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  1. Elthamspur

    Poch's Achilles heal?

    Ah sorry no, didn't see that post. Yes should've definately taken Kane off against Southampton rather than not starting him v Leicester. Odd decision.
  2. Elthamspur

    Poch's Achilles heal?

    It's that every game is different that makes subs more likely to be required no? Could you not see arsenal were on top and the result at that point seemed very predictable to me. Bringing in fresh legs and closing them down quicker just might have helped the situation
  3. Elthamspur

    Poch's Achilles heal?

    Sorry haven't been on in a while so not sure if this has been chatted about before. I like most think Poch is an amazing manager and doing a great job however does he let himself down with his leaving substitutions way too late? Whilst watching the arsenal match, after they pulled it back to 2-2, the result of the match looked inevitable to me. We were not closing down their players at the back much either and I thought Lucas and Lamela (although believe he may be injured as wasn't on the bench?) Would be ideal. Whatever your thoughts on those tactics isn't really the point though, the need for subs was obvious yet when we did finally make them, the game was already over. I also think when we have games in the bag, he could/should take Kane off earlier to give him rest. Just interested if other people think his subs are often too little too late sometimes and if this is one chink in his armour he could improve on? Don't get me wrong, still an amazing manager and still magic you know!
  4. Elthamspur

    Victims of Our Own Success?

    For me, it concerns me greatly that we are expected to rely on the youngsters again without making signings. Surely we need to push on? When we were first in the champions league, Redknapp said we needed a "marquee signing" I think most fans agreed, instead, we got Saha and Nelson. We then unsurprisingly fell out the top 4. I think it is this that makes me more cross than anything tbh. We don't need a huge amount, we have a very good squad but why not make a couple of decent signings to strengthen the bench etc. Celtic's Dembele is being muted at 20mil possibly to Marseille, he would be ideal. Again we, do not need much but we have to realise that our team are not going to remain injury free. We were relatively lucky with injuries last season and couple that with going out of Europe (twice) early doors, you'd like to think we're looking to progress further in these competitions and therefore have more games. Like I say, what is frustrating is that we don't need much to push on but lets learn from our mistakes of the past. Let's not be naive enough to think that one good striker is sufficient for hopefully runs in 4 competitions. We don't need to go mad but for God sake Levy, don't be stupid.
  5. Elthamspur

    ticket question from a state-side yiddo

    Ah bugger, we've actually been and gone. For some weird reason, I couldn't get into the spursweb forum whilst there, only the website. We were there 28th Feb - 7th March. Had a great time. I'm not sure if Flannery's would've been open anyway as the game was on at 0830am kick off in US (Spurs v Everton? We stayed in Times sq and the hotel opened up the bar and let me watch it in there, wouldn't serve me a beer though unfortunately lol. Good luck with your tickets btw. I'll keep my ears to the ground but as other have said, stub hub and touts are best bet now. It never ceases to amaze me, that no matter how hard you try to get tickets for a match, there are always touts that have them outside! Is it just the one match you're over for?
  6. Elthamspur

    ticket question from a state-side yiddo

    NYC-yid Me and the Mrs are off to NYC soon, there's apparently an Irish pub there called Flannery's and the landlord is a massive spurs fan. Have you heard of it/been there etc? Will probably go there to watch the spurs game when we're over, it's not far from where we're staying near times sq
  7. Elthamspur

    NEW JERSEYS 2016/17

    I'm ignoring this new kit thing. If I wasn't such a technophobe i'd load up the 3 other "new kits" for next season i've seen but my android won't let me. Annoying though.
  8. Elthamspur

    End of the season

    Albeit we're not quite there yet but if we'd been offered 2nd at the start of the season, I don't know a spurs fan who wouldn't have bitten your hand off to take that. It is just disappointing that Leicester have the season of their lives at the same time the "top teams" falter. We have had a fantastic season and we will come back even stronger next I hope. Even if we'd beaten Chelsea (we all saw how much they didn't want us to win the league) they would have happily rolled over for Leicester to beat them on the last day. We are a work in progress and we will be fighting at the right end next season and let's not forget, champs league games back at the lane!!!
  9. Elthamspur

    PL: Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Hope I'm wrong but I do have a bad feeling re this game. I'd take a draw. The league has gone but we've got to maintain 2nd and at least make the league an exciting finish. COYS,please, it's about time we did these mugs
  10. Elthamspur

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs West Bromwich Albion

    Just off to the antwerp arms then the lane now. COYS!!! On a side note, there's been a lot of fans from other teams posting jimmy Saville in spurs wear. For starters, that started off as a post with him in an arsenal kit and for seconds, don't the twats realise that our emblem hasn't changed to the one he's got on his top that long ago
  11. Elthamspur

    Dear Mr Levy

    You'd like to think so but Levy didn't back Redknapp with that "marquee signing" so maybe he won't pay up for who Poch wants?
  12. Elthamspur

    Dear Mr Levy

    No mate, I'm a member rather than season ticket holder so I move round the stadium quite a bit but rarely in North stand and always worth mates rather than family
  13. Elthamspur

    Dear Mr Levy

    By the way, I know he's not going to read it guys, just putting my thoughts down. I know loads of other spurs fans, I know fans of other teams, pretty much everyone knows we need another striker, why can't Levy and co see this? I so hope this window doesn't go past and we just have Kane by the end of it. If he gets injured or even has a run of form without scoring like at the start of the season, we could all be very disappointed like we have been in seasons gone by. Spend a bit now and we're looking in amazing shape! We are already but we just need a top class out and out striker to make this an amazing squad!
  14. Elthamspur

    Dear Mr Levy

    Dear Mr Levy, please can us fans have a striker to back up Harry Kane this window! Whilst we spurs now regularly finish in a higher position than we did prior to you being at the helm, the fans that dislike you, dislike you for one reason alone. We had a huge chance to push on and consolidate regularly finishing in the top 4 and getting a champions league place. It was not taken! Whilst Harry Redknapp was requesting a "marquee signing" we ended up signing Louis Saha and Ryan Nelson. We failed to take a huge chance to progress as a club. Whilst I believe there is a split between the fans who like you and those that don't, failure to take this 2nd opportunity to push on to the next level would be the final straw for many fans. We need back up for Kane, please spend some money to help ensure it! I believe for £4 million, we missed a great back up in striker in Charlie Austin. No matter how you rate him, he would have been a great back up player, available for the Europa and a great sub to bring on if Kane is not playing well. Kane, model professional though he is, knows, that if he is having a bad game, he is still almost guaranteed to be starting the next game, this is not healthy for competition. I see we have been linked today with Dembele but are then loaning him back to Fulham. WE NEED SOMEONE NOW, for this season. Please do not be naive enough to think we have enough upfront, we need options, we have great players but we need another out and out striker. Please make it happen, speculate to accumulate. That is what we needed and missed out on before, please do not waste this 2nd chance we have now Thanks Elthamspur
  15. Elthamspur


    Anyone searching for a single ticket for this hand check the match tickets section and reply there as my mate had some bad news and can't go so I have a spare