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  1. GPK

    Tottenham v Woolwich Scum ..sun 16th Jan 16.30

    Double standards from the FA / Prem - they didn't postpone the end of season "lasagne-gate" game when we were forced to field a team of players, most of whom had food poisoning.
  2. GPK

    Time to stand up an be counted Tottenham V chelsea

    Stnuc sselesu gnikcuf
  3. GPK

    Time to stand up an be counted Tottenham V chelsea

    Starting XI: Gollini, Royal, Tanganga, Sanchez, Davies, Doherty, Hojbjerg, Winks, Lucas, Lo Celso, Kane (c). Substitutes: Lloris, Paskotsi, Rodon, Sessegnon, Skipp, White, Dele, Bryan, Scarlett. Conte throwing the towel in as far as the EFL Cup is concerned. We're doomed!
  4. GPK

    SPURS V morecambe FA cup kick off 2.00

    What a mess - Morecombe deserve to be ahead. More evidence that we MUST be active in the Jan transfer window.
  5. GPK

    SPURS V morecambe FA cup kick off 2.00

    Another goal against that Tanganga was partly completely to blame. If he's not getting sent off, he's giving goals away. Ship him out on loan or forever!
  6. GPK

    Chavscum V THFC 1st leg Wed 5th 19:45 Sky Sports

    As much as I want Tanganga to be a success, the guy is currently a liability. He needs to be loaned out to get experience.
  7. GPK

    Watford v TOTTENHAM sat 1st Jan 2022,3pm

    Sanchez becoming a goal machine!
  8. GPK

    Watford v TOTTENHAM sat 1st Jan 2022,3pm

    Ref is shocking - for both teams. Never heard of him and hope to never hear of him again.
  9. Good effort and an excellent 3 points in the bag. Whilst I really want Tanganga to succeed, I do get nervous that he'll get a red card. Now if the chance for Doherty to show us what he is capable of - I thought he a a good game when he came on. Not sure whether Royal was just feeling unwell today, or if its a bit more drastic such as Covid that will keep him out for a couple of weeks. Skipp MOTM for me and is just getting better and better.
  10. Much better suited to playing on the left side of 3 CBs rather than LB. He plays in that position for Wales, so is well accustomed to it.
  11. All we need now is that £150M striker who used to bang them in for fun. Anyone know what happened to him?
  12. What baffles me is that we have world class training facilities, but nothing is coming out of it. The first team are mediocre at best, second string not even Championship standard, and the academy hasn't produced anyone of note other than Harry (Kane of course - not the other useless twat) and possible Skipp (jury's out on him at the moment). Both of those have benefitted greatly from being loaned out (Kane to a number of clubs). Tanganga, Gil, Clarke and Markanday would probably be good candidates to send out to a lower Prem / high Championship club.
  13. Don’t want to see Doherty in Spurs shirt ever again.
  14. Our defenders are too slow playing the ball forward and the quality of the ball from the back are shite. Doesn’t exactly help the supposed play makers.
  15. Conte filling in his job application for Manure