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  1. Far too much faffing around in the middle of the park and passing backwards. When we will f***ing learn FFS
  2. GPK

    Money or Morals...

    On the morals side of the discussion, morals went out of football long ago - around the time of the Prem being formed and the likes of Sky discovered that they could make a shitload of money out of it. The clubs bought out by billionaires had a free reign for a long period, allowing them to basically buy success to the point where they were so far ahead of the competition. Then the FFP rules came in, but it was way too late for the rest of us. The clubs with the mega rich owners had already won all the trophies and with such got a global following which then resulted in even more FFP rule beating revenue. The only way to sort this whole mess out would be to adopt some kind of salary cap that is the same for every team in the league - regardless of how rich their owners are or the massive revenues that their "brand" generates. That would not only make it more of a level playing field for all team, it would also stop the completely absurd salaries being paid too. In fact, what I would like to see is a salary cap that would mean even the top stars earn more realistic salaries - say £250, 000 A YEAR - not every f***ing week! Or how about a max annual salary of £500, 000 or £1 million tops. FOOTBALL NEEDS A MAJOR GLOBAL RESET!
  3. GPK

    Money or Morals...

    I'm not sure that is 100% correct.... Amazon or another mega wealthy company could easily buy Spurs and then put their logo on the shirt for a £1billion sponsorship deal. That way, the FFP rules would allow us to spend that money on transfers - just like citeh have. Well, I think that's how it works.
  4. GPK

    R.I.P. John Challis (Boycie)

    You just knew that Del had 2 pairs of Aces all along, but the real punchlines were even better. They just don't make comedy like that anymore.
  5. GPK

    ECL Rennes Vs SPURS Thurs Sep 16th 17.45 KO

    I’d rather see Winks playing RB instead of Doherty!
  6. Lloris, Royal, Tangoman, Dier, Reggie, Hojbjerg, Wanks, Skipp, Dele, Luca, Kane Liking the look of the line up, although would have rather seen Bryan in for Wanks. Should be more than enough for 3pts - COYS!
  7. Since arriving at the club, I have been very underwhelmed by Lo Celso. To me it looks like he has got an attitude issue (further compounded by this latest debacle). He doesn't look to be the most team orientated player, always has a "Lamela Card" in him. If Nuno can get N'Dombele playing to his best potential and Bryan finds his feet, then I don't see that we "need" Lo Celso.
  8. GPK

    Serge Aurier Contract To End

    The problem is attracting a decent quality striker who would be willing to sit on the bench 95% of the time. Given the way we play with 1 up top and 3 attacking behind, we should be ok having Kane, then Sonny, then Dane to play up front. If we gone out and got someone like Ings, then that would further limit playing opportunities for Dane to progress. If Kane had gone, then absolutely 100% a quality striker would have been out number 1 priority and would have got done.
  9. GPK

    Summer 2021 Transfer Window Analysed

    I'm sure that Dane and 1 or 2 other fringe players will get plenty of chances to play in the Euro Conference and League cup games. The mistake Nuno made in the first Euro game was playing too many fringe players at the same time. Given that we haven't loaned Dane out, expect Nuno to give him chances, otherwise he could end up being a wasted talent, prevented from reaching his full potential.
  10. GPK

    PL SPURS Vs Watford Sun Aug 29th 14:00 KO

    The game is crying out for Gil to come on
  11. GPK


    Winks was a very promising prospect, and as James said, he was lauded as future captain material. However, I think the turning point in his career was when he did his ankle a few season ago - has never been the same player since then. He's not a bad footballer, and is probably a really nice guy, but he just doesn't measure up to the standard that we need.
  12. GPK

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Rumours have it that we are trying to get Traore for around £40M - thoughts? I think that he would be a welcome addition to the side and see him as an upgrade on Bergwijn. Ok, so he can't shoot for toffee, but it's not like Stevie has been banging them in. Strong, got pace and EPL experience. I reckon that playing for Spurs could lift his game to the next level.
  13. GPK

    PL Wolves Vs SPURS Sun Aug 22nd 14.00 KO

    Only the 2nd EPL game, James. I think that they players that have been brought in have been shrewd investments and will hopefully come good - everyone is getting back up to match fitness and the new guys need to adjust to the EPL. Casting aside the mid-week shambles of an experiment or whatever it was, I think that Nuno has got it spot on with selection and use of subs. Ok, today he should have brought Kane on earlier in the 2nd half (or at half time) and kept Son on to play with him. There was mention of a potential injury scare with Son in the warm up., so maybe that had something to do with th decision. The way I saw it today, Wolves were like us last week against Citeh - they were well up for it and we should count ourselves lucky with the 3 points. Yes, they were terrible in front of goal, but was some of that down to our improved defence and mid field helping out much more. Dele for one has been tracking back and getting stuck in during the 2 games - more so than we've seen in a while. I don't think that we are "desperate" for decent reinforcements - we just need the team to get back up to speed. Obviously, that changes significantly if Kane does go I'm confident that we will be seeing a couple of new faces before the window shuts and thank F**k the Kane debacle will be over one way or another and we will know where we stand rather than all the media pumping the stories of him leaving. It'll be interesting to see what happens with N'Dombele - it certainly seems that he and/or Spurs are looking for a way out. Unfortunately, it appears that Winks is in the manager's plans as back up, or maybe he has been put in the shop window. What we have to remember is that at the moment we will struggle to attract top players given the lack of "proper" European football and whilst we appear to be offering higher wages than a couple of years ago, we still cannot / will not match the "big boys".
  14. GPK

    PL Wolves Vs SPURS Sun Aug 22nd 14.00 KO

    Rode our luck there - Wolves will be feeling gutted to not get a least a point from the game. No outstanding performances from Spurs this week, but showed resilience and a solid, although dodgy at times, defensive performance. Looks like Nuno has got the lads playing for one another.
  15. Did you miss the point about playing 3 at the back with wingbacks? Japhet had a great game yesterday and deservedly MotM and that was the way he performed defensively - kept Stirling & Grealish in his back pocket most of the time. I believe that Doherty has more to offer going forward and there will be games where he will be more suited than Japhet. So yes, Japhet was MotM and I would take him out for Doherty when the tactics suit.