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  1. JWS

    I can't believe what I was watching

    Dawson was under threat of transfer last season and pulled out a lot of stops, both metaphorical and literal. I think that's my first thought. If Walker has a bad game (more often at present than 2 seasons ago), so does Dawson - because they have to work together. That said, Kaboul and Vertonghen would be my first choice centre backs - I haven't seen Chiriches, so cannot comment. As this a family site, this would be my first choice:- Lloris Walker, Rose (because we don't have to much else) Kaboul (if fit), Vertonghen Lemela, Sandro, Paulinho, Townsend or Holtby Eriksen Soldado. JWS.
  2. JWS

    Starting 11 and System Change at Home

    Playing one up front is fine, provided you select the right players around him and give him the kind of ball he wants. I own up to a Cardinal sin. I couldn't bring myself to watch the last game - I was so disappointed. BUT, if it serves as a reality check, all well and good. I feel that AVB does not know what is his best team as yet and that will add to the problem for a while. As I said before, in one moment, I saw something from Lemela against Cardiff that so often eludes Lennon; a cross that bites the opposition, so I would give him an extended run-out. Subject to fitness, after being a year out, Sandro should play because he isn't just a holding or defensive midfielder, together with Paulinho. So, if you play two wingers, with S and P in the middle, you have to have Eriksen in the hole behind the striker, otherwise there is a lack of creativity. I make no comment on the Whammers debacle, save that, and again I admit I didn't see the game, I said Defoe would upset the balance. Soldado isn't the same as Jermaine but he plays with his back to the other side's goal and holds play better, whereas Defoe is always looking to score, often when someone else is better placed. Remember also that Defoe has a habit of scoring most of his goals before Christmas. Finally, the full backs? Are we really satisfied with them? I'm not 100% on either as defenders and that is where I think we may continue to come unstuck this season. Until the Spammers game, the midfield covered a lot for them. If the team was truly tired after going to Russia, perhaps with weaker teams than Angela Muckaluckaduckastad, we should leave key players back home for the Europa. JWS.
  3. JWS


    Everyone should take a look at how the team played against Palace and then the Arse and so on. If we had played like we did against Arse against Chelski, we'd have lost. In that second game, all our then limitations of continuity were exposed even though we dominated possession. The team has come on leaps and bounds in a very few games. They'll get better. As for Soldado, hasn't he been the victim of blocks and goalkeeping efforts. He scores inside the box and the call for Defoe, who is as greedy as any player I know, should wait for a few more games yet. If you look at the goals he scored, he hasn't experienced such packed defences as we experience at the Lane JWS.
  4. A manager's choice will give Soldado a few more games as first choice. Playing him against Angie Mukaluckalovabitch will impact adversely on him. The principal difference between S and D is that S plays more a team game. So, the question is not who is in form but to what extent would playing Defoe upset the balance of the team, which is as good as I have seen it for many a year. JWS.
  5. JWS

    Was Jose's comment racist?

    I took exception to what he said, primarily because it was to deflect criticism of Torres, possibly ahead of a retrospective increased ban from the FA, which he would fully deserve. I cannot see the difference between Torres and Suarez on this one. Whatever Vertonghen did, the reaction of Torres should have been a red card. When I was a boy, only girls scratched and bit, a lesson obviously omitted in Spain and Uruguay. By the way, if he's saying this sort of thing now, he was very quiet during the period Didier Drogba was fooling referees for Chelski. For a long time now, my dislike of that bunch of arseholes exceeds my dislike of Les Goons. JWS.
  6. JWS

    January Window

    I agree with Alonso. We need something "different" up front, something to dislodge or unsettle the likes of Cahill or Terry. So, for me it is a striker. As for defenders, I take all the points made but we can manage for this season on what we have, as the midfield seems able to blot out most of the attacking options of most teams. Two goals conceded in 6 games. Does anyone know if that is a Spurs' record because I cannot remember the trap door being closed so tightly even in the days of 1960-61.
  7. JWS


    If I was Mourinho, I'd play Torres as he's their fastest striker and we play a high-line. My only concern about this game is our ability to score enough goals. We've played 5 and scored 2 only once. The games where we've scored more than 2 were all cup ties and against questionable opposition. Although they are not playing that well, they'll still be quite a handful. We need to get our nose in front because I think that in all the games we've played we've shut out the opposition and in the case of Swansea and Cardiff, I thought that after getting to grips with and dominating their midfield, they both had mental blocks in not being able to see a way through us, whereas, on paper, Chelski have players who can open up the opposition. I don't mind admitting that at this stage a draw wouldn't upset me but a win against the most anti-semitic club, save for the Whammers, would be very, very nice indeed. This is a a game for Soldado to open his account from open play. I'd like to see him play after banging one away. I think temporary madness might overtake him and he'd go on to score another. Who knows. JWS. P.S. Any bets on Terry and Paulinho getting at each other, especially at corners?
  8. JWS

    Niggly Feelings

    SAF is to Manure what Jock Stein was to Celtic. When Jock died he left an enormous gap and Celtic, though often successful in a poor league, have never fully recovered the domination of the SPL. I'm old enough to rememeber what happened to Manure when Sir Matt Busby went. They were eventually relegated. although it took time. Even SAF had his doubters for years. With Moyes, he has a large hole to fill - and it's not just Rooney's arse - and I think he may come unstuck because SAF at least had a trophy to display with Aberdeen. And that 1-6 defeat to City came many years on, not in SAF's first season. As far as AVB is concerned, I think that (a) he sees Spurs as his "project" which he wants to come to fruition and (b) would feel a liitle Bale-like if the first time a "big gun" came calling he dropped everything for them. I think his loyalty to the club is pretty strong given the positioion he found himself in at Chelsea. I can't see AVB going anywhere unless after spending circa £100,000,000 we fell through the Premier League floorboards. JWS.
  9. JWS


    It may be a little over the top for me to say this but when we signed Paulinho, I was almost as excited as when we bought Jurgen. I thought his display against England was tremendous. Given what we have paid for some of the other players brought in, he is a steal. I think we shall know how good he is when he gets an injury or a suspension. He has great infectious enthusiasm and I don't care if he's playing the crowd because if he keeps doing this and gets better, do I give a monkey's? JWS.
  10. JWS

    That winning feeling

    Here is how I see it. This team cannot possibly have fully gelled after just 5 games, or less for some. Nonetheless, it augurs well for the future. We need a Left Back and an additional striker, simply to ensure cover. There is competition for almost every position and it is having an effect. Lemela played a ball for the goal which I have rarely seen Lennon do. Eriksen is not a Modric but is a better player. As was said on Sky, Spurs aren't going to get bullied by those teams who rely on physical strength, which is why, exceptionally, we've been putting those kind of sides to the sword, and about time too. All the other top 5 clubs will give us a benchmark when we play them. For my part, whilst I utterly hate losing to Les Goons, I thought we played very well for a side that had only been together for two league games; better than the previous weeks against Palace and Swansea.Our real test will be against the likes of Everton, who will give you a hard time. Once Soldado finds the net from open play, he will blossom. All that we need is for the players to get used to where he is (goal) hanging about and the kind of result we had against Cardiff will, against other teams, become a 3 or 4 - 0. I read it was considered cruel on Cardiff to lose in the dying seconds, especially for their 'keeper. Was it! If we hadn't won that it would have been a serious injustice, even a draw would have been a wrong and unmerited point. We're ticking over nicely. There's going to be ups and downs but as I see it, more the former than the latter. The more these good results, the quicker the new boys will want to be a part of it. A the moment, it's ood t be a Spurs supporter. JWS.
  11. JWS

    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Norwich City

    I was on my way to Ireland when we were playing The Scum, so I've only seen 50% of the game recorded on Sky - with the second half yet to be viewed. I thought that some of the wing play in that half was very good and there was service to Soldado in the box but he was on his own and easy to block. Some of the lay-backs from the wing looked very promising and when the players get used to each other they will push forward. So far, so good, I think. The lack of cohesion in the final thrid looked almost all down to a lack of understanding caused by a lack of playing time together. The purchases I saw all look quality players and that can only auger well for the future. Last season, the Norwich goal came following Vertonghen being scragged round the neck by a Norwich forward.The likes of Paulinho and Sandro aren't going to be pushed around like our midfield was last season and the one before, so I'm going for a hard fought 1 - 0 or 2 - 0, with both goals from open play. JWS.
  12. JWS


    I agree with Deckard. The best midfield will depned on (a) home or away and (b) the opposition. From the little I have seen, the midfiled three should be Paulinho, Capoue and Dembele, with Chadli and Lemele on the wings, or Dembele/Erikson pushed into the hole behind Soldado. JWS.
  13. JWS

    Yid Army

    I am a solicitor but am not offended if called that in or out of The Lane - I had a thick skin once!
  14. It is an excellent quote but in ur case more like we've bought Slipknot!
  15. JWS

    Yid Army

    Take a look at the film "Glory". In that, black Union soldiers refer to others as "n****r" but no one blinks because it is artistic licence, or is in context. I have often heard gay people refer to others as an "old queen". It does seem, however, that the Board of Deputies objects, although a Spurs supporter has written a decent article in the Jewish Chronicle criticising the FA, and I have made a submission to Das Algemeiner. If we were doing this as a derogatory chant, I'd expect us to be pilloried but we don't - and even the FA knows that - but never do you you hear anything from the FA about the anti-semitism of other fans, especially Chelsea (whose owners have been or are Jewish) and similarly West Ham, although they are not alone. We don't get grief from Les Gooners as they have many Jewish fans themselves. Ultimately, because this IS NOT an anti-semitic chant, we are an easy target for the FA. Just as motorists can "assist" a policeman looking to increase his monthly arrest rate by being an easy target if he's fussy enough. Sometimes I despair of anyone in authority in this country looking beyond the nose on their face. It's no different from do-gooder Christians or non-religous people trying to dampen down or eliminate Christmas as it may offend Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs, none of whom have any problem with it. It's the culture in which we live. What I expect will happen is The Plods will arresst 10-20 people as a warning to others to toe-the-line. What I would want is a statement from the club that no one will be banned by the club if prosecuted. It might stay silent on that one, leaving the Courts to impose a banning order. If it went on long enough, we wouldn't need a new stadium, just dressing room 91 on Hackney Marshes. JWS.