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  1. USSpurs

    Mou sacked

    I think you’re wrong. Chase is financing this to the tune of 6.4B dollars. 3b is to be shared among the 15 clubs with half the money available for player signings and SURPRISE SURPRISE the other half available for stadium improvements.....that’s probably what enticed our greedy chairman into joining this abomination
  2. USSpurs

    Mou sacked

    This is greed pure and simple on ENIC part. Levy’s already planning how to spend his 300m windfall and it pays off a lot of his stadium debt. He’s sold the soul of Spurs to the devil imo
  3. USSpurs

    Mou sacked

    While I have never liked him and wanted him gone, the timing of this is beyond comprehension! Why would levy pull the trigger a week before a cup final?
  4. USSpurs

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    I just can’t see a path to redemption and success for Mourinho at Spurs. A team that consistently and predictably gives away leads after going up and chooses to sit back and try and soak up pressure just cannot succeed. He’s had more than enough time to install his mindset and tactics and he’s failing miserably. This just cannot go on like this with this has been for much longer. We are staring the cobra in the eye right now and the departure of Kane , Son and other players will be the death knell for any aspirations this club has. I personally don’t trust Mourinho’s decision making or ability to rebuild anything. The football this season has been mostly dire and Levy has to pull the trigger and end this nightmare
  5. USSpurs

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    Just pathetic, this clubs in real trouble. Kane / Son will be gone, we’re stuck with the most useless manager and an absolute dirtball chairman.
  6. USSpurs

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    Don’t worry we’ll get 32 year old Kun Aguero on a free
  7. USSpurs

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    The man just Cannot learn, it’s the same shit every game
  8. USSpurs

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    Unified dressing room vs a dysfunctional one. A manager who appears positive and motivated vs one who’s self defensive and critical of his players. A team that is achieving its goals and getting better vs one that is again failing and lacks desire. We are going to get battered I think
  9. USSpurs

    Dead Wood Stagecoach....

    Stagecoach? I think we need a full on Steam train to carry off the deadwood
  10. USSpurs

    PL Aston Villa Vs SPURS Sun 21st March 19:30 K.O.

    Good result, Tanganga looked solid. Lucas definitely MOTM for me, let’s all hope the players rise to the challenges ahead
  11. USSpurs

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Daniel Levy is a very highly paid accountant who enjoys seeing the financial books balance rather than Lamela's rabona That Sir is the finest description of the core problem at Spurs I have ever read. Perfect!
  12. USSpurs

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Fading after three ales? Are you a gooner in disguise? in all seriousness- why would Nagelsmann or Rodgers join this shit show and work under Levy? would you?
  13. USSpurs

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Mourinho is so washed up now even a full tide can’t pull him back. He has reverted to form and I can’t see any way he recovers the locker room. This really feels like a new low for me and I’ve followed this club for over 40 years. I truly despair for our future
  14. USSpurs

    Man City Vs SPURS Sat 13th Feb 17.30pm

    Borodin I agree with your points and while I completely agree that the players have to take responsibility for their very poor performance, the simple fact is we’re not in any position to completely overhaul the team. That’s too much deadwood here that other clubs don’t want or need or will meet Levys ridiculous valuations. I fear that Son and Kane will just leave at the end of this season as why should they stick around while Jose rebuilds? I don’t see any improvement at all under Jose. The football is painful to watch and I don’t think the guy has it in him to change. He doesn’t have the players he has in Chelsea etc and reality is he probably will never have the likes of a John Terry again. So what’s the point in continuing with him? He doesn’t trust younger players, he can’t get Kane and Son back to the form they had earlier. I don’t see a future for him here
  15. USSpurs

    Man City Vs SPURS Sat 13th Feb 17.30pm

    Do you realize that we only beat shit like WBA and Sheffield.....we lose to mediocre and goid teams. We’re dog shit