn't actually achieve as much as we really should have done.
  4. There probably was earlier on in the season but there comes a point in the campaign where you have to stick with what is working - and Adebayor unquestionably is.
  5. Shelfside

    PL: Newcastle United vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Ignoring the fact of what a shambles Newcastle currently are,dare I say that tonight looked like the moment that this team finally "clicked" in terms of tactics and selection?. This was the game that I also fully saw the potential of Bentaleb.He looked strong and played a very mature game. Although our very laboured home performances still give me a lot of concern,it does look as if we have a lot of renewed belief within the team and hopefully maximum points against Norwich and Cardiff will give us the confidence to approach the Chelsea/Arsenal/Liverpool fixtures without fear. I think that even if we do end up with fifth place,that has to be considered a success considering the turmoil within the club earlier in the season.
  6. Shelfside

    first game you went to

    1 September 1979,a 2-1 win at home to Man City.
  7. Shelfside


    Ferguson knew that his team needed rebuilding and bottled it by retiring.It looks like Moyes has been made captain of the Titanic after the iceberg has been struck.
  8. Shelfside


    What happened to the Aaron Lennon that used to stay behind and do extra training with Edgar Davids?.Unfortunately,it seems that he caught the Spurs disease of complacency and lack of competition. He peaked a few years ago and the inconsistencies that were apparent in his game seven or eight years back,are still very much there.He had so much potential but it looks like he took the easy option to coast and I think that this could and probably should be his last season with us.
  9. Shelfside

    Where do we finish?

    Next month's fixtures against Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool will tell us where we are likely to finish but in the meantime,I really am totally confused.Are we up where we are purely down to luck or do we genuinely have good players that have not yet been given the right system to utilise their strengths?.We must have some quality because we are only three points away from fourth or is the league really that bad this year?. Confusing is actually an understatement regarding this season.
  10. Shelfside


    Very much agreed. I can't remember a Tottenham victory that has left me feeling as empty as today's.We were absolutely godawful for most of that match and not for the first time this season,we claim an extremely lucky 1-0 win. Dawson and Lennon have to go.Thanks for your services over the last ten years lads but your time is now up.The reason that Sherwood continues to pick Bentelab in the starting XI just baffles me.I really can't see this potential in him that our manager does. Everton should feel very hard done by,although they have got themselves to blame for not being sharper in the box.But Everton are a team that we should be using as guide to where we have to start to get things right.They do not have superstar names or big money signings but they are a team that gives 100% every game and play as a team,not the sorry collection of individuals that we have. We need to establish exactly the same foundations in our side that they have and when we have that,then it's time to fork out the big bucks for the flair players. The fact that we are only three points away from the fourth placed team,who utterly outclassed Arsenal yesterday,shows just how bad the Premier League is.
  11. Shelfside

    Questions From Newcastle Fans

    1- Standard line up with Adebayor and Soldado up front. 2- The season has not gone to plan and the sooner it is over the better. 3- Andros Townsend was a big surprise early on in the season and there have been too many disappointing players to single one out. 4- Tim Sherwood is IMO an inferior Harry Redknapp and I believe that we have a new manager already lined up for next season. 5- Possibly only Eriksen and Paulinho. 6- Hard to say.If you have a lot of your key players out and we continue to look aimless,then the result may be decided by a mistake rather than by one player grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. 7- Eighth. 8- Top six: Man City Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool Everton Man Utd Relegation is a hard one to call as 10th place is currently only four points away from the drop zone. 9- Probably 2-1 to Newcastle. 10.An onion.Sometimes nice,sometimes making you cry.....
  12. Shelfside

    Ginola to coach at Spurs?

    Because I want to see effective coaching from an experienced coach,not a popular ex-player who is totally unproven.
  13. Shelfside

    frank sinclair

    Christ Almighty,if you are going to throw a match,then at least try to throw it in a subtle manner.Eight own goals in the last ten minutes might make some smell a rat.........
  14. Shelfside

    Ginola to coach at Spurs?

    No. Even if he does get his UEFA badges,does it mean that he will be a good coach?. We need proven people in all departments at this club and having ex-players back in a managerial/coaching capacity at Spurs never usually works well for us.
  15. Shelfside

    The genius that was Hoddle

    The greatest and most naturally gifted Spurs player that I ever had the privilege to watch. When we had that 125th anniversary game in 2007 and all of the legends were introduced,it was no surprise that Hoddle received the biggest cheer of the night.