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    The Pulling Power Of Poch.....

    He's the best manager we've had in years, even more so than Redknapp. Harry got VERY lucky with the players he ended up with (Modric and Bale he didn't sign, VDV he didn't want) and we took advantage of Liverpool having a bad year to get into the top 4, I'm not saying we didn't play great football those couple of years, but this feels different, this feels like Poch is building a dynasty, getting young talent from within our academy or the lower leagues and making them into stars, what he's done with Eric Dier is phenomenal, the single solitary concern is a lack of plan B when Kane isn't firing, relying on the sole striker won't work against every team, but that's it, like most of you, I've not been this excited about a Tottenham team in years, the stats alone bear the view out that this team is going places, just hope things don't occur to ruin what we deserve.
  2. Ginola's Son

    Townsend leaves...

    I would have after being nurtured as a footballer by us from the age of 8 he'd have more to say upon his departure then bitching about being in the under 21's, which was the decision of the incumbent management and not necessarily the view of the club. After physically attacking one of the staff here and damaging the club by engaging in match betting, you'd think he owed us a bit of class. Hope he isn't successful.
  3. Ginola's Son

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs West Ham United

    It's not just the performance, its the overall consistency, now that he's drummed out all the troublemakers from the club, we can see Pochettino's philosophy...we look...good! Damn good. Top players in all positions...continue playing as we are, and who knows what we could achieve. Good to smash that lot, they need to remember who they are and who WE are!
  4. Ginola's Son


    Tyler was so clearly barracking for the Arsenal last night it was disgusting! Right at the start he disparaged our achievements by saying how we've 'only' won two league titles compared to Arse's 13 and went on from there, even when we were playing them off the park, he started banging on about the psychology of the fixture (a fixture we have won 5 times in the last 5 seasons) and refusing to credit us and it was left the to brilliant Gary Neville - the best football announcer on television bar none - to lay into Arsenal for being crap and praise us heavily for how good we were. It was, the best performances we have given at the emirates and that equalizer broke my heart! They did not deserve it, we deserved victory in spades! If only one of those further chances was converted.
  5. Ginola's Son

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Crystal Palace

    Really enjoyed the game yesterday, took on a tough Palace outfit and deservedly came out on top. One of the very greatest saves I've ever seen from Hugo and a fine move to score the winner, I was pleased with the team to a man, especially Alli and Dier who do a better job than Mason and Bentaleb in those positions, Lamela, despite some missing passes and bad final decisions did not stop working for 90 minutes, if he keep getting full games without getting subbed, his confidence will grow and we'll see what he is about, we haven't yet. And whoever mentioned Son's grin is right, his pleasure at scoring the goal and making us delirious was infectious, hope to see more of it.
  6. Ginola's Son

    Spurs are on their way to Wembley

    It's vital we're in a stadium where at least our entire current home gate can attend, I don't think Stadium MK is anywhere near suitable. Wembley would be great, but it would cheapen the national stadium - a game earned there usually being making a cup final - to have regular league games there, but weighing it up, I'm all for it.
  7. Ginola's Son


    I could quite easily break his fucking smug neck with my bare hands, I think I hate him more than anyone else on earth, living or dead.
  8. Ginola's Son


    are Roma in the Europa league? Might we come across the little prick on our travels?
  9. Ginola's Son


    The CUNT has been booted out the Arse for a year. Don't look like they love you as much as you love them!
  10. Ginola's Son

    Chelsea outbid Spurs for Wembley

    They haven't even had their plans approved yet.
  11. Ginola's Son

    Thoughts on the season

    Pocchetino was brought in to progress us, and by taking us from 6th to 5th...he has. But that's a very basic view of what's been a very frustrating campaign, there were so many thrown away points this year, had we won home bankers against the Toon, Villa, WBA and Stoke, we'd be in the CL places...simple as that, it's no good smashing Chelsea if you can't get the easier things right. That Chelsea performance along with Arsenal, were the first signs that we have a team capable of challenging at the top...but those moments in the sun were all to brief, and can be given over to London derby pride, as they were not replicated over 38 games, the performance against West Ham at home I especially remember being utterly woeful. It was moments like that when I thought to myself, what has this new gaffer actually done for us. But you can see the team is more united, the rebel elements have been removed and loads of young talent has been able to thrive. Rose's improvement has been out of sight, and Bentaleb, Mason and Dier all look like top quality young players. If we can keep the big players, I know Kane will stay, but we need to keep Lloris, Eriksen and Vertonghen (who is a great defender when his head is right)...and then sell the players who are stinking up the squad (Kaboul, Capoue, Chiriches, Ade) replace them with decent players, and also build the team around Lamela, I honestly think the boy is just waiting to explode onto the PL scene, he just needs the right players around him Can't complain about 5th...in November I thought we were in for a relegation scrap.
  12. Ginola's Son

    new kits

    I like it, can someone buy me one?
  13. Ginola's Son

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    We'll smash them at home, it was a tough place to go and I think Tim will be stung by this 'loss' (dodgy pen) and will want to put this team away! Soldado's inability to score is alarming!
  14. Ginola's Son


    I can't be objective where this cunt is concerned, but if that happened to Lloris I'd be furious, but I don't agree with the last man rule anyway.
  15. Ginola's Son


    A low-rent, no-class, prick I just want these things to happen when they're playing us
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  17. Ginola's Son

    Juande Ramos returns

    If what Ramos says is true then I am quite shocked. The club gave the impression that losing Berbatov and Keane was massively against its wishes, that their heads had been turned by other clubs and that they were both ingrates. Ramos has suggested that Levy actively schemed to rid the club of the two of them because we spent 17M on Bent and had to use him? I could be being naive, but would Levy really trade in the two players for the money and be happy to rely on Bent and Frazier Campbell? He can't be THAT dumb? As soon as Harry came in, Bent was slowly gotten rid of
  18. Gonna have gooner red on our shirts for the next 5 years. Deep joy Can't we just link up with businesses that don't have red logos? I'm sure there are many.
  19. Ginola's Son

    More RED fuc**ng shirts - AIA deal agreed

    Not over They're both away kits Find me one on a home kit, amongst traditional home colours...go on
  20. Ginola's Son

    More RED fuc**ng shirts - AIA deal agreed

    Sometimes principles come before business. You'd never see blue on a liverpool kit, nor red on an everton kit.
  21. Ginola's Son


    You mean the guys who got Muamba's heart pumping again?
  22. Ginola's Son

    More RED fuc**ng shirts - AIA deal agreed

    Shows how money orientated you all are then if you don't mind red on the shirt. When the Thomson deal was announced in 2002 there was an outrage!
  23. I do love Ade when he's in this sort of rude form, but he needs to play like this every game, whether he's motivated or not. Please stay like this Ade...don't go back.
  24. Ginola's Son

    More gobshite rubbish....... from a woolwich player

    Something needs to be done about this - its as bad as tapping up! Chasten the cunts. Literally. On the pitch.